Ferrari Test Drives

In this page you can reserve your supercar test drives, these are held in Maranello just in front of the Ferrari museum. The test drives can last as little as 30 minutes to approx 2 hours. We also have Lamborghini test drives, and the possibility to drive the Ferrari F430 on the Modena track. Prices include a booking fee.

All driving is accompanied by an instructor co-pilot and it is on a public road, however, the track driving can be requested for certain cars.

EU Drivers.

Drivers from the EU will need to be at least 21 years of age, with a valid car driving licence, drivers must have had the driving licence for at least 3 years.

Non EU Drivers.

Additionally to the above requirements drives from outside the EU will need a international driving licence that can be obtained from their country driving licence agency.

Failure to present adequate documentation on the day of the test drive will lead to loss of payment

Track test drives:

The age requirement for track test drive is 18 years of age, additionally drivers will need to show a valid driving licence.

Track Test drives: Due to the high demand for test track driving, we kindly ask to be flexible when it comes to the timing of the experience. You will be allocated a slot either in the morning or afternoon. Bookings will be subject to this condition.

Passengers: Most of the cars on offer are 2 seaters, this means that only the driver and the instructor can sit in them. If you want to take a friend or family member with you you should choose the Ferrari California.

Please note that Terms and Conditions apply to the test drives including insurance waivers, these details will be highlited on the contract that you are required to sign on the day.



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These experiences are on public road. The longer experiences include scenery roads on the local mountains.

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How To prepare for your test drive in Italy?

Are you looking to test drive a supercar in Italy? Are you looking to take a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a swirl in Maranello? If yes, we can surely arrange it for you. We provide test drives to EU as well as US customers to try out the supercars not just on the roads of Maranello but also on race tracks in Italy as well. We would now share with you all the details and requirements of test driving a supercar below.

1. Test driving supercars for US customers:

If you are from the US, all you need is an international driving permit. The International driving permit allows you to drive in over 150 countries. You can easily apply for the International driving permit before heading over to Italy in order to test drive a supercar. The procedure for applying for the International driving permit is as below: • You have to download the application form from the official website and submit it to the nearest driving permet office. • You have to also submit 2 passport size photographs along with that. • You need to provide a photocopy of your US drivers license while submitting the application. • You have to thereafter pay the permit fee of $ 20. This would complete the entire procedure for getting the International driving permit. Once you get the International driving permit, we can easily arrange test drives of supercars for you in Italy.

2. Test driving supercars for EU customers:

If you’re from EU, all you need is a normal legal driving licence and you would be able to test drive cars quite easily. When you are having EU driving license, you are allowed to drive in all the countries in the European Union. The validity of such licences is usually between 10 years to 15 years. This ensures that you do not have to worry about getting it again and again. Thus, if you’re from the European Union you do not have to worry about producing any extra documents in order to test drive the supercars. We can easily arrange the best supercars either on race tracks or on normal city roads in Maranello as per your preference.

3. Minimum age to drive:

You just need to be above 18 years of age in order to drive supercars on the racetrack. If you want to drive them on the normal roads, the age requirement is 21. As long as, you’re above the legal age, we can arrange the test drive of your favourite supercar quite easily. Also, you need to have a license which has been in existence for at least 3 years in order to be eligible to drive.

4. Location of Test Drive:

All the test drives are conducted in and around Maranello in Italy. Maranello is a town in northern Italy. Maranello is famous for being the birthplace of Ferrari. It is also associated with the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team. Thus, it has a pretty old association with the automobile world. The Ferrari factory has been in Maranello for more than 70 years. Owing to the old association of the town with the automobile world, you would find that there are plenty of racetracks around as well as the normal road’s infrastructure is pretty good as well. Thus, the town is one of the perfect options for you for test driving supercars. Maranello also has a museum for car enthusiasts by the name of Museo Ferrari. Most of the Ferrari cars, as well as other racing cars and various trophies, are displayed in this museum. Thus, there is no other perfect town to try out your hand at driving a supercar than Maranello in Italy.

5. Modena Autodrome:

As we highlighted above, Maranello has a long association with the automobile industry as well as the racing industry. This is another specimen of that relationship. The Modena autodrome is also known as the Aereautodromo di Modena by the locals. It is a race track which originally was built way back in 1950 and then a new one has been built in the outskirt of the town more recently where the drving is taking place nowadays.
The total length of the race track is around 2.4 km. One of the main unique features of this racetrack is that it has a flying strip across the racetrack. This was used by the local flying club. The track was the venue for Modena Grand Prix for F1 as well as F2 racing cars. In all, it hosted 9 different editions of the Modena Grand Prix. The last Grand Prix was held in 1961. Since then, the track has also hosted some other events like: • Sports car racing • Grand touring • Formula Jr • Motorcycle racing Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, it was used by companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati as a test track. Their use of the track as a test track was just limited to morning or afternoon session on the weekdays. During the rest of the day, it was used by the inhabitants of the military camp nearby. It was even used for drivers training by the nearby military Institute. The airstrip across the venue was consistently used by the local flying club for flying aerobatics. However, the circuit or the track was later demolished and a public park has been created in its place in the honour of Enzo Ferrari.

A new  and modern Autodromo has been built in Marzaglia which is about 20 minutes from Modena by car, as the older track no longer exists. All our track test drives take place here at this address.
Aerautodromo Modena 
Strada Pomposiana n. 255/A
Loc. Marzaglia, 41123 MODENA

6. Safety rules and regulations to follow while driving supercars in Italy:

While test driving supercars in Italy, there are a few safety rules and regulations which you need to follow. We would highlight below some of these rules and regulations so that it becomes easier for you to have a safe and pleasant experience while test driving the supercars. • Using seat belts: It is mandatory in Italy for all passengers to use seat belts at all times. If you’re accompanied by children less than twelve years of age, it is important to have a proper restraint for the children.

Legal alcohol limit: The limit for the presence of alcohol content in blood is 50 mg 400 ML of lead in Italy. If you compare this limit with that of UK, you would realize that it is approximately half of UK. Thus, even if you have a single drink, you would not be legally permitted to drive in Italy. Therefore, if you plan on test driving your favourite supercar, it is a better idea to not have even a single drink. Please be aware that if you are under 21 the tolerance is now zero, so drinks at all if you are below that age.

Documents needed: The documents needed in order to drive in Italy are: – EU license – International driving permit if you’re not from EU – If you’re not from Italy, you need to have your passport to set up th the rental contracts.

Speed limit for driving in Italy:

The speed limit for driving in different areas of Italy is different. The speed limits are as follows: – On motorways: 130 km/h (there is no supercar drving on motoways organised by our company) – On normal roads: 90 km/h – In towns: 50 km/h In addition to that, you have to always remember that you have to drive on the right side of the road. Also, the emergency number is 112 in case you meet an accident and or if there is any other problem with your vehicle. •

These are some of the phrases which you have to keep in mind while driving in Italy. So, if you want to test drive your favourite supercar in Italy, you have to just follow some of the instructions which we have listed above and you can surely book a test drive of your favourite supercar today.


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