Coffee: Become a Master Barista With This Masterclass in Italy

Being a barista is something that can be done wherever there is a coffee house, but the role finds its roots in the Italian tradition of coffee making, and with the Terzi Coffee School you can finally learn this incredible and refined trade.

Terzi coffee shop where you can become a certified barista.

The Terzi Coffeehouses of Italy provide the chance to take part in lessons and courses at the Terzi School for Coffee and Foodies, located in Vignola, no matter your starting skill level. Coffee lovers, baristas and tourists who seek a truly Italian hands-on experience will be taught by an English-speaking (other languages available) master barista all about the different types and techniques of coffee making and most of the classes – that range between short, half-day ones, one-day experiences and multi-day classes – also include breakfast, lunch and/or dinner of the best local Emilia Romagna dishes.

The aim of the owner of Caffè Terzi of Italy, Mr. Manuel Terzi, is to spread his knowledge and coffee expertise to anyone who’s willing to learn. The school doesn’t just cater to those who wish to become more familiar with the world of coffee, but also to foodies and food-lovers, and the school offers insight about the best dishes of Italian cuisine, the best pairings between coffee and cheese, information about coffee beans and all you wanted to know about the history of coffee, the methods to harvest and grind the beans, the equipment needed for the Italian techniques as well as the other methods of extraction available and also how to make the perfect drink (you can learn over 125 coffee drinks!), latte art, and the perfect cappuccino.

There are many online courses about the art of coffee making, but the Terzi School offers a first-person experience, with focused training, not detached demonstrations. The participants will take part in the activities and will be engaged in an all-around experience in a friendly atmosphere, with small classes that allow for individual attention for optimal learning. The course will be tailored on your needs, and there are many curricula available on the school’s website to choose from. Registration is easy and the prices range from 35€ for a simple lunch/dinner to join your friends who have taken part in a class (this option doesn’t include the class itself), to 195€ for a 4hrs class where you can learn how to make the perfect espresso or cappuccino, and up to more expensive classes for the coffee die-hards who want to know everything about coffee roasting. Barista classes are available for beginners (3.5hrs/195€), intermediate participants (4.5hrs/250€) or advanced baristas (8hrs/495€), so that anyone with any level of experience can find the course that best fits their wishes.

The world of coffee is wonderful, and perhaps a bit complicated at first glance, but the Terzi School of Italy just opened its doors and it’s a chance to learn all you wanted to know about coffee you just can’t miss.

Bologna Food Tour and Cooking at Local Farm Agriturismo

Content of this activity: A beautiful visit in Bologna city centre, not as a tourist but as a real Bolognese. It will be possible to sleep at San Giuliano, in our beautiful rooms. Breakfast included. Please enquiry for prices.

Cooking class at Farm house in Bologna

 Highlights of the Day.

9:00 Meeting point in Piazza San Domenico

Visit at the Principal church of San Domenico’s Order of Preachers. Inside there is the organ where Wolfang Amadeus Mozart played during his stay in Bologna. There’s also the San Domenico Arca with a sculpture of young Michelangelo

9:30 Galleria Cavour, the most beautiful boutique in Bologna
Archiginnasio Library, the most ancient and important palace of Bologna.
Is the first venue of the most antique University of the world

10:00 Fresh meat and vegetable market. We buy what is necessary for our
cooking lesson.

11:00 transfer to Podere San Giuliano.
At their arrival guests get started with a sweet coffee break and…let’s cooking!!!

I will be their Cicerone across our beautiful town and …maybe more
2-4 people maximum 

Podere San Giuliano in Bologna



Discover the rolling hills of Faenza: art, history, enogastronomy

Accommodation in holiday farm, surrounded by vineyards on the hills of Faenza


B&B service, equipped with beautiful swimming pool and relaxa area.
Opportunity to dine in or farmhouse with traditional menu: homemade pasta, vegetables in oil, cured meat and cheeses of the area, grilled meat

Small wine tasting course in our cellar “Discovery the authoctons wines of Romagna”: Centesimino and Famoso (possibility to purchase wine). duration 1h

Cookery Course “On the footsteps of Pellegrino Artusi”. Duration half day
Visit to the Herb Garden: guided tour to discover the edible herbs, gathering, recognition and tasting of herbs and flowers or experience distillation, use of essential oils, (alternative preparation of some plant extracts, infusions, tinctures). Possibility of buying herbal products in the store’s garden. Duration half day

Walk through the vineyards to the medieval tower of Oriolo ai Fichi (in the months of May and June every Wednesday local companies propose “Oriolo’s Evening”: quality music, local wines and excellent local cuisine) or along the “road of poetry” a curvy and turn path, shaded by tall plants but open on … enchanted landscapes, dotted with poems posted on tree trunks. Alternatively you can use the bikes available at our farm until exhaustion
Riding lessons or horseback riding at a riding school near our farm. Duration from 1h up to all day

Visit to the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, with works ranging from ancient to contemporary: between all important donations of Picasso (…”pour a ceramist, qui dit dit l’Italie Faenza”…), Matisse, Chagall and Léger. Duration 1h 30’
Small beer class at the local micro brewery (possibility of buying the beers). Duration 2 h
Spa relax at the spa of Fratta Terme or Riolo Terme. Duration half day

visit Faenza ceramic museum – source


Profile of the Owner: My family lives in Oriolo from 1970: in that period starts our wine production from grapes harvested in our fields. In 1993 we opened our Holiday farm. We can accommodate till 20/25 people and for larger groups we collaborate with farm houses in the neighbors. The restaurant serves only traditional recipes and uses only seasonal and km0 raw materials. All the rooms have private bathroom, tv, air conditioning and free wi-fi. The swimming pool is from 1,10 m to 2,40 depth and is surrounded with a garden equipped with sun beds and parasols. We have also a kids corner.

Lago Maggiore Tour and Cooking Class

Meeting at your hotel. Leaving at 9 o’clock in the morning to visit the Lago Maggiore most beautiful attraction in the area near Varese, boat tour of the lakes included. Lunch not included (Light brunch suggested). After the tour, in the afternoon, we continue to Busto Arsizio, at the Righouse Shop where you can find all the best of Made in Italy for your home. Time for shopping, then we transfer to the second floor to begin our cooking class in a real professional kitchen. We will prepare a real 3 courses dinner (Italian menu: welcome cocktail, entries, 2 main dishes, best wines, and all fresh and genuine ingredients included). After dinner transfer back to your hotel.

Lago Maggiore tour and cooking classes – source

 Guide name and profile:


I am a professional tourist guide since 1999, I was working in Mexico where I was living until 2011, for Italian, English and Spanish tourists. I’ve been working both with groups and individuals tours, throughout all Mexico, in particular Mayan area in the South-West and sometimes Guatemala. When I came back to Italy I experienced the opportunity that Righousekitchen was offering me, to become teacher for their cooking classes to the children. I also organize birthday parties, events entertainment both with children and adults, where we prepare most of the typical italian dishes, and Mexican dishes. It is really exciting and satisfactory, people really enjoy prepare food, learn new receipes, expecially italian cooking ones. also the moment we seat down and enjoy our home made food!

How to make Tagliatelle (with a rolling pin) in Bologna

Bologna is the city of fresh egg pasta, and its symbol is the Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese. Long strips of pasta noodles served together with meaty and traditional Bolognese sauce. Emilia Delizia does Pasta Making classes in Bologna, so you could stay in town and learn how to make this stupendous dish.  Tagliatelle are easy to make, you can use a traditional rolling pin or you could use a pasta making machine for practicality. Below we have included a quick tutorial.

Making green tagliatelle in Bologna – source


Making Fresh Tagliatelle in Bologna,  Italy.

Making delicious authentic Italian food at home doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you follow the simple instructions from Giallo Zafferano, one of the leaders in traditional Italian cuisine. When it comes to Italian food, it all starts with the fresh pasta, and as far as pasta goes, tagliatelle is far and away one of the most versatile and easiest to make of all the various pasta varieties. It goes well with almost any type of thick pasta sauce including Bolognese and almost everything in between. What’s more, you can even add a bit of extra flavor to your dish by incorporating fresh spinach  directly into the tagliatelle dough to make a green version of this dish.

Making the Pasta Dough.

To make enough of this outstanding fresh tagliatelle for 4 people, all you’ll need is 2 1/3 cups (300g) of flour, 3 medium eggs and a pinch of salt.
To make your tagliatelle dough, combine the flour, eggs and salt into a large bowl, then begin mixing it all together with your hands until everything starts to come together. Then transfer the dough onto a clean surface and knead it until you’ve got a smooth even ball of dough. Finally, cover the dough with plastic wrap or a bowl and let it rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

Rolling Out the Tagliatelle

After the dough has rested, you’ll begin by taking a portion of the dough (1/4 at the most) and rolling it out until it’s no more than 1/16th of an inch thick. Then, take the strip of rolled out dough and roll it up on itself long ways, making a long rope, taking care not to press the layers together. Now, take a knife and cut about 1 inch strips off the rope to create the individual strands of tagliatelle, and then repeat this process with the rest of the dough.

Cooking the Tagliatelle

The final step is to cook your pasta. To do this, place a large pot of well-salted water on the stove to boil. Once it’s boiling, add the pasta, making sure to try to separate the individual pieces as you drop them in the water. Let the pasta boil for just a few minutes (usually no more than 4 or 5 at the most), then strain and serve your delicious homemade tagliatelle with your favorite pasta sauce. It’s that simple.