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vin santo in Chianti
Vin santo grapes

Emilia Delizia organises wine tours departing from Florence and Siena. Our winery visits are guided by experts in the sector. Participants will learn how wine is made in Italy following our age old tradition. Each wine tasting will be accompanied with local gourmet food. Our company will be happy to organises tours for small groups with or without transport, we welcome tourists who are self driving. We can also equally accommodate larger parties or incentive travel. If you plan your holiday in Tuscany we can organise cookery lessons, cultural visits combined with wine, cheese and ham tours. Contact us to book now your culinary activity in Tuscany.

Wine tours and more from Florence.

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History of winemaking in the Chianti area.

Italian wines are considered to be the most sought after in the world. If we talk about Tuscan wines, it has the collection of some exquisite wines of Italy. The region of Chianti in Tuscany has abundance of grapes and that is the main reason this area is called the ‘land of wine’. If we go into the history, 18th century saw degradation in wine production in the area because of insect called Phylloxera which destroyed the vines. Gradually the loss was recovered and the vineyards were built again.

Eight Primary Wines Producing Areas in Chianti

The wine making in Italy has to pass certain criteria and requirements before it can be accredited with DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) designation. The eight primary regions of Chianti that produce wines are: Chianti Classico, Colli Fiorentini, Colli Pisane, Rufina, Colli Arentini, Colli Senesi, Montalbano and Montispertoli.

Famous Vineyards and Wines in Tuscany.

Chianti Classico is considered to be the most famous wine in the area because of its fine quality. This wine is made from the species of vine called Sangiovese and many varieties of this vine are grown in Italy only. These wines are aged in containers for around 3 years for it to acquire the taste that is sought after by the consumers. Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino are famous wines all made from Sangiovese grape and are red in colour  while the Vernaccia di San Gimignano which is white in colour is made from Vernaccia grape and was the first wine to receive the designation of DOC. Not to forget Vin Santo wine which is also considered to be best when taken with dessert is made from the combination of various grapes in the region.

Super Tuscans and Wines Aroma & Flavour

Brunello di Montalcino is tight in the beginning and hence requires at least 4 years ageing so that it softens and becomes light. The onset of 1970 saw with it an emergence of a new kind of wine variety called ‘Super Tuscans’. Though these wines didn't follow the DOC criteria, yet it was believed to be of fine quality and was sold on a considerably high price. These red wine varieties when aged for 2-3 years gets a darker colour  The flavours of these wines are refined and its smell attracts a lot of consumers. Mostly these wines are aged for 3 years, but if it has to fall under Riserva wines then it has to be aged for 4 years. As far as alcohol content is concerned, it remains 12% by volume. In the northern and eastern areas, wine ripens with a slow pace and is more aromatic and lighter, as compared to the southern and western regions where the wines are richer and thick.

Wine Tasting Tour from Florence.

If you are on a visit to this place and do not have much time to go and taste the wines, you can very well ask to arrange a wine tasting tour for yourself wherein you will be taken to the main wineries in Chianti. These areas of Chianti in Tuscany have been known to the world through its variety of wines. Some superb quality of wines created by following certain fixed criteria and regulations has made Chianti in Tuscany quite renowned on the world map. If you are hungry check here to see where to eat in Chianti. Also we have plenty of resources to plan your holidays with day tours ideas from Florence.

guided visit of a winery
A group visiting a chianti winery - getting ready for tasting


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 1 reviews
by Janice on Emilia Delizia

We had a wonderful tour, best part about visiting the Modena region!

by Bing Liem on Emilia Delizia
Emilia Delizia

The tour was perfect. I think Paolo would be a splendid ambassador for Italy in the EU. He knows how excellent Italian food and eating together can solve many major problems, and can stop aggressive behavior. Not the hunt for more money, but the well being of family and friends counts. Paolo shows us the products of ages of civilization and he did this like an artist. So after the tour we really love Italia more and we'll come back. We will call you Paolo, Thanks!

by Avihai on Emilia Delizia

Following two tours with your guides this week I would like to express my thanks for some wonderful experiences.
Monday we did the tour of cheese making, balsamic and Salami which was very good and the guide Paolo was very knowledgeable.
The truffle hunt tour today was absolutely amazing, the guide Stefano is pure gold and the tour was built with much thought. Our best experience so far, by far.

Looking forward to more tours and fun next time we are in Italy.

by Johnathan on Emilia Delizia
Super food and super cars

The group (and me) was VERY satisfied. We really enjoyed the Parmegiano Regiano which was interesting and we got to buy some delicate and cheap cheese, the same with the balsamico. The Ferrari driving was off course an experience for life. The Winery lunch felt very genuine and the people there was really welcoming and nice people. The genuine feeling there was however the big plus for us.
Paolo was excellent as our guide. He also felt very genuine. He did not talk just for the sake of talking, but when he had something to say he did it in a respectful and nice way. Everyone in the group really liked him.

Thank you!

by Susan on Emilia Delizia
Lovely food tour and cooking class

Hi Gabriele:

I wanted to let you know what a great day we had this past Friday on our tour with Jacamo. (Probably not spelling it right) He was very nice and explained everything to us. It sure gives you a new appreciation when you are slicing cheese. 🙂 Our tour ended with him taking us to the vineyard for a tour and lunch and there, Paolo, the owner could not have been more nicer. It was a perfect ending.

Please let Jacamo know what a great job he did and how much we really appreciated it and his knowledge

by Simone&Vasco on Emilia Delizia
Food tour in Modena

The website is well structured and we received a prompt answer to all questions. Gabriele supported us with all information we needed and the organization before the trip was excellent.
We had an air conditioned van, which was very relaxing through the whole tour. The first stop was the parmigiano production, which was very impressive and interesting. We could learn and especially see all the different steps and even taste the various aged parmigiano. The second step was the balsamic vinegar tasting. Finally the meat part was interesting in the museum but we hoped that we also could see more about the production and their work, but the tasting was delicious. In overall we had a very informative and well accommodated half day with our guide

by Kimie on Emilia Delizia
Fantastic Tour!!

It was great experience! We visited Parmesan cheese production, Balsamic vinegar farm, Ham museum and Farmer's lunch. Our guide gave us a detailed explanation, we were very satisfied. An excellent tour for a reasonable price, highly recommended.

by Shirley on Emilia Delizia
Gourmet tour

Nous sommes une famille de cinq et nous avons adoré notre expérience. Les trois endroits étaient choisis judicieusement. Notre guide était très généreuse et super gentille. Nous recommandons ce tour ( parmesan, vinaigre balsamique et jambon de parme).

by Jennifer S. on Emilia Delizia
Tour Extraordinaire!

My family felt our first trip to Italy must include a tour of a Parmesan Cheese Factory so when I stumbled on this website several months ago I had no idea what I treasure I found! From the moment I submitted a request for the tour, my experience with Emilia Delizia was first rate. Gabriele provided excellent customer service by patiently answering all my questions to guide me through the selection and reservation of our Foodie Delight Tour. Paolo, our driver, was prompt, cordial and knowledgeable about the processes we were observing and the area in general conveying loads of information with his well-developed English speaking skills. Our stop in Modena fell on a Saturday so we were quite fortunate to end up with a private tour which allowed us to have a nice, personal interaction with the people at each site. Everyone was friendly, generous with the tastings and we never felt rushed to move along to the next location. Now that we have returned to the states, my family agrees this tour was a highlight of our 10 day trip. I was really looking forward to this excursion and am glad to report it exceeded my expectations.

by Roy on Emilia Delizia
Ferrari test Drive

Unbelievable!!! Totally recommend the full hour to anyone and was more than I expected.
I also want to recognize Alex Pignone who accompanied me,He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable and made me feel like I have known Him forever and where two friends out for a cruise.
Thank You for allowing me to get one more item off my bucket list.

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