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Vineyards in Italy
Vineyards in  the prosecco area

Emilia Delizia organises food and wine tours around Prosecco and Trieste. Departing from the major destinations in the north east such as Venice, Udine, Verona, Vicenza and Padua, we would delighted to be your guided for a wine discovery day while you are traveling in Italy.

Reaching Prosecco & Places to Visit

As far as gettting to Prosecco from other main locations in Italy goes, it is quite reachable. Strangely enough Prosescco is the actual name of the town where is produced and it is in the province of Trieste. It is link by the Italian railway from Venice as well as the Autostrada. You can take also a chauffeur driven car from Venice and reach Italy in approximately 2 hours.

Wine Styles of the Prosecco Area in Italy

Prosecco lies in the hills located to the north of Treviso and Venice in Italy. Here you can get amazing and sparkling prosecco wines. The wine is dry and is made of Glera variety of grapes. Prosecco wines have got the DOC designation and are produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions. Prosecco can be taken as the main constituent of Bellini cocktail and is also treated as an alternative to champagne by many wine lovers.


If we go into the history, up till the 1960, Prosecco wines were supposed to be sweet in taste and tasted somewhat like Asti wine of Piedmont area. But since then, due to the development in production method you get to taste dry Prosecco wines with great quality these days. Not only in Italy but also outside, these wines have gained enough popularity and the sales have nearly doubled probably due to its economical price. It was in 2009, they were given DOCG designation.

Method of Production

The method of production of Prosecco wine is also unique as it is produced by Charmat method, where the process of second fermentation is done in tanks of steel rather than bottles. This makes the wine production cheaper.


As far as the climate of the area is concerned, the weather is cool with sunny days. The area has steep hills, plenty of rainfall and the winters are pretty cold. The climate here is controlled by the Piave River and the Adriatic sea. The soil in the area is good (mix of limestone, rough clay, marl and marine sandstone). The soil plays a major role in providing a peachy fragrance to the wine. Prosecco wines also sometimes exhibit notes of citrus fruits like apple, almonds etc.

Taste of Prosecco Wines

The wine tastes dry and pleasantly bitter and can be drunk with food like white meat dishes young cheeses, eggs pasta , bruschetta and even with chocolate puddings. It also goes best with seafood and smoked salmon. This wine can be best on its own and in Italy it is the wine for aperitivo par excellence. It goes extremely well with finger food at your dinner party.

Valdobbiadene drinking and dining tips.

Valdobiaddne is another stunning and picturesque wine growing area in Italy and it is the home of Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Some of the places to visit while on a trip to Prosecco are: Bar Alpino and Osteria Senz' Oste. Bar Alpino is situated in Valdobbiadene, the capital of Prosecco where you can taste around 80 different kind of Prosecco wine. The place is also famous for its delicious meatballs. Osteria Senz'Oste is also very famous and people here serve themselves as no one stands behind the bar and drop payment in a box.

Prosecco Wineries That You Can Visit From Venice

Italy has many marvels that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Amongst them is the unmissable jewel, Venice, from where you can visit the vineyards of Prosecco. The most interesting vineyard and winery tour and tastings you will ever experience is in this region. The region, just an hour's drive from Venice, is home to the world's most sparkling wines famous for their fruity aroma and charming unpretentiousness. Visit some of the top wine producers in this winegrowing region and learn traditional wine production methods as you enjoy a guided wine tasting. Some of the wineries that you have to visit during your trip to Venice are:

Tenuta Santome wine tours.

This traditional wine farmhouse has been reconstructed to include an elegant, modern wine cellar. Tenuta Santome extends over 65 hectares of vineyards fairly distributed in the areas of Biancade, Grave di Papadopoli and the sunny hill of Bosco Coste. The winery is easy to reach owing to its proximity to the artistic towns of Treviso and Venice allowing it to enjoy good transportation links.

Tenuta Santome opened a reception building which includes farm holiday B&B in the summer of 2007. The building features ten luxurious rooms, all equipped with the latest in modern conveniences. From satellite tv to high-speed internet connection, the rooms are designed to make your stay here memorable.

The adjacent Venetian countryside imparts a feeling of tranquility to this property. The winery has an exhibition area whose walls are decorated with a collection of ancient photographs portraying the winery life. They have also preserved a selection of old original tools and a video of the estate which is screened for visitors. Your unique experience at Tenuta Santome will be completed by a visit to their cellar where you will have a chance to sample their delightful wines, a tour of the new presser and conveyer belt system and a guided presentation of Santome wines.

Montelvini Wine Tasting and Cellar Tours.

Like in most Prosecco wineries, production of wine in Montelvini is an ancient tradition that has been improving over time thanks to the foundation of the school of Enology and Viticulture. Montelvini's success can be attributed to the surrounding territory which has intertwined with this company to birth a source of excellence. The vineyards of Montelvini extend to the rich lands of Asolo, Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Presa IX, Le Zuitere and Fontana Masorin. The lush vineyards extend between frames of cypress and olive trees decorating the area and making for a beautiful scenery.

Key points of excellence that contribute to the production of high-quality wine in Montelvini include the medium-textured clay, a peculiar gravel-based terrain, and a mild microclimate. The Montelvini company boasts the production of Montello Rosso and Asolo Superiore, two prestigious wines that have made a mark in the international wine scene. Montelvini collection is made up of Serenitatis, Master, Promosso and Plumage lines.

A visit to Montelvini winery will expose you to a fascinating wine culture and a unique new style of wine production. This has been made possible by the company's use of traditional wine production methods while keeping abreast with modern models of doing business.

Montelliana Winery Visits and Tasting.

Cantina Montelliana is a cooperative of growers who produce Prosecco DOC and DOCG as well as other high-quality Italian wines by combining tradition and innovation in all their processing steps. The company continuously adopts the latest technology in the wine industry to ensure they keep their commitment to producing classy wines. The Cantina is located between Montello and Asolo Hills, an evocative area known to be home to prestigious wines.

Montelliana wines are an ideal accompaniment to the genuine traditional Italian cuisines. The effervescence in their wines is useful in the matching of sweet foods like cereals. Their sparkling wines and white wines are also preferred all over the world to fight the warm during the summer season.

A visit to this Montelliana which embraces many traditions and a lot of history presents an opportunity to experience an incredible natural beauty and authentic architecture as you enjoy some of the best wines in the world.

Bele Casel Prosecco Winery Tour.

The story of Bele Casel is one of success achieved through hard work and determination. It started as a family business where they bottled numerous bottles and labeled them by hand. Today, it has undergone radical changes to become a large international company.

Bele Casel is a Prosecco grape grower and winemaker that have fully committed itself to the production of Asolo DOCG. Their determination has seen them win the Value wine prize five times putting them in a special category of winemakers. Visit Bele Casel to have a taste of various Asolo Prosecco including Prosecco dry, extra dry, extra brut and colfondo.

La Tordera Prosecco Winery.

Doors to La Tordera winery are open all year round for visitors to tour their cellar and vineyards, taste their world-class wine and taste some of the delicacies offered by the area. Since most people tour wineries to taste wines, La Tordera offers various tasting packages. The basic tasting package of La Tordera wines lasts for 30 minutes while a taste of the land is 90 minutes long and can carry up to a maximum of 12 people. Other privileges that come with the taste of the land package are a guided tour of the winery and a detailed description of how they make their wines.

Though La Tordera is open to the public, you have to reserve your tasting. Normally, they are open from Monday to Saturday but they can also open on Sundays with an advance notice. Tours are given in German, Italian, French and English and you will not have to worry about a language barrier making your visit to La Tordera less exciting. Since their packages entail that a group should have a maximum of 12 people, larger groups should contact their customer care before making a visit to avoid any inconveniences.

One thing is for sure, there is no wine region in the world that is as dramatic as the vineyards of Prosecco. It makes other wine areas look like a child's play. A scenic drive through the vineyards with numerous Venetian villas dotting the landscape, a cellar visit, wine tastings and lunch at a typical restaurant will have you planning more visits to Venice. It's an experience like no other!





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