Faqs / What is the difference between Parma ham, Modena ham and culatello?

Both Parma ham and culatello are produced in the Parma province. Parma ham is cured on the bone and it needs the drier climate of Langhirano (south of Parma on the hills). Culatello is the back muscle of the pig’s leg and it is cured de-boned inside natural casing (pig bladder). Culatello requires the humidity of the lands around the Po’ river, and it is aged in the characteristic brick cellars. Modena ham is also a recognised PDO  ham and it is a tiny production Bologna and Modena. It is cured like Parma ham but it slightly saltier and more savoury. If we had to choose we would rank them like this: 1) Parma ham: sweet and tender 2) Culatello: savoury with lots of favour that comes out when chewing it, rich and sometimes peppery and aromatic. 3) Modena ham: slightly drier than Parma ham, more savoury, full taste.