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How I Ate at Bottura’s for 10 Euros…Well Not Quite.

Chef Massimo Bottura opens canteen in Modena.

Duomo di Modena

At Self Service Ghirlandina for sure you cannot eat the sophisticated dishes of Osteria Francescana, however you can tell your friend that you ate at Bottura’s “Restaurant” in Modena. Moreover you can sample dishes from the Modenese tradition like passatelli, tagliatelle, tortelloni, tortellini, prosciutto di Modena, ragu’, and zampone. The average meal is 10 euros or less, what are you waiting for?

Chef Massimo Bottura opens a canteen in Modena, being part of the food for soul initiative to reduce food wastage and help social inclusion. Self Service Ghirlandina, the name of the canteen is situated at a historic and very popular place, near the cathedral in Modena.

What is the food for soul initiative

This is what I had: Pappardelle con sugo d’oca only 4.5 euros.

If you have never heard about communities to fight food waste through social inclusion, then here are some interesting facts about food for soul. Food for Soul is a non-profit organisation founded by chef Massimo Bottura & Lara Gilmore.

Do you know that food waste is a huge problem and that there are food sources that can be used more effectively with the right knowledge and education? So, what are the main features of this initiative aiming to combat food waste?

Food for soul key features

Many partners collaborate with the main aim to raise both the awareness on issues related to food waste and social isolation. This happens not locally but around the world. Of course, not all local communities are the same, therefore the local needs are being considered and these needs can lead to the creation of brand-new possibilities to be examined, never considered before.

Special attention is given in the renovation of neglected spaces and their creative transformation into inspiring community kitchens, where people that feel socially vulnerable can feel the welcome atmosphere and experience the meals created with food surplus. These special meals are prepared by renowned chefs, with emphasis given on making them both delicious and healthy. Social issues such as hospitality and dignity are given a lot of importance.

Social awareness in practice

Social Tables or “ Refettorios” are another service highlighting the need to create both an active and a conscious as well community. Social Tables Ghirlandina were launched 3 years ago, in 2016 and once per week, each Monday this community kitchen serves about 70 persons in need from the local community.

The concept of theme meals is to be inexpensive. But their low cost does not mean that they are not delicious or healthy. On the contrary besides these features there is a special atmosphere as local artists, designers and even actors are being involved to create a community being well-conscious.

Bread is Gold

In financial world gold is a precious metal with many desired features such as a hedge for inflation. But bread can be gold too.” Bread is Gold” is a book written with many recipes and the combined effort of over 50 chefs who got the idea to write how to transform in many cases neglected ingredients and turn them into a meal both delicious and most importantly healthy.

This book has been written is many languages, some of them being English, Italian and Spanish. Buying the book is another way to increase the social impact of the food for soul initiative. Doing so helps the food for soul initiative to open even more Refettorios and Social Tables around the world.

Self Service Ghirlandina in Modena is a canteen with a special social purpose. Being part of the food for soul initiative it is also a part of a community which wants to decrease drastically food waste and at the same time decrease the impact of social isolation. The location near the cathedral in Modena has the potential make it popular.

Chef Massimo Bottura Opens Posh Hotel in Modena


Massimo Bottura wears many crowns. The chef patron of Osteria Francescana has worked assiduously over the years to ensure that the restaurant retains its status as one of the best restaurants in the world. Between creating iconic dishes, Bottura has managed to author five books and also runs a non-profit organization that focuses on creating public awareness about food wastage and homelessness. The world’s best chef is now ready to add another feather to his cap — he has decided to take the plunge into luxury hotel realm, a move he had been contemplating for some time now. Bottura wanted to open an inn close to Modena to make up for the absence of a lavish hotel in the city.

It all began when two years ago Bottura and his wife, Lara Gilmore, rescued a 200-year-old magnificent estate, famous locally as the venue of many lavish parties, from foreclosure. Bottura and Gilmore invested in the property and spent two years renovating and remodeling it with the help of friends with eclectic tastes. Now known as the Maria Luigia Inn, after the name of Bottura’s mother, this three-story property is spread over 12 acres and is located only 20-minutes outside of Italy. The hotel houses 12 rooms, has a tennis court, a swimming pool, a tastefully done music room, and a spiffing sculpture garden.

If you are an art aficionado, Bottura’s new project should be your next stop. The celebrated chef and his wife plan to elevate the luxury quotient of this property by making it home to memorable pieces by many stalwarts of the art world. It is being said that guests will be able to admire the work of the likes of Tracey Emin, Matthew Barney, and Andy Warhol.

For those whose prime motive is to feast on delectable dishes by the world’s best chef, the inn houses an eat-in kitchen. Guests will be able to enjoy a lavish breakfast and light lunch, with menus designed by the chef himself. However, if that brings no satisfaction to the taste buds of guests, they will be allowed to pre-reserve a spot at Bottura’s tour-de-force restaurant, Osteria Francescana. If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at this place before, make sure to try Tutto, a dining extravaganza that includes 12 meals.

On arrival, guests will be welcomed with half bottles of Lambrusco, the famous Italian wine that ranges from dry to sweet in taste and is a coveted choice among wine lovers world over, and Parmigiano Reggiano, the famous Italian cheese.

Bottura and his wife have not revealed the opening day yet, but if reports are to be believed guests will be able to enjoy this luxurious experience soon. With the owners going out of their way to ensure that a night’s stay at the Maria Lugia Inn won’t be something guests will easily forget, it is but obvious that the rate will be slightly heavier on the pocket. Rooms will cost $519 per night. However, with this move, Bottura and his wife have successfully tapped into the minds of the rich and elite of Italy and the world.

Modena Food Walking Tour

Modena walking Food Tour.

Emilia Delizia is proud to offer a food walking tour to explore the food of Modena on foot. in 2 hours you will be taken around the historical centre of Modena and taste all its world’s famous food. This will include Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, Gnocco Fritto, Tigelle and of course Balsamic vinegar.

How long does it last: approx 2 hours
Where is the meeting point: Modena main train station
What time: we meet at 10.00 am.
How many people: We take very small groups around, you need to book for at least 2 people.
What will I eat: We will try to include as much local specialities as possible: such as tigelle, gnocco fritto, prosciutto, parmigiano reggiano, balsamic vinegar and so on.
How do we get around: The tour is almost entirely on food. Just some light walking so wear your best shoes.
Who is taking me around: To give you the best experience these tours are only lead by locals with deep knowledge of the local area.

Mosaics of Ravenna Walking Tour in Pictures.

Ravenna is one of the most historical cities in Northern Italy, thanks to its spectacular 5th- 6th-century monuments that still stands to date with eye-catching mosaics. Known as the city of Mosaics, Ravenna was once the western capital of the late Roman Empire and is now home to the eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

A day trip to Ravenna is very interesting and one that involves a lot of video taking, photography and amusement. You’ll be marveled beyond imagination by the ancient art and history and how people were able to create such magnificent portraits from patterns of tiles and stones. Some of the monuments and churches remain fresh and undisturbed and one can easily feel the passage of time with the nostalgic mode autographed on the early Christian arts and symbols.

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, you really can’t afford to miss a tour to Ravenna. Even if you’re daring enough, your conscience won’t allow you to pass the scenic beauty of museums, historic centers, ancient tombs, etc. Here are some of the must-visit Mosaic centers of Ravenna. Read on to get started.

Basilica di San Vitale.

This is one of the most popular among the eight UNESCO sites. The beauty of its surrounding attracts the curious mind and a step into the building proves more than you can possibly imagine. Here, you get to see everything in all the aspects of the building; from the high-walls & floors, arches to the ceilings. Anywhere you stand you’ll have a perfect shot of colorful mosaics. 

San Vitale’s mosaics include biblical art from the Old Testament such as Abraham & the Sacrifice of Isaac, the story of Moses and the burning bush, etc. On the side walls are mosaics of the four main disciples: Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John- under their respective symbols; angle, lion, ox, and eagle. 

The Byzantine mosaics are the largest and well-preserved ancient marvels you can find in Basilica di San Vitale. The collection of these mosaics are second only to those found in Constantinople- so if you can’t be in Turkey to witness the same, it’s better to take more time here. Apart from mosaics and fabulous paintings, early Christian art can also be spotted on the apse and on different sections of the archway. 

Galla Placidia Mausoleum

According to UNESCO, this is the best and well preserved of all the mosaic monuments in Ravenna. This Mausoleum was initially a martyrium rather than a tomb and is believed to have been used as a resting place for the daughter of Roman Empire Theodosius I, Galla Placidia. 

The inside structure of this monument offers an exquisite view. The upper parts of the walls and domes are furnished with Roman mosaics on a blue ground augmented with star and floral motifs. The lower parts, on the other hand, are decorated with ancient plaquettes of yellow marble. Most decorations in the building are symbolic meaning you might need a guide to understand some portraits. 

Light enters the monument via the tiny windows coated with thin layers of alabaster. From the symbolic crosses to doves & animals, fixed on the walls; one can clearly appreciate the painstaking care and prowess of the early architectures.

Baptistery of Neon

This monument was built and completed towards the end of the 5th century. It’s an octagonal tower with its eight sides symbolizing the seven days of the week and the 8th one represents the day of Resurrection.

Here you’ll see a variety of mosaics; those in the dome shows the Baptism of Christ by John the Baptist. The surrounding mosaics depict the 12 disciples in a fluid style borrowed from the pagan Greek art. What looks like a collection of lovely tiles and bright tiny glasses, on close inspection, transform into an arresting image of Jesus or a choir of angles. 

The Baptistery of Neon is regarded by historians as the most relevant and complete example of the early Christian baptistery. 

The above monuments are just but a few of the eight UNESCO sites that attract people from all corners across the world. Most drawings and mosaic portraits in the churches and monuments are inspired by the real and ancient Christian life. A good history of dates and events have also been preserved to accompany vivid pictures and images. 

Street Food Walking Tour Of Naples With Video.

Naples is considered the homeland of authentic Italian food. Using a train to access this city that’s located on the southern side of Italy, I could not help but love its uniqueness. It’s a cool place that’s filled with friendly locals and beautiful views. Additionally, this city is rich in history thanks to ancient architecture and art.

But during my walking tour in Naples under the guidance of a local guide, one thing that completely stood out is the cuisine. As a constant traveler, there is no better way to experience a new destination other than sampling the different dishes. During my recent trip to the city of Naples, below are some of the foods that I indulged in and why they are a must-try.


According to my tour guide, Cuoppo Napoletano is the real definition of the Italian street food and I couldn’t dispute that statement after tasting it. This is one of the tastiest foods that I have ever eaten. Taking a bite, this humble dish deeply engaged my taste buds and I couldn’t stop taking more bites. The mouthwatering delicacy has a distinct taste and it defines the unique Italian tradition. I learned that traditionally, cuoppo is normally made using mini-panzerottis, potato croquettes, mozzarella, aubergine, and courgetti flowers. It’s one of the trendiest foods in Italy because it perfectly represents the Italian street food. While I enjoyed taking some bites in the restaurants, Cuoppo is also a takeaway delicacy which most food lovers can enjoy eating while walking along the streets and alleys of Naples.


Although they are popularly known as Crocche, some locals call them potato croquettes or the crochettes. With the Naples Crocche, I just couldn’t stop munching on it. Crocches have a beautiful brown appearance. They contain potato, mozzarella, and pepper.

Generally, the crocches are small in size. I could estimate that they were measuring between 3-4 centimeters in terms of length. Their dark-gold outer covering gives them an appetizing appearance. From my tour guide, I learned that Crocches are versatile. Some restaurants not only use mozzarella, potatoes, and black pepper but they enhance their taste by using additional ingredients such as eggs and Parmigiano. If you are a foodie who is planning to visit Naples, I highly recommend that you shouldn’t leave this place without taking a bite of the sweet Crocches. You can take as many as you wish just to satiate your taste buds.

Naples is filled with a wide range of local snacks and dishes. If you are a food lover like me, you might find it very challenging to choose one food. They all have tasty aromas and their appealing appearance will simply entice you from a distance. Apart from the Crocche, Arancino is another type of food that I sampled.


They are beautiful and delicious stuffed rice balls. Arancino means one and if they are many, they are called Arancini. An arancino is a crispy and brownish stuffed ball that contains rice, mozzarella, beef, peas, and tomatoes. Tucking in my piece of Arancino, I could understand why it’s one of the popular street foods in Naples and also the whole of Italy. Additionally, they are also cost-friendly.
During my Naples walking tour and after visiting a couple of restaurants, I later learned that arancini can be made with various ingredients to create certain variations. In Naples, for instance, the most common types of Arancini which are sold in the Sicilian cafes normally have tomato sauce, meat, mozzarella, and rice. Some of them also have cheese. There are also other arancini specialties which you can engage in if you are keen enough about food exploration.

What I enjoyed during my Naples walking tour is that there are numerous restaurants and eateries which made it easier to have a taste of different foods. Besides that, having the tour guide with me made me feel like am exploring my local town. Note that Italians are real food lovers. While going for the Tarallo Napoletano, we could notice the restaurant was full to the brim, with lots of people waiting outside for empty tables. Well, this is because the foods are simply delicious and enjoyable.

Tarallo Napoletano

This is one of the street foods that I first indulged in during my Naples tour. The attractive and mouthwatering Tarallo is normally formulated to have different flavors and tastes. Taking a mouthful of this salty food, Tarallo Napoletano is one of the must-haves if you are in Naples. It is made with salt, pepper, flour, chopped almonds, lard, and yeast. Traditionally, Tarallo Napoletano is normally accompanied by a glass of wine but you can eat it alone, just like me.


Street food lovers in Naples take their Babas’ very seriously. While looking for an eatery with baba, I couldn’t help but notice that huge crowds of locals who were waiting to get a serving. Baba isn’t only a cherished and sweet dessert; its taste means that it has become a legit and iconic street food. Well, don’t be surprised if you are in Naples and someone tells you that you’re a baba, this simply means that you’re sweet.

Taking my baba with a topping of chocolate, this delicious and brownish food almost made me place another order, or even a couple more. But I realized that no matter how many babas you take, I will simply never have enough. A baba is a type of leavened dough that’s soaked in the traditional rum. While I took my baba with chocolate, you can take it with whipped cream, ham, or fruit toppings to make it look glossier.

Naples has a wide range of street foods which feature the Neapolitan traditions. They have amazing flavors and taste to cater to different taste preferences. Note that I enjoyed these foods with no cutlery or accompaniments. They can be taken from the restaurants or while enjoying a walk down the streets. All the above-mentioned street foods made my walking tour in Naples one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Not only are they so sweet, but they contain unique and authentic ingredients that make you want more. I mean, you’ll only take four to five bites before you realize that your delicious food is gone.

My Best Hotels in Bologna

Grand Hotel Majestic Baglioni Bologna

Hotel Ca' Sagredo - Grand Canal - Rialto - Venice Italy Venezia - Creative Commons by gnuckx

Grand Hotel Majestic gia’ Baglioni is a beautiful hotel in a perfect location and with friendly staff always ready to serve its guests perfectly. It is a top-notch rated hotel in Bologna positioned at the center of an 18th- century palace. Its interior furnishing suggests an ancient style which makes the hotel look artistic and decorated. I spent four nights here while I was working in the city and I had a good experience. While here, make sure you take various food of great choice including breakfast buffet, juices, and delicious fruits. The beds are incredibly comfortable. The prices charged at the level of a luxury hotel in Bologna but still affordable for one or 2 nights. I enjoyed every moment of my time when I was there and felt as if I was at home.

Majestic gia’ Baglioni hotel is located in the center of Bologna, a few meters from Piazza Maggiore and the well-known Two Towers and Bologna Central Train Station. The hotel neighbors Navile, Santo Stefano and Savena. The landmarks of the place are the city center of Bologna 10 km from the Airport, and there is also the Ducati museum.
The hotel offers spacious rooms with decorated interiors, with watercolors that makes its outlook one and only best hotel in Bologna. The furnitures of the Grand Majestic hotel usually look heavy, oaky and ornamental. It is air-conditioned and offers entertainment services to its esteemed customers through the provision of satellite Television.
The hotel offers bed and breakfast, country house, parking services and garage which extra charges are incurred when it is reserved for its customer. Its restaurant serves drinks, snacks, and other foods. Free Wifi services, private parking and.

The Grand Majestic Hotel has the following facilities: Airport collection, bar, business facilities, car charging places, free wifi and parking, gym, pool, meeting facilities, smoking areas, childcare, and spa. While there at hotel Majestic, I found out that they are a lot to its guests by providing in-room accessibility services, wheelchair accessible rooms, accessible bathrooms, and roll-in showers.

The design of the hotel is impressive and conveys a luxurious lifestyle. It is stylish and the rooms were neat and clean. Its staff is friendly, and caring.

Starhotels Excelsior Hotel Bologna

The Starhotels Excelsior is a remarkably one of the best hotels in Bologna, I just visited there for a weekend. The hotel is situated opposite Bologna Train Station. I enjoyed the friendly staff members, American breakfast I was served and the modern interior of the hotel. Its rooms look large, impressive, with a carpeted floor.
The Starhotels Excelsior is strategically located opposite to the Bologna Train Station. Even though the hotel is opposite to a railway station, the place is quiet and not noisy at all. The average price of the hotel is relatively cheap and affordable for many people. The hotel reveals one of the classic rooms and a selection of traditional food which I was served with. The rooms were clean, the bed was confy and the food and drinks were delicious. It made me enjoy being there as a guest. The personnel here were really loving and friendly and gave me an easy time talking to them since they speak in English which is a language I understand best.

The Starhotels Excelsior is beautifully decorated with modern interiors in it, its floor is carpeted on wood which makes it look superior. Its rooms are spacious and air-conditioned to give a fresh cool air into the hotel.
The facilities offered at Starhotels Excelsior includes parking, free Wi-Fi, food and drink, internet services, pets are allowed on request and are chargeable, reception services, entertainment, cleaning services, and business facilities.

Metropolitan Hotel Bologna.

The other best hotel in Bologna is the Metropolitan hotel which for now I have visited it twice. It is a five minutes walk from Bologna’s main square. It is suited to modern facilities in it and has spacious rooms. Guests enjoy visiting this place, especially for cocktailing parties on the rooftop and view the hills of Bologna which looks amazing.
When they’re at the Metropolitan Hotel, you will enjoy strolling around the Bologna’s historic Centre and have a tour of tourist attractions. It is well positioned for the airport shuttles and stations to stop over this place. The interior design is fitted with enough space, good lighting capacity, nice colors, and nice shaped rooms. The rooms are neat and always clean which makes the guests face the beauty of the hotel and feel good.
The facilities offered by Metropolitan Hotel include internet services, parking, bathroom, outdoor furniture, Kitchen, room amenities like sockets and clothes rack, living area, entertainment, food and drinks, cleaning services and reception services. All these activities are bearable to all the guests.
The lighting of the room is quality and has a television with sky channels. The bathroom has a spa bath to make the guest enjoy the services. The beds are comfortable and clean. The hotel is quiet although the hotel is situated on the main street. Breakfast was tasty and the staff was polite and friendly. Actually, I like the hotel for it is convenient and most welcoming. The surrounding environment is also good for tour services and closer to the City Centre.

In conclusion, the best hotels are located at the heart of Bologna. These are the perfect hotels one should dream of visiting in life. They offer quality services to their guest and they have a heart of welcoming. When there, one feels at home away from their actual home.

Can I Ski in Bologna?


The capital city Emilia – Romagna and seemingly the largest city “Bologna” holds the title of being one the most populous city in northen Italy. Bologna being one of the major urban centers in the region has the history of owning the oldest university in the world “University of Bologna” and has different accolades like the City of Music and the European Capital of Culture. Aside from being a financial hub and an industrial center in its region, Bologna also holds the attribute of owning one of the best skiing locations around, beside the Alps of course. Skiing in Bologna is good because has plenty of tracks and the prices are normally much lower than Alps resorts.

During winter, it offers its indigenes and visitors one of the best skiing experiences, it has one of the top skiing resorts for skiing in its province with elevated heights towering up to 1,945 meters. There are several skiing resorts in different locations, numbering up to 54 skiing resorts that offer professional skiing services in Bologna, some examples are Abetone, Cimone, Corno alle Scale and so many other registered skiing resorts. Some of the best skiing resorts are further listed below;

Corno Alle Scale. Skiing in Bologna

This seems to be a perfect location for people with deep interest in winter sport, this is a mountainous area with about 25 kilometers of slope, and it is located in Belvedere, near the metropolitan city of Bologna in Italy. This is most visited for its numerous facilities ranging from the tutorial skiing center, a snowboarding park, and the presence of kid’s park. The Corno Alle Scale has ten lifts and two of its longest slopes named after Alberto Tomba who was a Bologna and Italian champion, this slopes conform to the world Championship competitions requirements. It also has in its provision a large capacity modern lift which could convey about 2,400 people in just a single hour. The winter sporting venues are located just between heights of 1,418 meters and 1,945 meters,

The prices offered by Corno Alle Scale skiing resort is dependent on many factors, for example, al typical weekend all inclusive is only 500 Euros and costs just 290 Euros for children born after 2002 and also 400 euros for seniors born before 1956. In regards to day passes, 25euros is charged for weekdays while 33 euros is charged for both weekends and holidays. A special consideration is made for afternoon slots with 23 euros charged for weekdays and 23euros for weekends and holidays. For visitors who need a place to stay, there are several commercial residents and hotels around the Corno Alle Scale skiing resort, places like:

· Hotel La Piazzetta, this is a luxurious hotel with state – of – the – art facilities, it is perfectly designed to make your visit pleasurable. It is located via 2, Giugno 2/2 Lizzano in Belvedere with accommodations having a starting price of 59 euros

· Albergo Nappini, this is another hotel of class that offers visitors many services for their visit. It is situated at Viale 3 Novembre 101 Lizzano in Belvedere, 40042.

Skiing on Cimone (Modera Province).


This is notably the highest mountain in the northern Apennines, situated at the Emilia – Romagna, Italy. With a recorded elevation of 2,165m, it serves as a skiing resort which has so many visitors during winter. Its ski trails numbering 31 are together recorded to span over 50 kilometers, this makes it a sports hub by many lovers of winter sport. The resort has six different areas which are Passo del Lupo, Polle, Cimoncino, Lago Ninfa, Montecreto and Pian Del Falco and are all well linked and served by 21 lifts.

This large ski center has a very uniquely designed electronic skipass in its facility and provisions of snowboarding parks and artificial snow. The snowboarding park serves as the link between the downhills and the jump ramps with so many structures designed for the purpose of jumps, rails and also step ups of all styles and levels. This accommodates all levels and stages of professionalism and even for the rookies whom are regarded as starters, for easy pass and access to all the facilities offered by Cimone skiing resorts, the Cimone Ski cards have being upgraded for better functionality.

In order to enjoy the facilities of Cimone, a suitable payment structure was designed for every caliber of guest and skiers, 28euros will be charged on weekdays while 36euros charged on weekends. The upgraded Cimone Ski card is designed to give personal access to all the facilities of the resort like the slopes and ski centers without collection of tickets, it is purchased with only 3 euros and can be funded online through the appropriate media.

For accommodation purposes, there are so many available options ranging from apartments to hotels, some of these accommodations are further listed: the Hotel Cimone which charges about 50euros, Hotel Gabriella charging 69.33euros, Hotel Tirolo charges 38 euros, Hotel Pineta charges 58euros, Hotel Miramonti charges about 90 euros and a host of other luxurious and standard hotels and accomodations around the skiing resort. The best known hotels that serve the best breakfasts in Cimone are Hotel Tirolo, Hotel Firenze, Hotel Del Corso, Hotel Sport and some other fanciful hotels within the region.

Cerreto Laghi (Reggio Emilia)

Cerreto Laghi

Reggio Emilia, a city in Emilia Romagna holds one of the most renowned skiing resorts with adequate facilities for skiing, the Cerreto Laghi. This resort is situated in the center of TuscanEmilian Apennines which is very close to border of Emilia Romagna, it’s a frequently visited resort with so many advantages above just skiing. The scenery of its landscape owns a lot of fascination which makes it sorted after by both skiers for winter sporting activities and also for tourists who just visit for its natural landscape.

This is one of the most equipped skiing facilities known as it offers very professional facilities to both visitors and demanding skiers, it has over 25m downhill slopes for varying levels of professionalism. It also has a provision of four lift chairs for the purpose of helping the skiers uphill, it also possesses a large capacity lift which can convey over 6,500 people in a single hour.

For accommodations, hotels are available to offer the best services to visitors and tourists. Their charges are as follows; Albergo Diana which charges 75euros, Hotel Cristallo Cerreto Laghi which charges about 85 euros, the luxurious casta relax with its terrace which charges 95.17 euros and some other hotels in the region like the la casa di Alice, Appartmento Alice, Apartmento Il Faggio, Il Damio and B&B La Bredia all for the pleasurable experience of their visitors.

Bologna skiing offers the best experience in skiing with its various seasoned resorts offering the best services at different locations within its region.

Is Reggio Emilia Worth Visiting?

Visitors seeking fun and adventure are most welcome at Reggio Emilio.. To fully appreciate its tourist attractions, travelers are asked to stay for some time. The menu and the Italian flag are some of the most fascinating things.

The Food of Reggio Emilia, Taste Parmesan and Cappelletti.

The famous Parmigiano reggiano cheese produced mainly in Parma and also in Reggio Emilia and consumed widely across the country was born here. Get the chance to enjoy a variety of egg plasta such as the popular cappelletti. This type of egg plasta is irresistible and appetizing, and can be consumed with capon broth or cream. It is believed this delicacy appears to be seductive in men, as it is also thought to have a ‘hat’ sort of shape that recalls both the medieval headgear .

Traditional Deli Antica Salumeria Pancaldi.

Antica Salumeria Pancaldi offers you the chance to taste, buy, and eat directly at the deli prosciutto, parmigiano, balsamic vinegar, and more. Your trip to Reggio Emilia is never complete without tasting the variety of delicacies offered here. For instance, get the chance to grab parma hams and an unimaginable variety of salami at lower prices. What is more is that you can buy these special foods as whole, in slices or in pieces, just was you want it. You can also eat them directly at Antica Salumeria as they now offer seated service. Moreover, their shop also gives you the best quality of cheese known as Parmiggiano Reggiano, which is produced directly in Reggio Emilia countryside along with their traditional Aceto Balsamico. You surely cannot afford to miss this taste.

Stay At Hotel posta in Reggio Emilia.

The 4- star hotel located at the heart of Reggio Emilia in a historical building will offer you a relaxing stay. The conducive atmosphere characterized with history, art, tradition and every modern comfort will leave you mesmerized. Spacious and a supervised car park, recharging of electric cars, free bicycle, free wifi, gym, warm 24-hour reception, disabled friendly environment, bar, lift, pets welcome, safe and luggage store are some of the services you will enjoy.
For people who crave for a place where art,history and tradition is celebrated them this is the spot. As if not enough, the ambience and tranquility of this property gives you the perfect and incomparable modern comfort. Additionally, the hotel’s location right in the center of the oldest part of the city is the right position for a tourist to access Reggio Emilia’s most outstanding attractions.

Italian Flag Museum – Museo Del Tricolore.

The Museum is free and located right in the center of the town of Reggio Emilia. Here is a chance to learn about Italian history through its flag.

The national flag is the most popular of Italian symbols. It consists of three vertical brands of equal width of colors green, white and red. On the hoist side is where the green band is located. The national emblem is designed as a white five-pointed star. In the center it has a red border and a cogwheel. On the right of the wheel there is a branch of an oak and branch of olive on the left. What makes the Italian flag stand out from the rest of the flags around the world is its design in general. The three colors in the flag were initially used by the Cisalpine Republic back in the 1797. Red and white colors were originally the colors of Milan, while the green was the uniform color of the Milanese civic guards.

Today, it is believed the green color represents Italy’s land, the white on the other hand represents the snow-topped peaks of the Alps, while the red is the bold color that represents the blood that was shed during the Italian Independence and Unification war. What is more fascinating is that fact that the three colors have a more deeper spiritual meaning: representing three most important virtues in Italy, which are hope, faith and charity.

In summary, do not miss a chance to visit Reggio Emilia for what it has to offer. From the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to the cappelletti egg plasta, are delicacies you want to taste. In addition, Antica Salumeria Pancadi offers you more irresistible and appetizing foods to make your trip memorable. What is more is the culture and tradition in Italy which is evidenced on its monumental state symbol such as the Italian flag.

Walking Tour of Altamura, The City Of Bread (Video)

Altamura is a small town of the south of Italy, dependent of Apulia and located in the Province of Bari. Altamura can be found in the hill of Murge, very close to the city of Bari.
There are many ancient locations that have inhabited the area throughout history. There is a legend that says that the city of Altamura was first founded in the 13th century under the name of Altilia, which comes from Alter Ilium, “the other Troy”. There is also another legend that considers Athena to be the founder of the city.
Nevertheless, there is no consensus about the origin of the name of the city.
What to see in Altamura?
Altamura has a wide variety of things to do and monuments to visit, some of which even date from the ancient times, something which is not that uncommon in Italy.

Altamura Cathedral.

The Altamura Cathedral was built in the 13th century, between the years 1232 and 1242 by the king Frederick II of Swabia. Located in the center of the city, it was devoted to the virgin.
The façade is featured with a portal from the 14th century, guarded by the two main towers, one on each side. It is decorated with carved scenes from the Bible, in particular, from the New Testament.
The mixture of styles is something that stands out in this 13th-century cathedral, which serves as an evidence of the different phases it was built, and later remodeling. For example, the rose window that coronates the façade dates from the 16th century, while visitors can also appreciate a Gothic portal which probably dates from the beginning of the 15th century.
Going to the inside, a beautiful stone pulpit can be appreciated in the center of the church, and also a 16th-century choir, built by Altobello Persio.
It is a must for the lovers of religious architecture.

Altamura Museum.

The Altamura Municipal Museum is a stunning, must-visit archeological museum which showcases artifacts found in the region. The oldest ones date back up to 2500 years.
The museum is divided into five sections, each one of which covers a different historical period: Hellenistic Ages, classical, archaic, prehistoric and paleolithic. This is a great opportunity to travel in time throughout the city’s history. There is no better way to get to know the nature of a city than by its ruins.
You would normally have to pay for the Museum ticket, but if you are traveling in a tight budget, there are also some parts open to the public for free, like the Prehistory of food exhibition, open in the Exhibition Hall.

The Lamalunga Cave.

The Lamalunga cave is one of the most interesting paleolithic discoveries in the whole of Europe. Located in the proximities of the city of Altamura, is home to one of the most incredible archeological remains of the region, the Man of Altamura.
The Man of Altamura (Uomo di Altamura in Italian) are the rests of a male adult, with mixed features of the Neanderthal population and the Homo erectus. One of the evidence that there were mixed races in the history of humanity.

The Bread of Altamura.

Altamura is widely known as the “city of bread” for centuries. The quality of the bread in Altamura is so high that international chains have no chance in competing with the local foods.
Altamura’s bread is made from whole grain wheat flour and baked in wood-burning ovens, as they have been made traditionally. These wood-burning ovens give the bread that special taste and texture.
Bread is the most knowledgeable food attraction of the city, but Altamura has a rich and varied culinary tradition that’s worth trying during your stay.

Where to Eat in Altamura

As we have already said, Altamura has a rich and varied culinary tradition. Traditional dishes can be found in almost every local restaurant. But among all the different restaurants to choose from this beautiful city offers to tourists and locals, there is one that’s worth highlighting: Santa Lucia Bakery
Santa Lucia Bakery is the favorite among the five best bakeries of the town, chosen by the visitors. It is located in Piazza Mercadante, 7. This is the best place to get your bread, baked daily of the wood-burning ovens of the old bakery. Moreover, you can try the different bakery products.
There are no bakery goods better than the ones you can try in Santa Lucia Bakery.

Matera Walking Tour

Matera is a town in the Southern region of Italy called Basilicata. It has one of the most unique geographies and history and houses one of the world-renowned UNESCO HERITAGE site, the Sassi di Matera which is the old city of Matera and consists mostly of cave dwellings. Up until the year 1950 residents in this town were living in caves, which had been their homes for generations until the Italian government moved them forcibly terming their cave dwellings as unfit for human habitation. As one pundit put it is the only place where you will find a family has dwelt in the same home for 9 thousand years. Up to the late Stone age period, it was normal for humans to dwell in caves for safety and protection from natural elements. Only a few tribes and communities on the world today carried the practice into the twentieth century.

Matera was built over a deep ravine which hid it well from prying eyes but being a drier region of Southern Italy meant that there are no natural rivers and provision of fresh water through canals is a challenge. Residents of the Sassi Matera would dig cisterns inside their caves to collect water from underground seepage or even store snow during the winter months. This is one of the reasons that made the cave homes so appealing to the locals.

What is Sassi di Matera?

Sassi di Matera is the worlds UNESCO HERITAGECulture City of 2019. This is a great honor and privilege bestowed upon an icon of human civilization that Matera is. The government has embarked on the restoration of cave homes and churches since 1984 in order to preserve this gem of our heritage and bestow something of value to the next generations. Some of the cave dwellings have also been transformed into Chicago hotels to offer an authentic experience of living in Matera cave dwellings.
Getting to Matera is not difficult with the nearest airport just twenty miles away at the city of Bari. You can fly in from Rome, Venice but the best option is to contact your local travel agent who will be able to advise you best based on where you are coming from. From Bari, you can hire a car or take a taxi to Matera. There is no highway but only local roads so take extra great care on the road. The trip can also be organized in conjunction with a local travel agency who will arrange all your transportation from the moment you leave the airport to your hotel. This is a good option as for a few extra dollars you get to just sit back relax and enjoy the views. As a tourist, the last thing you want is to be breaking traffic laws as this will ruin your holiday.

Matera is a city with laid back easy lifestyle, narrow streets, friendly neighborhood, great sights to discover and as with everything Italian, great food. Get to enjoy Southern Italian cuisine.
One of the most beneficial things you can do is to hire a local guide to take you around Sassi di Matera, and all other important locations. From the old cave cathedral which is the first Benedictine church adorned with its precious stained glasses and its wall Fresco’s depicting the last judgment, the corner pawn, and souvenir shops dotted all over the city. In short, a guided tour will add immense value to your experience as a tourist as opposed to fumbling around trying to find your way on the narrow alleyways.

Guided Tours of Matera.

A tour guide will ensure you do miss out on any social or cultural event that may be happening g at the time. From spectacular lights festivals which are a Hallmark of all Mediterranean people to the bustling nightlife in the city, there is always something of interest happening in this old city.
Due to its unique housing and topography, something resembling the old Jerusalem as described in holy books Matera has played host to almost half a dozen Hollywood movies depicting biblical characters or historical figures. It still has that genuine ancient town look and feels that you only need to bring your camera, clear, the streets of the few traffic and dole out Roman era garb and you are on set without any other modifications necessary. The movies helping passion of Christ’ was filmed on location at Matera and you will agree when I say it looked more r than most in the same genre.
The surrounding hills and ravines also offer spectacular sights with their unique topography making for a scenic tour you will not forget in your lifetime. The people of Matera are hospitable with gracious manners and calm characters that manifests itself in the overall feel of the city. No hassle no bustle of modern-day cities with winding clogged up traffic jams. It’s an authentic spot to unwind in total comfort and relaxation.

It’s a great destination to begin your tour of Italy. Either you ate heading to Venice or Rome take a few days to unwind in this gem of Southern Italy. Though all Italian cities are full of relics, the oldest continuously inhabited location in all of Italy is Matera and as such it holds a special place. Being a vanguard and a pioneer it’s the perfect destination to start your tour and surely you will not be disappointed. Take time to experience life as it was 10,000 years ago.

Matera European City Of Culture and Unesco Heritage Site.

Enjoy this cool, calm and unique tourist destination. With the naming of Matera as a world cultural city, the year 2019 will be special with discounts, events and promotions going on and it is the best year to visit Matera and see what is going on. All UNESCO HERITAGE SITE are named for their authentic history and their value to humanity. The best advice when on such a location is to leave minimal footprints and evidence of having been there. Don’t damage the buildings, don’t litter the environment, reduce your emissions and be eco-friendly. Thus other generations will get to enjoy the unique experience that is Matera.