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When you first set your foot in Bologna, Italy, you might ask people about the best Gelateria in that area. And of course, you will receive different answers to your question. Life is really short to take a bad tasting gelato. That is why you would be doing your research before getting into a gelateria that you know nothing about.

But taking tasty ice cream in Bologna would be a stress-free experience. Gelatos differ in size, either gigante (large) or piccolo (small). You will also have to select between a coppetta (cup) and a cono (cone). And the most challenging part is to select between really tempting flavors and a dozen of them. Some of these flavors include slated caramel, pistachio, and stracciatella, among others. We have compiled 5 best gelaterias in Bologna to simplify your selection.

1. Sorbetteria Castiglione

Sorbetteria Castiglione
Sorbetteria Castiglione

Sorbetteria Castiglione opened in 1994 in a town only known for mortadella and tortellini. Eventually, it became the best Gelateria in Bologna. During summer hours (via Castiglione), they open every day starting from 11.30 to 24.00. As for Saragozza, they open daily from 11.00 to 23.00.

One aspect that makes Sorbetteria Castiglione special is that they make their gelaterias with great attention and passion. Hence, they always deliver good, quality gelatos. Another thing that makes them special is the fact that they care about people suffering from coeliac illnesses.

Quality and safety are paramount for this company. Therefore, the staff members ensure they use gluten-free ingredients and never mix those ingredients with any product with gluten. Hence, customers allergic to gluten can enjoy gluten-free gelaterias without hesitation.

People who have takes ice-cream flavors from Sorbetteria Castiglione love them. Their gelaterias are more like ice cream: creamy, soft and super rich. Moreover, not to forget the added ingredients such as caramelized pine nuts. Customers like their different flavors like chocolate chips, candied fruit, and ricotta ice cream. Their ice cream is not over-sugary and not cold.

2. Cremeria Santo Stefano

Cremeria Santo Stefano

















Opened on April 28 – 2006, Cremeria Santo Stefano has been one of the top gelaterias in the whole of Italy, not only in Bologna. Though small, it offers great ice-cream flavors including creamy vanilla (Crema di Zitella) and salty roasted pistachio, among others.

The Gelateria is located in Bologna, Via Santo Stefano, 72 (Via Remorsella). It opens from Tuesday to Sunday at 11.00 to 23.30.

Cremeria Santo Stefano is special due to its welcoming rural chic ambiance. The gelateria offers special ingredients to its customers such as Venezuelan chocolate and Turkish pistachios (for an excellent salted pistachio).

Many customers do not mind having their ice creams. Not only because the ice creams are amazing, but also come in different tastes. The flavors are delicious and unique too. The gelato is in a walking distance from the center of Bologna. For sure, this is the best place to have chocolate gelato in Italy.

3. Cremeria Funivia

Cremeria Funivia
Cremeria Funivia

In 2001 July, Leonardo Ragazzi came up with the idea of starting the best gelateria in Bologna – Cremeria Funizia. The gelateria is located in the Saragossa area. Leonardo was dedicated to ensuring that he delivers new flavors and genuine ingredients.

Fortunately, due to his commitment and passion, many customers appreciate this artisan ice-cream gelateria for its home-made ice-creams.
This artisan workshop is special because it frequently searches for precious, genuine and most natural products. Just to provide customers with the most refined quality ice-creams. The gelateria offers different flavors such as San Luca, Cable car tent, alice, amarenata, among others. Besides ice cream, Cremeria Funivia also provides deserts such as Raspberry cake and pandoro, among others.

The Gelateria opens from Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00 to 23.30. It operates from 11.00 to 23.30 during Holidays and on Sundays. Unfortunately, this artisan ice-cream parlor in Bologna closes on Mondays.

4. Gelateria Delle Moline

Gelateria Delle Moline
Gelateria Delle Moline

















In 1978, Gelateria Delle Moline was born. It is located at the middle of Bologna, Via Moline 13, near the corner of Via Capo di Lucca. Since its birth, now about 40 years, Delle Moline has offered homemade ice cream flavors of all types.

The staffs are dedicated to using quality ingredients to provide customized ice cream cakes as well. Therefore, if you want professionals to make your cake for an occasion or party, then you should visit Gelateria Delle Moline.
Delle Moline Gelateria opens every day of the year, yes that includes even Sundays and holidays.

The gelateria is special because it makes all ice cream tastes. Most interesting is that they open every day, throughout the year. Hence, you can have your favorite ice cream, any day. For instance, you can get creams with soymilk if you are lactose intolerant, or have seasonal fruit ice-creams. In addition, you can get gluten-free creams for celiac people.

Most customers fall in love with Gelateria Delle Moline because of its Sicilian customizations like cassata and granite. Also, the gelateria makes customer cakes for big celebrations/anniversaries, weddings and birthdays. Besides offering their products to direct customers, the gelateria also offers the same to retailers both in large and small scale.

5. Galliera 49


Galliera 49
Galliera 49
















its inception in 1998, Galliera 49 has been the best artisan workshop. They have the most detailed and interesting proposals, you could ever get in the whole of Bologna. The staffs are passionate and dedicated to cook highly evocative, digestible ice-creams. These creams have the best aromas and flavors a customer would ever want.

The staff comprises of different people with different backgrounds. Some of them have sold records, have operated family businesses and some thought they would work as architects. Nevertheless, each of the staff found happiness in doing something they love – ice cream making. Hence, they are dedicated to giving new tastes and best flavors. That aspect of constant passion and dedication is what sets Galliera 49 apart.

Customers say Galliera is their go-to post work snack, specifically on extremely hot days. They are in love with two things: their coffee granite (combined with whipped cream) and their breathtaking flavors (such as raspberry and mint-chocolate ginger sorbet). You can also try out flavors such as Granita, Sorbetto di Cioccolateo and Caramello Salato (salted caramel).

Galliera 49 offers delicious slushes (with flavors like melon, strawberry, and mulberry blackberry) and ice-creams (as if dark chocolate and salted caramel wot), which make it special. The shop is located via Galliera, 49/B, 40121 Bologna. Besides selling at the shop, they also do home delivery in less than 35 minutes.


Hopefully the list we will help you find the best gelateria in Bologna. Each of them offers various ice cream flavors and cakes. They also have different styles of delivering their services. Therefore, you should pick the one that is near you and the one that offers the best. Just note that the gelaterias offer fruit flavors depending on what is in season.

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