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Emilia Delizia and wine tours around Asti, Alba and the Langhe region in Italy. We organise escorted or self drive holidays in Piedmont. We will be happy to organises tours and vacation for small groups to larger parties. Our activities include wineries visit, full accommodation packages and gourmet experiences.

Vigneti nelle Langhe
Treiso in the Langhe region. Photo source

 Wine Styles of Langhe Piedmont Area in Italy.

Langhe is a hilly region located around the Piedmont town in the north east of Italy easily reachable from Turin. Langhe region is also very famous for its unique viticulture and some of the best wines in Italy. The winemakers here are so innovative that the area became synonym of of superior quality. Some even match Tuscany’s ‘Super Tuscans’ wines. Some of them are: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Moscato d'Asti. The three most famous ones are: Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera. Barolo: It is considered to be one among the rarest and finest red wines in Langhe Piedmont area and is made up of Nebbiolo grape. This wine is a must have for all the wine lovers as it is one of the wines that was designated with DOCG status. The soil of the area is clayey in nature and the hills have perfect slope considered to be excellent for the production of outstanding wines. Barolo has the fragrance of rose and after aging it adopts a deep red tinge. In the past aging process used to take at least 10 years before it could be brought out for drinking but these days the makers have reduced the time to 3 years. This is the reason why the wine has acquired fruitier taste liked by wine lovers. Barolo is considered best when taken with preparation of beef stews, truffle dishes, roasted pheasant etc. Do not miss this wine when you are on a wine testing tour to Langhe Piedmont. Barbaresco: It is also made from Nebbiolo grapes and often stands as a comparison to Barolo wine. Originally these wines were quite similar but due to the modern method of productions have now different structures. Previously Barbaresco was not very popular because the market was in favour of sweeter and fruitier wines and already Barolo had gained considerable market. But later on Barbaresco was fermented in a way to make more structured and drier and then became more popular with a more educated audience. The soil of Barbaresco zone is calcareous. The color of Barbaresco wines are light and the aroma is outstanding. The major advantage with Barbaresco wines are that it softens quicker after fermentation and that is the reason it gets ready soon to drink. It goes best with food with strong flavour, generally meat dishes, pasta dishes with ragu sauces and local aged cheese. Barbaresco wine has to be tasted by every wine lover while visiting this region. Barbera: It is a wine that is very popular in the Langhe region and often drunk as a everyda, but you should not underestimate it. The wine it is famous for its dark color and high acidity with a medium to strong body, but it might vary considerably from producer to producer. When in the initial stage the wine might have blackberry hints and a fruity structure. Barbera region is rich in clay soil and the vines grow on the soft hills of the Langhe. The plant are well adapted to the well distinct 4 seasons. The climate of the region boosts the growth in production of this grape which an Italian native variety and one of the most planted. Barbera wines are best with roasted meat dishes, lasagne, tagliatelle and even pizza. Thus, Barbera automatically gets added in your itinerary once you visit Langhe Piedmont area for wine tasting.

How to get there.

As far as reaching Langhe in Piedmont from other main locations in Italy goes, it is easily accessible by train from Turin to Alba or Asti, and certainly well served by the autostrada. You can aslo take a chauffeur driven car and travel from Turin to reach Langhe in approximately 1 hour. Some of the places to visit while on a trip to Langhe Piedmont are: Alba, Bra, Asti Monferrato and Roero and one can also get a picturesque view of glacier laden mountains of Alps. Apart from amazing hotels and restaurants, the market of Alba, Asti and Cuneo are worth watching. White truffle is a delicacy you can’t afford to miss when you are in this region. What are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and make your journey to Langhe Piedmont a pleasurable experience.

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