Esoteric Tour of Padua

Unusual tour of Padova Italy

Padova by night – source


Meeting in Prato della Valle, under Foro Boario Arch, Padova. The particular itinerary last 3 hours, from 9,30 a.m. till 12,30 p.m. with a pause for lunch at October Fest Pizzeria. It continues from 3,30 p.m. till 6,30 p.m. and dinner at Gemini Pizzeria. But if you want the trip can last just half a day. Also see Orto Botanico, Palazzo della Ragione, Caffè Pedrocchi and Cappella degli Scrovegni.
If the tour last half a day we have to choose the entry of just four monuments, while all the rest can be admired from the outside.

The guide proposal.

As you can guess from the title, this is a rare, if not unique, extraordinary point of view for the classical itinerary of Padua centre! It will be a symbolic and spiritualist enchanting description of the main sites. We will discover how shapes, figures, frescoes, statues, architectures, monuments, artists and purchasers hide another particular dimension. We start from the Prato della Valle with its ‘700 masonic elliptical island and its 90,000 mq- one of the largest square in the world-; the hidden worship of St luke the Evangelist body and all the other innumerable saints of the enormous S. Justine basilic- one of the longest church in the world-; the ‘500 esoteric remarkable circular Orto Botanico, the botanicol garden- one the the oldest in the world- with its numerous geometrical fountains, sundials and buildings inside; the Templar Black Madonna in St Anthony basilic, the ‘500 astrological frescoed clock and St Anthony incredible cotradicory story bisides Hthe worship of His incredible relics; the Palazzo della Ragione- the really exceptional huge medieval palace with its upside down ship shape and its 217 m length and 17 m hight of astrological and catholic frescoes inside-, the three main squares around it with the Torre dell’ Orologio- the ‘500 clock tower with its peculiar monumental astrological and astronomic quadrant-; only from the outside the famous university- one of the oldest in the world- with its strange cloisters, its ‘500 elliptical wooden anatomic theatre (one of the most antique in the world) and with Galileo desk and chair- not only a professor and scientist of astronomy but also a chiromancer, alchemist and astrologer!; the ‘800 masonic Pedrocchi Café with ite imposing architecture, with its mixture of styles, with its superb inside extravagant rooms; in the end- but you need previous reservation- the Scrovegni Chapel frescoed by Giotto with its cyclical teaching inspired by Dante: the first expressive painter together with the most enigmatic intellectual in the world gave life to an astral and moral treasure!

Tour led by Bruno:

I have got a university and an upper school degree in English and French. I took my tourist guide ability in 2003 and I performed that activity only from 2008 in Veneto and not only in Padua in Italian, French and English languages. I am a teacher of French and English, too.


Tour of Padua: The Scrovegni Chapel and More Unique Places

Welcome to Padua. During this amazing half day walking tour you will see all the most popular sights and experience the best parts of the city with a local tour guide.

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This tour is led by an experience local guide: Ruben

This tour is for people who are visiting for the first time. We’ll see all of the things you would see on an ordinary tour – they’re certainly worthwhile. But I will also show you the special things that make Padua great.

As your private tour guide, I can adjust the schedule, duration and activities to meet your needs.

Meeting up location and end location: Padua train station.
Duration of the tour: 3 hours.

The duration of the tour can be longer depending on the lunch in a traditional “osteria”.

Why take this tour:

If you love real, true, traditional and unique places far from crowded touristic cities like Venice or Verona but with better and unique masterpieces, primary historical monuments and authentic venetian people, Padua is your place.



Walking Tour in Padova Full Day

Discover the charming city of Padova, 30 km away from Venice.

We start our tour admiring the St. Anthony Basilica, full of treasures of art of all kinds, from the Donatello’s bronze artworks, medieval frescoes and Renaissance Venetian marble sculptures.
After a pleasant walking inside the daily market in the major squares, we continue inside the majestic Palace of the Reason (Palazzo della Ragione), medieval building completely decorated with frescoes.
The University and its ancient courtyard (15th century) and the historical Caffè Pedrocchi, wonderful example of neoclassical architecture.

Walking tour of Padova – source

 Lunch break in a typical restaurant.

Visit of the Scrovegni Chapel, a jewel of art and history, frescoed by Giotto at the beginning of the 14th century.

Duration of the tour: 5 hours (lunch break included)
Meeting point: Bus and car parking in Prato della Valle or pick up at the guests’ hotel.

Why visit Padua.

Padua is perfect for everyone and anytime! With this tour you’ll be able to admire and see the most important sites of this city, full of history, ancient building, porticoed street, churches but also fashionable shops and elegant cafès and restaurants.