Lake Garda Wine Tours From Verona

Amarone, Valpolicella, Bardolino Wine Tours Around Lake Garda From Verona.

Our wine and food tour around Lake Garda starts at 10 am in Verona to the town on the banks of Lake Garda Bardolino. We will be visiting one of the most renowned Amarone producers in the area. Here the tour will include a detailed visit to the family wine museum, visits to the wine making facility and to the cellars where the barriques are stored. Our guests will have a food and wine matching experience, with tasting tasting of Bardolino DOC, Amarone Classico, and other local wines. The wines will be matched with Parmesan cheese, Monte Veronese cheese, and local cured meats. Also check this page for more information about where to stay around Lake Garda.

Visiting Verona and What to do Around the City.

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Verona, Valpolicella and Amarone Wine tasting, food matching experience with lunch.

Our experience will continue with a visit to a wine producing historical villa in the Valpolicella area, here our guests will have a paring experience with lunch. Here you will be tasting the wine produced in the area starting from the simplest wines to the more structured and aged ones. The lunch will be composed of the following: a pasta dish accompanied with Valpolicella DOC, then it will continue with a selection of hams and salamis accompanied with Valpolicella Ripasso DOC. The meal will end with a selection of cheeses and the famous Amarone, and of course the crumble cake will be served with Recioto DOC.

What is Amarone?


Amarone is wine traditionally made from raisins, the name is roughly translates to “the (pleasantly ) bitter wine”. The grape clusters are picked and let to sit in straws shelves for 4,5 or 6 months before the wine process starts. When the juices are concentrated enough the raising are squeezed and the wine is made from the juices. The wine obtained has a very complex body, especially if it is also aged in oak casks. The bouquet will remind of red fruits with a prominent aroma of chocolate, with hints of vanilla.

Valpolicella DOC and Ripasso

Moslty made with the corvina grapes, Valpolicella DOC are the signature wines of the area. Less structured than the other wines, it is the perfect accompaniment for every day dishes such as pasta. Its freshness and light body will please many wine drinker for its simplicity and frankness. In the case of Ripasso the fermenting grape must is poured over the skins of the Amarone. This step gives more colour and structure to the wine, and it is a perfect match for meats, aged cheeses and salami.


Recioto is a sweeter wine and it is perfect with desserts and it is obtained from the same process of Amaronek, however the fermentation is stopped to have a lower content of alcohol and therefore more sugars in the wine.

Wine tours around Lake Garda.

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