Gourmet tour + pasta making class

Small group 2 gourmet food tour with pasta making class and gourmet lunch. The best of your culinary vacation in Italy.

Parmesan tour in Modena


learn how to make fresh pasta


We are proud to offer our 2 gourmet food tour from Modena plus pasta making class, the day will evolve around between visits to the Parmesan production and balsamic vinegar producer with tasting. The tour will include detailed visits to Parmigiano Reggiano production and a traditional balsamic vinegar producer with tasting of vinegar of several ages and special reserves.

When and where?

This tour leaves exclusively from Modena station at 8 am, hotel pick up from Bologna is charged extra.

Modena is only 20 minutes from Bologna and Modena produces Parmesan cheese and Balsamic vinegar, while Bologna does not producer any of these products, so staying in Modena makes sense.

What do I see on the 2 gourmet food tour and cookery class?

balsamic vinegar tastings in Modena

We will take the guests to a Parmigiano cheese dairy from Modena train station and provide transport for the whole day with an authorised English speaking guide. At the cheese dairy our guests can see the full production of the Parmesan. This visit lasts approximately 90 minutes. At the end of the tour you will be able to taste this incredible product.

After the cheese production the small group will be take to a Modena traditional balsamic vinegar producer, there the visit will last proximately one hour. Your guide will explain in detail how this famous PDO product is made. You will also able to taste several ageing of the product with further explanation how to match the vinegar with food.

Gourmet food crawl with Modenese style lunch.

After the parmesan and balsamic vinegar tour your guide will take you on a food crawl tour of Modena to taste some of the best flavours of Italy. We will walk through the cobbled and porticoed streets of Modena sampling ancient Italian flavours, such as gnocco fritto and tigelle. The tour will end with lunch in the main piazza in Modena. The lunch is based on a high quality buffet that includes all typical local dishes.

During the food crawl we might try gnocco fritto and tigelle.

gnocco fritto in Modena – food crawl

Tigelle in Modena – food crawl

The secret chef’s cookery classes – The art of pasta making

Imagine to tour these two gourmet classics and then go straight to the local kitchen and learn how to use them. Our cookery class has no rivals, we will take our best ingredients while exploring Modena and we will prepare together some of the traditional dishes such as Tagliatelle, or Tortelloni. The experience is a true hands on where you get to interact with the locals and learn how we cook our foods.


pasta making classes in italy

Learn how to make fresh pasta


How many people?

The minimum booking is for 2 people, however we offer open group policy on this tour so please enquire if you would like to add just one person.

From what time to what time?

The tour starts at 8 am and the brunch will end at 1 pm. If you take the pasta class option expect to finish at 3 pm.

What else can I see in Modena?

We recommend to explore the city center of Modena and visit the Romanesque cathedral and/or visit the Casa Museo Enzo Ferrari (new Enzo Ferrari Museum) from here you can also catch a shuttle bus to see the Ferrari Musuem in Maranello.

What is included?

We include transport and English speaking guide, all the tasting, and lunch.


We will take people on this tour only with advance reservation, places are limited so to avoid disappointment we suggest that interested parties book the tour in advance.


master class in fresh egg pasta

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