Bologna Food Themed Park to Open In Italy

In a bid to turn disused public real estate into profitable tourist attractions, the municipality of Bologna and Eataly, the food chain, have announce that they plan to open a food themed park in what is otherwise called the food capital of Italy. It is estimated that the proposed food theme park will cost about €400 million to develop and it is hoped that it will open its doors to visitors in 2015. It will be located on 80,000 square meters of what today is a lot of unused warehouses. The move comes as a result of a push from the Italian government to turn unused assets into tourist attractions.

Eataly in NY – source

According to Paolo Scordino who is the chief executive of Prelios SGR, they have already started raising the necessary funds and so far, they have managed to get about €85 million. The hope is that the theme park will remind visitors of a time when Italy was more serene, not the way it is currently described as a “decadent” country.

There are several such projects going on around the country. They are part of a plan to try and get Italy out of its current financial woes. In Venice, for instance, a project is underway to turn an abandoned island into a theme park which will include a 55 meter Ferris wheel and many other theme park entertainments.

All these projects, it is hoped, will attract even more tourists than are currently coming into the country to see various attractions. Most visitors come to Italy for the art, the beaches and the food but it is now hoped that theme parks will attract a different kind of crowd, the kind that fills Disneyland every day. According to one official, “Each square meter will be linked to a business line and will directly or indirectly produce revenue, as happens in Disney’s parks.”

Modena’s Chef Massimo Bottura Wins Gastronomy Nobel Prize

Massimo Bottura is a world renowned chef and food connoisseur. With a global following, Chef Bottura has dazzled countless enthusiasts with mouth watering dishes and world class cuisine. As the proud owner of Osteria Francescana, the Italian sensation has also received stellar reviews from fans and industry critics alike. As a true master of the culinary arts, Chef Bottura recently captured the Nobel Prize for gastronomy. This prestigious award is courtesy of The White Guide, which honors contemporary chefs that have displayed unparalleled creativity and ingenuity each year. As the latest recipient of this unique award, Chef Bottura is truly honored to add this priceless achievement and accolade to his repertoire.

Massimo Bottura in Modena

Over the years, the award has been presented to chefs that have simply outshined their competitors. More importantly, the prize pays homage and truly honors culinary specialists that have soared to new heights in this diverse and challenging industry. According to the judges, Bottura is an immensely talented and innovative chef that has gone above and beyond the call of duty. In fact, his artistry has truly enhanced common meals into fine works of art. From tantalizing dishes to scrumptious entrees, Massimo has fused traditional and contemporary delights to facilitate a broad range of tastes and preferences. For this reason, Bottura received the Nobel Prize and was honored for being a major force in this evolving and fast paced field.

The award ceremony took place in Stockholm in front of countless chefs and industry leaders. The event also spotlighted Bottura’s restaurant, as well as his past achievements in culinary excellence. As a former chef in Monaco, Massimo is known to create spectacular dishes by utilizing traditional and common ingredients. He has also appeared in several cooking magazines and books, and has a worldwide social media following. If you love innovative cooking and want to learn from the best, Chef Bottura can turn your dreams into realities. Simply read his books “Cook It Raw” and “Where Chefs Eat” for mouthwatering recipes and more information.

Gurmetti in London Offers Parma’s Street Food.

In London Giacomo Bia is Mr. Gurmetti, he was born in Parma where he grew up. His food acts are like a street performance and he chose his stage name about a year ago, when he decided to turn into reality an idea that he has been playing in his head for a while: an APE truck from Piaggio transformed in a food vending van that operated in the markets of the capital.
Inside the the small Piaggio Ape there is a kitchen with everything he need to cook with an oven,  a grill, a meat slicer, and a  fryer (for the torta fritta!).
It is  ” Italian Street Food ” made with Parma most famous food products like Parmesan cheese and cured meats but all served in the street. At lunchtime you will find him at London’s busiest street food markets and in the evening he is in front of your local pub .

Gurmetti’s Piaggio Ape food truck in London – source

How did you start Gurmetti?

“I left Parma to seek economic stability” says Giacomo. I went to college to become a pharmacist but I did not complete and I left after two years. For several years I changed jobs often, I worked as clerk in shops in Parma’s city center but I was not happy.  At some point in life living in a small provincial town in Italy begins to feel tight. Then in 2008 I was catapulted in London, where I started from scratch.

I started as a waiter in a chain of Italian restaurants. I wasn’t even as a waiter in fact I worked as a  runner,  I was running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room.

Then everything changed. Now he is on his own boss. Everyday he runs his Ape wearing his mustaches with an endless desire to be around people .

What is the Gurmetti’s typical menu?

The aim of the business is to bring the delicacies of Parma to London. We serve pork traditional cured meats from Parma even some delicacies  from rare Italian breeds namely the black pigs of La corte dei Neri served with torta fritta (traditional fried dough). We also serve Culaccia and salami, but also Pancetta coppata and Mortadella . Of course we also have grilled meats and sausages, but there is also the Minestrone. A lot of Londoners love the pork burger served with gorgonzola cheese rocket and onion marmalade with balsamic vinegar. It is all homemade  or even better  “Ape-made”.

Well done to Giacomo Bias for his great idea that we fully endorse! Emilia Delizia hopes that the great food of Emilia Romagna keeps coming to London.

Roughly translated from original article appeared on the Gazzetta di Parma.

Pasta Making Lessons in London – Corporate Team Building, Private One to One.

 Are you looking for the ultimate experience for your company team building in London?

Emilia Delizia offers pasta making class group session in London. These classes are great for team building through the art of Italian pasta making. The class consists in hands on activity where everyone participate actively in preparing lunch under the supervision of our pasta chef.  After a short briefing and a demonstration the chef will lead the group in making a delicious lunch. Everyone collaborate in the preparation so it is an ideal activity for team building and office colleague bonding.

2013-07-11 11.16.29

Pasta making classes in London.

The student will learn how to prepare the flour and eggs and they learn how to knead the dough by hand. Subsequently they will learn how to use the pasta machine that they are very common in every household these days, so they will be able to replicate the experience at home. Virtually we can use any space for these experiences, even your office. All we need is a large table and access to electricity and water.

2013-02-24 17.25.46

Pasta making.

The simplest pasta that the students can learn is tagliatelle, it is quick and tasty. Along with the tagliatelle we can cook a simple sauce for the topping. If you require something more we can also prepare stuffed pasta such as Tortelli alla Parmigiana, Tortelloni, Lasagne or for the ultimate party we can also make Tortellini. However please consider the time that you have as these dishes are time consuming. For more information about our Italian Pasta cooking courses in London please check our United Kingdom site

Whole Wheel Parmesan Cheese Dinner Party in London

Parmesan cheese event for your corporate party, wedding or birthday party event in London.

If you love cheese you are going to love this idea. Emilia Delizia has a long experience in organising cheesy events. We will bring a whole parmesan cheese wheel at your party to feed your guests. Each wheel weighs approximately 40 kgs, therefore we reckon that it will be enough for 120/140 people. For more info check out our Italian supper club in London.

The Parmesan Cheese Experience.

Our expert cheesemongers will open the wheel in front of guests. They will demonstrate how this is done by using only the traditional knives and we can also let your guests to have a go and make some wedges.  Shortly after the opening of the wheel the cheese will be portioned and served to the crowd.

Why choose Parmesan Cheese for you event.

Parmigiano Reggiano as we call it in Italy is spectacular in size and in flavour, and it will not fail to add a wow factor to your party. The milk used for making the cheese only comes from a specific area in Italy, and the cows are mostly grass fed, along with the  long maturation the cheese gains a complex flavour that it makes it an ideal party starter especially when paired with our great Lambrusco wines. It is also an healthy option as Parmesan cheese is highly digestible and rich in calcium and important minerals.

Wine and Parmesan cheese.

Parmesan cheese can be served an appetiser before your event, and it can be paired with traditional wines from Emilia. The best bets are Lambrusco and Trebbiano wines that are both fizzy and aromatic and in essence the best match with Parmigiano Reggiano.  2013-06-16 16.59.00

2013-06-16 17.03.08 2013-06-16 17.14.27

Parma ham Carving Dinner Party in London

Parma Ham Prosciutto di Parma Dinner Party for Catering Events in London.

Emilia Delizia is proud to offer this new event in London for those foodies looking for something new at their dinner parties, or corporate events. We will select the best 24 months Italian Prosciutto di Parma and prepare and slice it by hand or by machine in front of your guests. The prosciutto weights between 7/10 kgs and it can feed a crowd of 20/30 people.

2013-01-27 10.02.38

A different approach to dinner party and corporate events.

Our Parma ham party is set to make a difference in London, many catering companies offer unimaginative menus that are basically always the same over and over. Here we take a different step by bringing to London one of the best Italian products and serve it right in front of your customers, clients, family and friends. This is guaranteed to give a wow factor at your party.

Slicing of the ham in front of the guests.

Parma ham in Italy is mostly sliced by machine, this ensure that each slice is consistently thin and has a melt in the mouth effect that will blow your guests away. The portions can be served on a tray along with bread, wine and other Italian specialities. It is in essence very simple but very effective, and it is ideal because it does not require cooking, preparation and it is ready to serve in minutes.  If you require the Parma ham to be sliced by hand for more effect we can choose an older ageing with a more firm texture. We also recommend to check out our Black Pig Ham that it is ideal for hand slicing.

Culatello and other salumi in London.

Culatello is the king of all Italian salumi (cured meats), this pork cured meat products ages for a minimum of 12 months in cellars near the Po’ river where the humidity is higher and the fog permeate the surroundings. Along with Parma ham we can also provide culatello ready for slicing along with Spalla di San Secondo (cooked ham) salame di Felino and coppa Piacentina.

 2013-05-15 12.57.54


Importing Parma Ham in the USA is Now Much Easier

The United States Department of Agriculture has announced that starting May 28th 2013, importers are free to import cured pork products from some regions of Italy. This is after a ban that lasted many years prompted by the fear that pork products from Italy could potentially contain swine vascular disease. The announcement was made after the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Unit completed an assessment in 4 main areas that produce cured pork products in Italy. Currently, the US imports an average of $90 million worth of some kinds of cold cut products from Italy and it is expected that once the ban is lifted, imports will increase by between $9 and $13 million.

Importing cured meats into USA now made easier

What has changed and what cured meats you can import to USA.

The areas that were cleared were all in the northern part of Italy and they include Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Piemonte, Trento and Bolzano. These areas have not been able to export some pork products to the United States since the ‘70’s and this will be a big boost in trade for them. Although many people in both countries are looking forward to the lifting of the ban, some remain skeptical. They have two main areas of concern. The first is that although the Inspection Services say that Italian cold cuts can now be imported into the US, they have not specified exactly what standards producers are required to meet. The second area of concern is whether these products will be able to meet US importation guidelines when it comes to listeria, salmonella and ecoli. So far, only a few big producers in Northern Italy are able to meet these standards. And certification isn’t cheap either – to meet the guidelines, producers need to pay $100,000.

Some people are also worried that the vigorous standards required for importation of pork products like Parma ham and salami may also interfere in the quality of the products. This may be true because to meet the standards, Italian producers may have to slightly alter the way they have always made these products.

No More Smuggling

Other reactions were regarding the balance of trade; so long as Italians are able to export cold cuts into the US, they should also agree to import beef products. As of today, the US cannot export beef and other meat products into Italy. And of course American Italians had their say too; now, they will be able to enjoy pork products just like those that Italians in Italy are making. Now, they say, they no longer have to smuggle in salami for personal consumption.

Source of the news.

The Role of Emilia Delizia in importing cured meats into North America.

Our company built hundred of connections with local producers in the Parma/Modena/Bologna area. If you are interested in importing Parma Ham, Culatello, Salame di Felino and so on into the U.S. we are here to help. We can be your direct contact with the producers and also research to find the right product for your business. Please not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Distributor Of Foods From Emilia Romagna In London UK.

Emilia Delizia during its long experience in food tours in Emilia Romagna built up considerable connections with food producers in Italy. Now our company wants to exploit these connections by bringing fantastic products to London and to the world.

Why use London as base for Emilia Romagna food exports?

London and the UK as a whole are markets that are dynamic and there is a ever growing interest for Italian food. However regional Italian food remains massively under explored here. In London is difficult for the average consumer to go behind pizza and chianti, therefore we believe that there are massive potential for high quality regional products.

Our  experience and our connections.

Since 2008 we took “foodies” to visit the productions of Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and Balsamic vinegar, and of course we have built a vast network of these products and a even greater knowledge of the products. So our vision is to use Emilia Delizia not just a facilitator for the distribution of these amazing foods but also as an educational platform. 

Our products.

Certainly we want to promote the most famous Emilia Romagna products such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. But also we want to promote the other less known products  that such as breads, cakes, jams and preserves and of course the majestic Lambrusco wines. Please see here for our catalogue of foods.

Parmigiano Reggiano.

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the most quintessential Italian cheeses of all times. We are proud exporter and distributor of this fine cheese. We also offer a variety of products that are made from it such as cheese creams and spreads.

Prosciutto di Parma.

Parma ham is one of most recognised Italian products around the world. We are exporter and distributor of Prosciutto di Parma. Our company is able to put you in touch with the right producers.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Balsamic vinegars of Modena and Reggio Emilia are unique vinegars that put Emilia Romagna on the Map. We offer a variety of Traditional high quality balsamic vinegar along with high quality balsamic condiments.

Fruits and vegetable preserves.

Emilia Romagna is famous for its cuisine throughout. We have a selection of high grade fruit preserves that will find their places in high end kitchens.

Fresh Egg Pasta.

Emilia Romagna’s signature dish  is fresh egg pasta. We have for export and distribution high quality tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelle.


Food Education & Presentation.

Emilia Delizia in London also wants to bridge the knowledge gap that there is in the market. Consumers can be educated to understand how and where the foods are manufactured, this will lead to a better appreciation for what we eat and drink. We have been doing this for years during our tours and our clients came to us. Now we want to do the opposite Emilia Delizia is coming to London and bring the best of Emilia Romagna.

Are you looking to sell your Italian products in the UK, abroad or worldwide?

If you are a producer of high quality Italian products we would like to hear from you. We are based both in Italy and in London, but the sky is the limit. We can promote your products in English but also in several languages across the globe, helping you get your brand recognised abroad.

The UK is just excellent to test your products on the English speaking market, with the common EU rules you can cheaply and easily have your products on sale here within months and use London to launch to further away markets such as Australia, New Zealand, North America, and South Africa.

Parmesan cheese
Parmesan cheese




Best Restaurants in Bologna according to the Bolognese

foodietourbooknowBologna is known as the fat. The city is characterized by a particularly hearty and flavorful culinary tradition, here below you will find some of the best restaurants throughout the city and surrounding areas.

Don’t leave Bologna without trying tortellini in brodo

The Best restaurants in Bologna to eat the regional specialties.

Al Pappagallo is an historic restaurant to eat the local cuisine of Emilia-Romagna. It is located downtown, just close to the two towers. It pays tribute to local recipes but sometimes they are revisited with a contemporary twist. It is has been opened since 1919  (check the suggestive photographs on the walls). Within the city center there is  another restaurant that allows you to enjoy the best dishes of the Emilian tradition namely Trattoria Pizzeria Delle Belle Arti. The restaurant is located inside a  palace dating back to the fifth century and it is not far from the university area. You will be welcomed by the owners, the 2 Favaro brothers. In the menu you will find dishes ranging from lasagna bolognese, tortelloni with porcini mushrooms or meat sauce. Just outside the  old town you can find several restaurants serving local  cuisine. For example in San Lazzaro Di Savena you can try the Antica Osteria dell’Oca. The chef has been awarded several times with prestigious awards. For those who come here should try the hand-rolled pasta, tortellini with meat sauce and tagliatelle noodles, as well as ravioli stuffed with guinea fowl and black truffle. You can also try the main meat dishes that apparently are very good! Emilia Romagna is also home to the restaurant La Bottega di Franco. It is located in an old manor house just outside the city center. People come to enjoy delights such as mortadella mousse,  tortellini and ravioli squacquerone cheese, pancetta, black olives and rosemary. In the surroundings of Bologna, one the best restaurants to eat  the Emilian cuisine is la Corte dei Molini  located in the town of  Castel Maggiore. It is born from the idea of combining the rich local cuisine with an extensive wine list, it is like paying tribute to the rich heritage of the territory by offering  the famous crescentine combined with regional meats and cheeses. Here you can not miss the Lambrusco .

Crescentina fritta is a tipical dish of Bologna

What  the Bolognese eat in the best restaurants in Bologna ?

The restaurants of Bologna are particularly famous for their homemade pasta that is stuffed or simply made into strings or shapes and served with a variety of sauces. In some restaurants you can still find a the sfoglina. She is the person in charge of creating the dough by hand, and she literally manufactures all the fantastic dishes that Bologna is famous for. In fact Bologna is the only city that has even a school to learn how to make tagliatelle namely La Vecchia Scuola run by pasta chef Alessandra Spisni . In Bologna among the most common types of pasta you will find noodles or tagliatelle. The recipe specifies that each string needs to be 8 mm wide and less than a millimeter thick . In the first gastronomic book of united Italy (Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well , 1891) it states that the noodles have to be long and never broken. In the restaurants of Bologna are almost invariably topped with Bolognese sauce, and the recipes change from restaurant to restaurant. Sometimes the meat sauce is prepared only with the beef, for others the recipe also includes pancetta, and sometimes a combinations of chicken and pork . However the chefs all agree that the cooking should be slow and last for at least 3 hours. Another classic of Bologna cuisine is the tortellino which is also one of the most popular dishes of the Emilian cuisine. The legend narrates about its shape that has been inspired by the navel of a charming aristocrat. It seems that originally the tortellini was a dish of the poor, it was created to reuse meat scrap which was wrapped in a thin sheet of pasta. The best restaurants in Bologna serve the tortellini strictly  in a broth made with capon and beef. Friggione is  another dish from humble origins that you will find in the he menus of the finest restaurants in Bologna, it is is often served as a side dish. Not to mention the mortadella of Bologna which enhances the Bolognese restaurant menus and it is turned into delicacies such as  mortadella mousse (made with mortadella, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and cream). Mortadella often accompany fried dumplings. In Bologna these are called crescentina fritte. I hope that this short guide will help you choosing the best restaurant and the most traditional food from the area. The guide is a rough translation of this article.

What Made in Italy and Silicon Valley Have in Common

Google Cultural Institute, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and Unioncamere, founded Made in Italy, a section of the international cultural site devoted to give users information about the authentic Italian products.

It goes without saying that we looked for Emilia Romagna features and are proud to see Aceto Balsamico di Modena, Parmigiano Reggiano, Mortadella di Bologna and other delicacies among the results. Each product page actually emphasizes their historical and geographical origins and give useful information about the production process. The gallery of products is enriched with great photos too. Each of the products can be found by keywords or by area of production looking up into a user-friendly map.

The creation of Made in Italy has been announced by Erich Schmidt, president of the Mountain View colossus, at the Big Tent of Rome last 9 October and has been realized on January 2014. The site seems to be aimed to promote the typical food and handicraft products actually Made in Italy. But it is more than that. Find out what.

asiago dop e aceto balsamico tradizionale di modena
Made in Italy – source

 New strategies for the Italian producers

As you may guess, the main target of the Made in Italy project is not only to provide a simple search tool for foodies. Eric Schmidt believe that going digital can contribute to the economic growth of many Italian agro-alimentary businesses.

Italy has many valuable products with unique taste and traditional methods of production but they need more visibility on the web. Statistics say that only 34% of Italian businesses have a website, and of these, the 13% is an e-commerce site. That means that only a minimum percentage of Italian entrepreneurs, use the Internet to advertise their products. But the situation could change since it has been noted how an accurate Internet strategy could help to grow the national income.

New opportunities for the Italian economy

Roberto Moncalvo, Coldiretti president, is proud of the Google Cultural Institute’s program since it helps to fight the Italian Sounding phenomenon – which steals up to 60 billion euros from the Italian turnover each year – through accurate information spread to international customers.

While Ministry Nunzia de Girolamo praised the initiative defining it as “link a Food Valley and Silicon Valley”, she pointed that the strategy lacks of concrete results. Maybe an e-commerce platform supporting the existing elegant gallery – she suggests – may turn into a great opportunity for the Italian SMEs to reach a wider market and sell their products worldwide.

New challenges for future partnerships

Google seems to be quite happy to give the deserved visibility to the Italian “excellences”, so they are called the products already part of the Made in Italy site. But president Eric Schmidt pointed that a fast internet connection should be available even in the rural areas of Italy since any new Internet user can turn into a new Google services user, advertiser or buyer.

While the broadband connection is on the must-do list of the Italian ministry De Girolamo, there is another step to be accomplished. That is the introduction of the famous “Google Tax” for all the international giants such as Google – but also Facebook and Amazon – since, at present, they pay only a little fee for the big amount of transactions made from Italian purchasers.

While we wait for more updates, let’s get an appetite for good things here:!