Wine Tasting Around the Lake Garda Hills

Architect, 55, wine maker since 1981, I’m involved in the wine and food business exporting my wines all over the world Continue reading

Le Vigne di San Pietro is a wonderful boutique winery located in a botanic garden on the hillside south of Garda Lake near by Verona. The owner, an italian architect, will be with you in the vineyards to explain his vision about wine and he will drive a wine tasting in the beautiful villa above the cellar. The area is very pleasant for a tour by car or by bike. Borghetto, one of the most beautiful historical village of Italy, is near by. In summer, in Verona, they play opera in the ancient Arena Roman theatre. The visit and the wine tasting are made on reservation only.

Owner: Carlo Nerozzi Architect, 55, wine maker since 1981, I’m involved in the wine and food business exporting my wines all over the world.

Lake Garda and a wine tasting at local producer of Amarone can be reached easily from Verona. So if you are here for the Opera or the weather why don’t you consider taking a wine tour with tasting in the are?


Riva: One of the best destinations around lake Garda

The pretty town of Riva del Garda, (also known simply as Riva), sits nestled between the mountains and the shore of lovely Lake Garda in the Northern Italian province of Trento. This is a particularly charming lake town to visit, and has become very popular as a holiday resort for both Italians and many English- speaking visitors from outside the country.

Gardasee - Riva del Garda
pretty Riva – source

Riva has plenty to offer her visitors; a mild Mediterranean climate means that it seldom gets uncomfortably hot in summer, when most people visit, making it the ideal location for action-packed holidays. Of course, there are lovely beaches, but if you like to be more active on your holiday, this is the place for you! The resort offers excellent opportunities for water-based sports such as sailing, wind-surfing, canoeing and fishing, but landlubbers are also well catered for. Hiking, cycling and mountain biking are very popular holiday activities in Riva – you can hire bikes at several places – and many people also come to enjoy playing tennis and golf. Those who just want to relax can explore the very attractive town, with her many Venetian-style buildings, wander around the Historic Centre, shop or just sit in one of the many outdoor cafes and enjoy an espresso while they watch the world go by.

Things to do and see in Riva

Explore the town and learn some of her history; Riva del Garda has been around for a very long time! Etruscan and Roman remains have been excavated, and it is documented that it was an important strategic town on the North/South trade route over the Alps. As such, it was necessary to build defensive structures to protect the town from invasions. Today you can visit some of the defensive structures that are still in place. Start with the Rocca, or castle near the harbour; built in the 12th century to protect the little town. Today the Rocca houses a museum which stages exhibitions about the history of the town. From the Rocca, you can walk to the Torre Apponale, the look-out tower of the town which was at one time connected to the castle by an underground tunnel. As defensive towers go, this one is quite modest – only 34 metres high – and dates from around 1300. You can climb to the top for a good view of the town and lovely Lake Garda. You can also take a walk (about 30min from the town) to the Bastione, once also a defensive structure on the wooded hillside above the town; today it is a museum and restaurant with excellent views.

Visit the Thermal Baths: the Garda region has been known for the curative properties of the thermal springs found around the lake and there are two excellent venues you can visit to “take the waters”; The Garda Thermal Park in Lazise or the Thermal Baths of Sirmione. This is a very relaxing way to spend a day or two.

Play some golf: Golfers are well catered for, with no less than 12 golf courses around the Lake, 3 of them within 30km of Riva.

Emilia Delizia offers chauffeured tours around Lake Garda for an unforgettable Italian experience please get in touch to know more.


Lovely Towns Around Lake Garda – Good Cuisine, Scenery and Olive Oil.

With amazing landscapes, countless theme parks – Gardaland, Movie Studios, Medieval Times to name a few – scenic villages and a gourmet gastronomic tradition, exciting water sports to experience, you’ll wish to come again to visit Lake Garda. Start the tour of the lake from the suggestive southern villages of Desenzano, Peschiera and Sirmione or explore its surroundings through tailored itineraries.

Garda olive Oil is a typical product of the area – image source

What to eat when visiting lake Garda.

Lake Garda cuisine has a very eclectic style, incorporating all the ingredients of the land, and the lake. Of course there is an emphasis on the lake fishes such as Pike and Tench, Risotto that is an always present classic of the Veneto and Lombard cuisine. Home made Pasta such as Bigoli that are a sort of fatten up spaghetti are a ever green classic of the area. The Lake Garda DOP olive oil here is the king of the table and visitor should not miss the opportunity to taste it.

Desenzano, in the province of Brescia (Lombardy)

Located in the south westernmost shore of Lake Garda, Desenzano del Garda or Desenzano is a picturesque village with a medieval heart. This tourist destination in the province of Brescia attracts tourists for summer vacations along its peddled beaches: Desenzanino, Rivoltella and Spiaggia d’Oro. But there are many other interesting activities to do than simply laze around the fresh waters of the lake: explore the great outdoors through hiking trails on Mount Corno, taste local specialities matched with excellent wines – Cabernet, Merlot – and lake fish such as Pike (luccio) topped with the Lake Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil, stroll in the city centre to visit the charming Cathedral of Santa Maria Maddalena and other monuments, experience sailing and windsurf on the lake, enjoy the vibrant night life.
Desenzano is connected with Milan, Venice and other tourist destination through the railway network. From Emilia Romagna, it takes 1h30 of easy drive from the town of Bologna and you will cross the beautiful towns of Modena, Mantua and Verona along the way.

Peschiera del garda, in the province of Verona (Veneto)

Lying on the southeaster bank of the Lake, Peschiera del Garda has been inhabited since Roman times as you may notice visiting its fascinating historical centre characterized by the military fortress and archaeological sites. The city draws pilgrims’ attention for the presence of the church of Madonna del Frassino. Situated at the heart of the natural sites of Laghetto del Frassino and the Mincio Valley, Peschiera del Garda is the perfect starting point for walking excursions in the lush vegetation. The village is placed just a few kilometres from the place of production of one of the finest Italian DOC wines, the Lugana. Enjoy gastronomic tours and have lunch in first-class restaurants serving regional cuisine such as bigoli with sardines, risotto with tench.

bigoli alle millepiume
Bigoli are such a classic around lake Garda – image source

Get to Peschiera del Garda from Verona or Desenzano via the A4 highway. If you want to reach Lake Garda from Bologna, you just need to follow the directions of A1 and A22.

Sirmione, in the province of Brescia (Lombardy)

You may have heard of Sirmione thanks to the poetic works of Catullo, Goethe and Stendhal who fell in love with this little charming site. Placed in a long peninsula it geographically divides Desenzano from Peschiera, giving the opportunity to admire romantic sunsets and the cities skyline by the lake.
Besides being a popular SPA landmark, Sirmione is the production site of the DOC white wine Lugana, so you can take gourmet wine tasting tours.
Its impressive city center is dominated by the Scaligera fortress, Roman villas and monuments dating back the Longobard and the Venetian dominations, so it can be considered an ideal tourist destination for cultural excursions.
As for Desenzano and Peschiera, you can get to Sirmione through the A4 highway if you come from Verona. But if you wouldn’t mind to visit other interesting towns before reaching Lake Garda, travel through the A13 from Bologna for a 2h30 itinerary that includes Ferrara, Padova, Vicenza and Verona.

Wine and Olive oils tours from Desenzano, Peschiera and Sirmione.

Lake Garda has a remarkable climates that allows to grow olive trees in this northern area, actually it is the northernmost olive growing oil area in the world. Emilia Delizia organises  olive oil tours in Cisano at the olive oil museum. The tour also will include tastings and visits at a local producer. Bardolino is also a famous hot spot for high quality wines where visitor can taste the world renowned Amarone wines that are made from raisins. Our company can set up a gourmet day for your group that includes culinary experience such as a Lake Garda wine tour.

The Olive Tree
Stunning Scenery around lake Garda – image source