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Emilia Delizia. 

Emilia Delizia is a culinary travel planner company  focussing on gourmet food tours in Italy. Since 2009 we have been taking foodies around the Bologna, Modena and Parma area, and no one else knows better than we do when it comes to production visits of Parmesan cheese, Balsamic vinegar and Parma ham. We do not stop here we also travel to small organic wineries around Emilia Romagna, we visit Culatello ham cellars and salami manufacturers. in the area is also possible to do experiences like grape and olive harvesting, truffle hunting with dogs and many other activities related to food and agriculture. Our tours are very flexible and we can organise everything for your group: from small parties of 2 people to big coaches, private travel or larger incentive travel are not a problem for us. We only use government approved guides who speak excellent English (other languages are also available) and they have a very good knowledge of the area. Our chauffeurs are also fully licensed and have the latest models of the most comfortable cars.


Parmesan Cheese Tour.

Our culinary tours include visit to Parmesan cheese Parmigiano Reggiano factories in the area. With our clients we only visit Parmesan cheese dairies approved by the consortium. Our guided visit includes detailed explanations in your language of the process as it happens. Here you will see how raw milk is turned into this famous PDO cheese. For more information about our parmesan cheese tours click here.

Parma Ham Prosciutto Tour.

Only for the discerning culinary travellers we offer exclusive Parma ham factory tours. Prosciutto di Parma can be visited as part of our itinerary and combined into your gourmet travel. Our visit will include the salting process, the cold cells where the pre-ageing happens, then we we will visit the prosciutto cellars where the ageing is completed. For a more detailed information about the Parma ham visits please check this page.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Tour of Modena.

Only in Modena you can visit the famous black gold. Traditional balsamic vinegar is the precious nectar made traditionally in the area that it is now famous all over the world. During our food exploration we will visit a vinegar producer which is well far away from being a factory. At the end of the detailed visit in the requested language we will have a tasting of the best balsamic drops. For more information about our vinegar tour you could continue reading this page.

Culatello di Zibello Ham Tours Around Parma.

Let’s not forget the beauty of culatello. This is a ham produced between Parma and  the marshy  and foggy lands south of the Po’ River in a tiny area by the towns of Busseto, Polesine Parmense, Zibello, Soragna, Roccabianca, San Secondo, Sissa and Colorno. Here the landscape is completely flat and the climate humid and cold in winter, with torrid hot summers. It makes the perfect environment to cure the pork back legs without the bone. Typically each cut will give out 2 kind of salumi: culatello (the little ass) and the fiocco which is the inner muscle of the animal leg. The 2 specialities are cured just with salt and pepper inside natural casing. Culatello is aged for a minimum  of 12 months in special cellars entirely built in bricks where beneficial moulds will colonise the product. To find out more about culatello please continue reading here. FOODIE TOURS IN EMILIA ROMAGNA – The 3 gourmet food in one day.


If you decide to spend some times in Bologna, Modena or Parma you might well consider to take out the three gourmet foods in one day: typically we will visit Parmigiano Reggiano cheese production which normally starts at around 8.30 am, then we will go to the Traditional Balsamic vinegar producer in Modena or Reggio Emilia, and finally we will travel to a Parma ham producer where we will visit the process of making this famous ham and then we will taste local cured meats and we will have a fully seated lunch. With our food tour around Bologna, Parma ham Modena, you will have ta chance to see all 3 products in one day. The parmesan cheese, balsamic and Parma ham tour is the most comprehensive food experience that you can ever do while you are in Italy. GOURMET FOOD AND ORGANIC WINERIES. As our food tours are exclusive and flexible we would be very happy to customise your day to suit your needs. Therefore it is possible to combine Parmesan production, balsamic vinegar and at the end of your day having a food and organic wine pairing experience at a winery near Bologna, Modena or Parma. Our farmer’s style brunch is particularly popular with our clients where they can taste local organic wines along with farm’s made organic breads always accompanies by traditional cured meats and cheeses.

Gourmet Food Self Driving Tours

If you plan to have your own car in Italy we will be very happy to organise an itinerary where the client will drive the car and meet the producers or the guide directly on locations, this option permits to save substantially as there will be no chauffeur involved in the day activity . We will provide a fully comprehensive gourmet food tour itinerary for you, so we make your holidays in Italy totally worry free.

Pasta Making Classes in Bologna With Food Market Tour Included.

We have pasta making courses at our cookery school in Bologna and Modena. For those interested it is possible to take part to our culinary experience in Bologna. The small group will go with the chef to one of the Bologna’s best food market to buy the ingredients and learn about our traditional cuisine. In the kitchen they will participate to a pasta making class that also include the preparation of a second course and a traditional dessert. The cookery classes are hands-on.

Truffle hunts, and porcini mushroom forays, walking and hiking in Emilia.

Bologna, Modena and Parma are also famous for truffles, and porcini mushrooms. With the presence of our experienced hiking guides we organise truffle and mushroom exploration on the bolognese hills. These experiences  includes a meeting with an experienced truffle hunter and a gourmet lunch based on the precious mushroom.

Ferrari Museums, Ducati , Lamborghini, Pagani Factory Tours With Driving Experience.

Emilia Delizia is not just about gourmet food, in fact we also organise sport car factory tours and driving experiences. If you are staying in Bologna or Modena we can take you to see the 2 Ferrari Museums. GALLERIA FERRARI in Maranello  where you can admire many F1 cars, tour the grounds of the Ferrari factory, or we can visit the CASA MUSEO ENZO FERRARI newly opened in Modena where you can see the history behind this famous car marque. The tour will continue with a visit of the factory at Lamborghini where the guests can enter the premises and see the Lamborghini Gallardo and Aventador being built. The day will continue with a visit to Pagani Automobili near Modena. Pagani is the company that built the famous ZONDA, guests will see how carbon fibre is employed to make the body of the car in this small workshop which producer 1.5 million euro cars. Last but not least visitors will have the chance to visit one of the most famous motorbike marque: DUCATI. The tour will include visit to the company collection and a visit to the factory assembly lines.

Super Cars Driving experiences in Italy.

For those coming to Modena (only 20 minutes by train from Bologna) it is possible to organise a Ferrari driving experience for a reasonable fee. Each super car driving experience is done on the public road and a qualified instructor will come in the car with the guest driver. The experience starts from 10 minutes and it can be as long as 1 hour. Since  2012 it is also possible to drive the cars on the Modena race track, in this case the experience lasts for 90 minutes and includes 30 minute road drive and 5/6 laps on the race track, always accompanied by one of our experienced instructors.

LoveJoy Food Supper Club.

If you are based in the UK we also offer Italian Supper Club Events through our partner website, check it out for more info.

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