Cookery classes & pasta making

Gourmet tour and cookery lessons in Modena

This activity includes transport from Modena station and gourmet guide speaking the language of your choice. You will be visiting a Parmesan cheese and a balsamic vinegar producer in the morning. The day will continue with pasta making classes and gourmet lunch. We start at 8.15 and the day will finish at around 3 pm.

Price: €280.00

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Leçons de fabrication des pâtes à Bologne

Leçons de fabrication des pâtes à Bologne.

Avez-vous jamais eu envie d’apprendre à cuisiner la façon bolognaise? Nos cours de cuisine à Bologne incluent une visite au marché pour acheter les ingrédients et puis les clients se rendront avec le chef dans sa cuisine dans le centre de Bologne. L’expérience pratique comprendra:  faire des pâtes fraîches aux oeufs à partir de zéro, la sauce, une entrée, un deuxième cours et un dessert. Tout soigneusement selon la tradition italienne.

Price: €130.00

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Diese Angebote beinhalten einen Aufenthalt in einem Appartement/Bauernhof, 20 Minuten von Modena entfernt, von mindestens zwei Nächten mit Frühstück, oder den Aufenthalt in einem Appartement in der Stadtmitte Modenas. Bitte wählen Sie die Option in dem unten angegebenen Menü, um Ihren Aufenthalt Ihren Wünschen entsprechend zu buchen. Einen Kochunterricht mit Gourmet-Mittagessen und die 3-Gourmet-Essen-Tour sind ebenfalls enthalten. Der Preis gilt pro Person und enthält keinen Transport.

Price: €250.00

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Modena b&b farm stay with culinary experience

This packages includes a   2 nights apartment b&b farm stay 30 minutes from Modena (Castelvetro di Modena). Welcome aperitif with organic lambrusco wines (our famous Farmer’s brunch) + pasta class + Balsamic vinegar tour.

The price is per person and excludes transport.
Additional Parmesan tour can be purchased at 80 euros per person.


Price: €220.00

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Modena Culinary Experience

Этот пакет включает минимальное проживание в течение 2 ночей на ферме по типу b&b («ночлег и завтрак») или в квартире в центральной части Модены. Пожалуйста, выберете вариант из предложенного ниже меню с тем, чтобы мы могли адаптировать Ваше пребывание согласно Вашим пожеланиям, 1 кулинарный урок с изысканным обедом и 3 гастрономических тура. Стоимость указана из расчета на человека и не включает транспорт.

Price: €190.00

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Foodie’ Trail in Bologna.

Walking tour in Bologna with meeting at your hotel. The tour lasting 2.5 hours include a visit to the major landmarks plus a visit to Majani Chocolatier, the food district in Bologna and a visit to the Paolo Atti shop with a fresh pasta making demonstration. Possibility to add a cookery class, please see options for pricing.

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Price: from €29.00

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Culatello ham making classes in Parma

This a hands-on culinary experience in Parma, Our master culatello maker will teach you how to select the best pork meat, tie it up in the traditional way, rub salt and spices. The day includes a tour of the cellars.

Price: €200.00

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Cookery Classes in Bologna

Fresh egg pasta making classes in Bologna

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook the Bolognese way? You are in the right place. Our cooking classes in Bologna include a visit to the local market to buy the ingredients and then you will be heading with the chef to his professional kitchen in central Bologna. The hands-on experience will include making fresh egg pasta from scratch, the sauce, a starter, a second course and a dessert. All carefully picked from the Italian tradition. Menu can be tailored to the client requests.

Prices are per person.

Price: €149.00

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