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The Italian city of Milan is a great place for a city break on a budget. Here you will still have an incredible holiday even if your budget is lower. Brimming with free museums, cheap restaurants and hotels at low prices, it’s a great choice when looking into a cheap holiday. Whether you’re into art, history, architecture, people watching or visiting the legendary stadium of AC Milan – there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself during a trip to Milan. There are a number of sightseeing options and tours available for reasonable costs. One option is the Milan walking tour that enables you to see everything in a single day.

Following are the main attractions to visit when having a walking tour to Milan.

a) Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio

Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio

If you’ve been to Milan before then you’ve probably visited the unmissable cathedral Il Duomo situated in the city center. However, there is also a refreshing alternative, the fascinating Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio. The antithesis of Milan’s famous cathedral dates back to 379-386. The much smaller church is in complete contrast with the magnificent Il Duomo. The ancient Basilica Martirum is colloquially known as ”Ambrosia”, and is considered as the most important example of Romanesque architecture in Lombardy. The Basilica is home to a world-famous, precious work of art, like the late Roman sarcophagus that ”Stilicho”, the golden altar of Volvinio, and the dome plaster of IX-X century. Be sure not to miss this important part of Italian history when you visit the city.

b) Zona magenta – Santa Maria Delle Grazie

Saint Mary of the Graces (Santa Maria Delle Grazie) is a World Heritage Site protected by the UNESCO and is famous for housing Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper located at the refectory in the convent of the church. Ordered by the Francesco Sforza, the Duke of Milan, Santa Maria Delle Grazie was started in 1469 and completed in 1490. The convent was the first to be completed and housed Dominican friars and nuns. Later, the church was added and Ludovico Sforza, the succeeding duke decided to make the church the family’s official burial ground. Today, visitors can go in and view da Vinci’s masterpiece which, due to the wars that ensued, reduced the painting only to one-fourth of the original.

c) Last supper

The Last Supper, or Il Cenacolo, as it is called in Italian, is one of the most popular attractions on the Italian tourism circuit. So buy your Last Supper Painting Tickets before to ensure you are able to view the painting and don’t miss out on this incredible experience.

d) Monumental Cemetery

The Monumental Cemetery is where many famous people have been buried. However, the cemetery is better known for its fabulous design and the chapel that remembers the 800 inhabitants of Milan who were killed in the concentration camps during World War II. Monuments cemeteries provide a connection to the past and documentary of the evolution of human history, perceptions, and emotions as captured by the changing architecture ranging from simple, weathered 18th-century tombstones, elaborate (sometimes eroding) 19th-century mausoleums and sculpted angels and allegorical figures.

e) Navigli

Navigli in Milan allows shipping from Ticino to the center of Milan city. Navigli Pavese and Navigli Grande join Milan to Pavia city and forms one of the great charismatic scenes in Milan. There are numerous roadside shops and clubs on the banks of these rivers. Navigli is a happening place for youth in Milan. You will find most of the youth crowd at Navigli where you will find lots of cafes, clubs, bars, restaurants, and discos.

Other places to visit while in Milan

1. Centro Storico

Centro Storico (the historical center) is full of life, with many things to see and do. In this area, you will find the huge Piazza Duomo and Duomo Cathedral, the castle Castello Sforzesco, the world-renowned opera house La Scala, and stunning shopping gallery. Also, just a few minutes walk away from Piazza Duomo, are Via Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga. These two streets are the most influential fashion streets. These streets are rich and concentrated with furries and fashion designers. Every designer has maybe one or two shops in these fashion streets: Armani, Iceberg, Louis Vitton, Dior, and Bottega Veneta.

2. Brera

l'arte pomeridiana

Brera is a very fashionable district not far from the center, which used to be known as the ’artists’ quarter’, and very bohemian in its day, inhabited and frequented by poets and artists. It remains a very ’in’ area today, and is a very fashionable and exclusive district, with boutique shops, ’sophisticated bohemian’ homeware shops, bookshops, restaurants, and bars. This place is also where you can find the popular Pinacoteca di Brera which is one of Milan’s fashionable art museums, showing works from well-known artisans, including Canaletto and Rubens. This art gallery is housed in the 18th-century palace Palazzo Brera. This city is also the home to exclusive 10 Corso Como, this 10 Corso Como can also be found along uniformly stylish Corso Como or many restaurant and bars visited by the beautiful and rich. 10 Corso Como is a shop, restaurant, and bar housed in a beautiful courtyard lit up with candles and fairy lights at night, and definitely somewhere to go if you want to impress anyone, such as business clients for a meal, or maybe a romantic date….the shop sells and exhibits luxury high fashion designer wear, jewellery, shoes and other various items. It remains open most nights with the bar and restaurants, and you are offered complimentary glasses of champagne while you browse.


Milan is ultimate for fashion freaks and a paradise for shoppers. Additionally, it is a city with diversities, it offers a delightful experience for tourists with varied taste. Everything from modern art to contemporary architecture is the pride of the city. Whether you are interested in art, architecture and culture, food and wine or fashion and want to be seen with the crème de la crème of the fashion world, Milan is the place for you. It offers everything that makes a city trip enjoyable and you are sure to have a very memorable experience.

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