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Emilia Delizia comes to London to offer pasta making classes for for the discerning culinary amateur and professional who want to learn the art of pasta making.

Starting from just flour and eggs you will be learning how to make one of the most iconic Italian food ever invented. Fresh egg pasta is only the tip of the iceberg of a large variety of dishes that will never stop to surprise you and tickle your fantasy. Pasta can be turned in tagliatelle, tortelli, tortellini, tortelloni, tagliolini, ravioli, aniolotti and the list goes on.

Emilia Delizia culinary experience in London.

learn how to make pasta in London
Egg pasta making classes in London

The class will begin with the most simple ingredients: flour and eggs. From here the participants will learn about the quality of the ingredients, how to recognise and buy them. The gourmet food instructor will teach about amalgamating the ingredients in order to obtain a perfectly springy dough that it is elastic and not sticky.

Hands-on gourmet classes at our culinary school.

Learn how to make fresh egg pasta
pasta making lessons in London

Pasta making is an art and you will learn how to transform raw material into dishes that will amaze your guests. Emilia Delizia culinary experiences in London are full hands-on, that means that each gourmet food student will participate actively to the pasta making. Each one will make his or her own pasta dough and learn how to get it to the right consistency. So be ready to put your hands into the flour and do not forget to bring your own apron.

Make pasta by rolling pin or by hand cranked machine.

pasta making in London
learn how to make pasta

The grandma’ style dictates that the sheet of pasta is only made by using a wooden rolling pin. Emilia Delizia offers both options to the culinary apprentice  in fact you can choose to follow the tradition (recommended for more expert students) or we can be more modern and learn how to use the Imperia style hand cranked machine. Pasta made by machine is more convenient as insure more consistency.

Tagliatelle is just the beginning.

London pasta making classes
learn how to make tagliatelle by hand

Emilia Delizia pasta making classes in London are one-off culinary experiences that will also include a light lunch. The students will first learn how to make tagliatelle, tortelli and tortellini then the group will sit around the table and enjoy the what they produced along with other traditional dishes from Emilia Romagna such as Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, Balsamic vinegar.

How to book the pasta making classes.

The session must be booked and agreed in advance.

What to bring at the session.

Just your favorite apron.

Where the lessons are held.

Lessons can be held at your kitchen, at one of our locations in central London.

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 by jonathan and Elise
Pasta class

The pasta making class organised by Emilia Delizia in London is excellent and it also come with a gourmet lunch. So it is just perfect.