A Taste of Italy in London: Exploring the Wonders of Eataly

In the heart of London, nestled amidst the bustling cityscape, lies a slice of Italian culinary heaven – Eataly. A concept that marries the essence of strolling through a traditional Italian market with the modernity of a cosmopolitan city, Eataly is a destination for all who seek the flavors of Italy.

Eataly London is a dynamic food emporium that brings Italian gastronomy to the heart of the city, showcasing a plethora of high-quality Italian foods, fresh produce, artisanal goods, and a curated selection of wines and spirits. Conceptualized by Oscar Farinetti, it stands as a hub for those who wish to dine, shop, and learn about Italian food and culture under one roof. This marketplace is designed to provide an authentic experience, celebrating Italy’s rich culinary heritage and offering a communal space for eating, shopping, and enjoying the essence of Italian life in the urban landscape of London.

From the moment one steps through the grandiose glass doors of Eataly London, the senses are greeted with an array of sights, sounds, and scents that transport you straight to the Italian peninsula. The first image captures the sprawling marketplace, alive with the chatter of customers and the clinking of glasses, hinting at a vibrant gastronomic culture thriving within.

Eataly’s commitment to authenticity and quality is evident in its carefully curated selection of Italian supplies. The second image showcases the storied ‘Villani Pancetta Carbonara’ – a testament to Eataly’s dedication to offering ingredients that form the backbone of Italian cuisine. The pancetta, with its rich flavor profile achieved through natural smoking processes, invites home chefs and culinary aficionados to recreate the magic of Italian cooking in their own kitchens.

The third image reveals meticulously arranged shelves boasting an impressive selection of wines and spirits. Each bottle tells a story of vineyards, sun-drenched hills, and the age-old art of Italian winemaking. The selection ranges from everyday table wines to those special bottles reserved for celebratory toasts, ensuring that there is a perfect pairing for every dish and occasion.

A feast for the eyes, the fourth image presents a display of ‘Leone’ confectionery, a brand steeped in Italian history since 1857. The colorful packaging and traditional sweets are a nod to Italy’s rich confectionery tradition, offering a taste of nostalgia and artisanal craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations.

The fifth image captures the entrance to ‘La Via del Dolce’, translating to ‘The Sweet Spot’, which is Eataly’s homage to Italy’s love affair with desserts. The archway, reminiscent of an Italian carnival, invites patrons into a world where confectionery is not just food, but a piece of art.

Finally, the exterior view of Eataly encapsulates the establishment’s ethos – a place where tradition meets modernity, where the Italian way of life is not just preserved but celebrated. Eataly London stands as a beacon for those seeking to explore and savor Italian culture and cuisine.

In London, a city known for its diversity and culinary fusion, Eataly offers an Italian refuge. Whether you are a connoisseur of fine Italian foods, a lover of wine, or a fan of sweet indulgences, Eataly provides a destination to gather the supplies needed to transport your palate to Italy, without ever leaving the city’s limits. This is Eataly – London’s premier Italian market, where Italy is not just a place, but an experience.

The Taste of Emilia Romagna in London: Where to Get Your Fix

If you’re a fan of Italian food, then you’ll definitely want to try the delicious cuisine of Emilia Romagna. And luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to Italy to experience it – there are plenty of amazing restaurants in London that offer authentic Emilia Romagna-style dishes.

Via Emilia by Food Roots – SHOREDITCH

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Shoreditch, Via Emilia by Food Roots is the perfect place to experience the flavors of Emilia Romagna. The menu features a range of typical dishes from the region, including homemade pasta, gnocco fritto, and tagliatelle al ragù. And if you’re a fan of Parmigiano Reggiano, you’ll be pleased to know that the restaurant uses the highest quality cheese in all their dishes.

Osteria Antica Bologna

For a taste of Emilia Romagna in South London, head to Osteria Antica Bologna. This cozy Italian restaurant on Northcote Road serves up a range of seasonal dishes made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu changes regularly, but you can expect to find classics like tortellini in brodo, cotoletta alla bolognese, and tiramisu on the menu. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of regional wine.

Emilia’s Crafted Pasta (St. Katharine Docks)

If you’re looking for a more casual dining experience, check out Emilia’s Crafted Pasta at St. Katharine Docks. This pasta bar specializes in freshly made pasta dishes, with a focus on the traditional recipes of Emilia Romagna. Choose from options like tortellini alla panna, lasagne alla bolognese, or tagliatelle with wild boar ragù. And for a real treat, try the Parmigiano Reggiano tasting board, featuring three different ages of the beloved cheese.

A Casa Di Anna – Kilburn

Located in Kilburn, A Casa Di Anna serves up delicious Italian cuisine with a focus on the flavors of Emilia-Romagna. The menu highlights the region’s signature dishes like tortellini, tagliatelle al ragù, and parmigiana di melanzane. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it the perfect spot for a romantic date night or a family dinner.

Menu highlight: Emilia Romagna

Di Rimini Piadina – Italian Street Food – Brick Lane

For a quick bite on the go, Di Rimini Piadina is a must-visit. This family-owned street food vendor specializes in piadina, a traditional flatbread from Emilia-Romagna. Made fresh to order, you can choose from a variety of fillings, from prosciutto to stracchino cheese. Located in the vibrant Brick Lane area, it’s the perfect spot to grab a bite while exploring the local street art scene.

“Deliciously authentic & freshly made Emilia-Romagna style piadina…”

Sfoglia Bologna al Mattarello – Aldgate East

Sfoglia Bologna al Mattarello is a handmade pasta bar located in the heart of Aldgate East. Inspired by the cuisine of Bologna, the menu features fresh and seasonal ingredients. From classic tortellini in brodo to innovative dishes like the ‘nduja tagliatelle, there’s something for everyone. The pasta is made fresh on-site every day, ensuring the best possible quality and taste.

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Emilia-Romagna in London, these eateries are sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for a sit-down dinner or a quick bite on the go, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Buy Lambrusco Wine Online In the United Kingdom

Our Lambrusco wines have been carefully selected to bring to our customers the most amazing bubbly experiences. Forget the Lambrusco of the 1980s, this wine has gone through total new revamp and it is experiencing a revival. Some of our wines are organic, bottle ferment using the same method used to make Champagne. Other Lambruscos in our selection have won several prices in Italy as best wine. If you are looking for an unusual high quality bubbly wine you are in the right place.
Wines are shipped directly from the producer in Italy to our stock room in London and we can deliver to the UK mainland. The minimum purchase is 6 bottles and the prices include free delivery for your convenience.

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Italian Olive Oil Importer in London UK.

Extra Virgin high quality Olive Oil from Abruzzo Italy Available for wholesale in London.

Another amazing producer has joined Emilia Delizia’s quest to bring the best Italian products to the UK. This time we have an excellent extra virgin olive oil produced by Fattoria la Pietra near the picturesque town of Penne Abruzzo in central Italy. This extra virgin comes from a single producer and it is very different from the mixed olive oils that you find in supermarkets. The excellent climate of the Abruzzo region benefits from the influence of the Adriatic sea and the coolness of the Apennini range. This is one of the reason of the quality of the agricultural produces that come from the area. In this case the olive oil has been labelled with a PDO award which is given only to the highest food products available in Europe. For more information about the Apurtino Pescarese DPO Olive Oil you can visit the cooperative website.

Olive Oil from Abruzzo

This olive oil is set to please everyone from beginner and occasional users to gourmet foodies who like to use extra virgin olive oil everyday. Tasting the product you will find first fruity with low acidity, at the end you have lasting hints of artichokes and a final touch of spiciness to complete the product. Olive oil is known for its health benefits due to its high content of polyphenols, in particular it helps to lower bad cholesterol which is considered the main enemy in modern diets.

Fattoria La Pietra ExtraVirgin olive oil is available in 3 formats: 500 and 750 ML bottles and 5 liters tin containers. Emilia Delizia would be very happy to organise a tasting in London for your deli, restaurant or any other food retail.

Emmer – Farro Fetuccine


The same producer also grows emmer  also know in Italy as farro. It is an ancient kind of wheat that has less gluten toxicity compared to modern grains. Emmer is also rich in essential amino acids hard to find in other foods. Fattoria La Pietra proudly produces farro grains to cook as is or it is also milled into flour, ideal for breads and pizza. The producer also make delicious pasta fettuccine from wholesome farro.


Fresh Pasta Importer in London United Kingdom.

Importing Fresh Egg Pasta into The United Kingdom.

Our company has teamed up with some of the best artisanal pasta makers in Italy. We are now able to import into the United Kingdom high quality fresh egg pasta packed in protective atmosphere with a long shelf life. The stuffed pasta lasts for 30 days, and the non stuffed products last for 45 days. The availability of refrigerated courier in europe is now greater and it is possible to have these products within 48 hours from ordering without breaking the controlled temperature chain.

Who are the producers?

In this case we have selected a very high quality pasta producer based in the region of Le Marche in Italy which is famous for its excellent culinary traditions. Our producers only use the highest grade ingredients. Only the best flour and the best eggs have been selected to produce these delicious pasta parcels. The company uses only fully traceable ingredients and in particular they only use Italian wheat and Italian eggs.

The Stuffed Pasta.

High quality hand made pasta from Le Marche. Here below you can see two example of the the pasta they produce

Caramelle: Durum Semolina egg pasta stuffed with Various Fillings

Caramelle are delicious and fun at the same time as they replicate the wrapping of candies. The company produces them with different fillings: ricotta and porcini mushroom, ricotta and artichokes, Ricotta and radicchio.

Ventagli : Durum Semolina egg pasta stuffed with Various Fillings


Made strictly according the Italian tradition only with high quality ingredients and completely made by hand. The stuffing varies according the requirements of the client: Ricotta and Spinach; Ricotta and truffle, Ricotta and pumpkin, Ricotta and Radicchio, Ricotta and prawns. 

Freshly Made Artisanal Olive all’Ascolana – Italian Stuffed olives


Olive all’Ascolana are a typical dish that you find in Le Marche in central Italy. They are an excellent product when sold as street food or at events or parties. Our supplier makes them by hand one by one using only the freshed and best local ingredients. They are simply made with olives stuffed with meat and parmesan cheese. They are breaded and ready to be fried. They also come packed in trays under protective atmosphere and they have a life of 20 days. If you are planning to start a food truck, or if run food based events olive all’ascolana will be an incredible hit for you.

Why choose products from Le Marche.

Le Marche is famous in Italy for its incredible food traditions spanning from fresh egg pasta, to cheeses and wines, fish and meat dishes. To learn more about the cuisine of Le Marche you can read this article too.

Gurmetti in London Offers Parma’s Street Food.

In London Giacomo Bia is Mr. Gurmetti, he was born in Parma where he grew up. His food acts are like a street performance and he chose his stage name about a year ago, when he decided to turn into reality an idea that he has been playing in his head for a while: an APE truck from Piaggio transformed in a food vending van that operated in the markets of the capital.
Inside the the small Piaggio Ape there is a kitchen with everything he need to cook with an oven,  a grill, a meat slicer, and a  fryer (for the torta fritta!).
It is  ” Italian Street Food ” made with Parma most famous food products like Parmesan cheese and cured meats but all served in the street. At lunchtime you will find him at London’s busiest street food markets and in the evening he is in front of your local pub .

Gurmetti’s Piaggio Ape food truck in London – source

How did you start Gurmetti?

“I left Parma to seek economic stability” says Giacomo. I went to college to become a pharmacist but I did not complete and I left after two years. For several years I changed jobs often, I worked as clerk in shops in Parma’s city center but I was not happy.  At some point in life living in a small provincial town in Italy begins to feel tight. Then in 2008 I was catapulted in London, where I started from scratch.

I started as a waiter in a chain of Italian restaurants. I wasn’t even as a waiter in fact I worked as a  runner,  I was running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room.

Then everything changed. Now he is on his own boss. Everyday he runs his Ape wearing his mustaches with an endless desire to be around people .

What is the Gurmetti’s typical menu?

The aim of the business is to bring the delicacies of Parma to London. We serve pork traditional cured meats from Parma even some delicacies  from rare Italian breeds namely the black pigs of La corte dei Neri served with torta fritta (traditional fried dough). We also serve Culaccia and salami, but also Pancetta coppata and Mortadella . Of course we also have grilled meats and sausages, but there is also the Minestrone. A lot of Londoners love the pork burger served with gorgonzola cheese rocket and onion marmalade with balsamic vinegar. It is all homemade  or even better  “Ape-made”.

Well done to Giacomo Bias for his great idea that we fully endorse! Emilia Delizia hopes that the great food of Emilia Romagna keeps coming to London.

Roughly translated from original article appeared on the Gazzetta di Parma.

Pasta Making Lessons in London – Corporate Team Building, Private One to One.

 Are you looking for the ultimate experience for your company team building in London?

Emilia Delizia offers pasta making class group session in London. These classes are great for team building through the art of Italian pasta making. The class consists in hands on activity where everyone participate actively in preparing lunch under the supervision of our pasta chef.  After a short briefing and a demonstration the chef will lead the group in making a delicious lunch. Everyone collaborate in the preparation so it is an ideal activity for team building and office colleague bonding.

2013-07-11 11.16.29

Pasta making classes in London.

The student will learn how to prepare the flour and eggs and they learn how to knead the dough by hand. Subsequently they will learn how to use the pasta machine that they are very common in every household these days, so they will be able to replicate the experience at home. Virtually we can use any space for these experiences, even your office. All we need is a large table and access to electricity and water.

2013-02-24 17.25.46

Pasta making.

The simplest pasta that the students can learn is tagliatelle, it is quick and tasty. Along with the tagliatelle we can cook a simple sauce for the topping. If you require something more we can also prepare stuffed pasta such as Tortelli alla Parmigiana, Tortelloni, Lasagne or for the ultimate party we can also make Tortellini. However please consider the time that you have as these dishes are time consuming. For more information about our Italian Pasta cooking courses in London please check our United Kingdom site http://www.lovejoyfood.com

Whole Wheel Parmesan Cheese Dinner Party in London

Parmesan cheese event for your corporate party, wedding or birthday party event in London.

If you love cheese you are going to love this idea. Emilia Delizia has a long experience in organising cheesy events. We will bring a whole parmesan cheese wheel at your party to feed your guests. Each wheel weighs approximately 40 kgs, therefore we reckon that it will be enough for 120/140 people. For more info check out our Italian supper club in London.

The Parmesan Cheese Experience.

Our expert cheesemongers will open the wheel in front of guests. They will demonstrate how this is done by using only the traditional knives and we can also let your guests to have a go and make some wedges.  Shortly after the opening of the wheel the cheese will be portioned and served to the crowd.

Why choose Parmesan Cheese for you event.

Parmigiano Reggiano as we call it in Italy is spectacular in size and in flavour, and it will not fail to add a wow factor to your party. The milk used for making the cheese only comes from a specific area in Italy, and the cows are mostly grass fed, along with the  long maturation the cheese gains a complex flavour that it makes it an ideal party starter especially when paired with our great Lambrusco wines. It is also an healthy option as Parmesan cheese is highly digestible and rich in calcium and important minerals.

Wine and Parmesan cheese.

Parmesan cheese can be served an appetiser before your event, and it can be paired with traditional wines from Emilia. The best bets are Lambrusco and Trebbiano wines that are both fizzy and aromatic and in essence the best match with Parmigiano Reggiano.  2013-06-16 16.59.00

2013-06-16 17.03.08 2013-06-16 17.14.27

Parma ham Carving Dinner Party in London

Parma Ham Prosciutto di Parma Dinner Party for Catering Events in London.

Emilia Delizia is proud to offer this new event in London for those foodies looking for something new at their dinner parties, or corporate events. We will select the best 24 months Italian Prosciutto di Parma and prepare and slice it by hand or by machine in front of your guests. The prosciutto weights between 7/10 kgs and it can feed a crowd of 20/30 people.

2013-01-27 10.02.38

A different approach to dinner party and corporate events.

Our Parma ham party is set to make a difference in London, many catering companies offer unimaginative menus that are basically always the same over and over. Here we take a different step by bringing to London one of the best Italian products and serve it right in front of your customers, clients, family and friends. This is guaranteed to give a wow factor at your party.

Slicing of the ham in front of the guests.

Parma ham in Italy is mostly sliced by machine, this ensure that each slice is consistently thin and has a melt in the mouth effect that will blow your guests away. The portions can be served on a tray along with bread, wine and other Italian specialities. It is in essence very simple but very effective, and it is ideal because it does not require cooking, preparation and it is ready to serve in minutes.  If you require the Parma ham to be sliced by hand for more effect we can choose an older ageing with a more firm texture. We also recommend to check out our Black Pig Ham that it is ideal for hand slicing.

Culatello and other salumi in London.

Culatello is the king of all Italian salumi (cured meats), this pork cured meat products ages for a minimum of 12 months in cellars near the Po’ river where the humidity is higher and the fog permeate the surroundings. Along with Parma ham we can also provide culatello ready for slicing along with Spalla di San Secondo (cooked ham) salame di Felino and coppa Piacentina.

 2013-05-15 12.57.54


Distributor Of Foods From Emilia Romagna In London UK.

Emilia Delizia during its long experience in food tours in Emilia Romagna built up considerable connections with food producers in Italy. Now our company wants to exploit these connections by bringing fantastic products to London and to the world.

Why use London as base for Emilia Romagna food exports?

London and the UK as a whole are markets that are dynamic and there is a ever growing interest for Italian food. However regional Italian food remains massively under explored here. In London is difficult for the average consumer to go behind pizza and chianti, therefore we believe that there are massive potential for high quality regional products.

Our  experience and our connections.

Since 2008 we took “foodies” to visit the productions of Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and Balsamic vinegar, and of course we have built a vast network of these products and a even greater knowledge of the products. So our vision is to use Emilia Delizia not just a facilitator for the distribution of these amazing foods but also as an educational platform. 

Our products.

Certainly we want to promote the most famous Emilia Romagna products such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. But also we want to promote the other less known products  that such as breads, cakes, jams and preserves and of course the majestic Lambrusco wines. Please see here for our catalogue of foods.

Parmigiano Reggiano.

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the most quintessential Italian cheeses of all times. We are proud exporter and distributor of this fine cheese. We also offer a variety of products that are made from it such as cheese creams and spreads.

Prosciutto di Parma.

Parma ham is one of most recognised Italian products around the world. We are exporter and distributor of Prosciutto di Parma. Our company is able to put you in touch with the right producers.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Balsamic vinegars of Modena and Reggio Emilia are unique vinegars that put Emilia Romagna on the Map. We offer a variety of Traditional high quality balsamic vinegar along with high quality balsamic condiments.

Fruits and vegetable preserves.

Emilia Romagna is famous for its cuisine throughout. We have a selection of high grade fruit preserves that will find their places in high end kitchens.

Fresh Egg Pasta.

Emilia Romagna’s signature dish  is fresh egg pasta. We have for export and distribution high quality tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelle.


Food Education & Presentation.

Emilia Delizia in London also wants to bridge the knowledge gap that there is in the market. Consumers can be educated to understand how and where the foods are manufactured, this will lead to a better appreciation for what we eat and drink. We have been doing this for years during our tours and our clients came to us. Now we want to do the opposite Emilia Delizia is coming to London and bring the best of Emilia Romagna.

Are you looking to sell your Italian products in the UK, abroad or worldwide?

If you are a producer of high quality Italian products we would like to hear from you. We are based both in Italy and in London, but the sky is the limit. We can promote your products in English but also in several languages across the globe, helping you get your brand recognised abroad.

The UK is just excellent to test your products on the English speaking market, with the common EU rules you can cheaply and easily have your products on sale here within months and use London to launch to further away markets such as Australia, New Zealand, North America, and South Africa.

Parmesan cheese
Parmesan cheese