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  • Ferrari And Lamborghini Factory Tours 

    May 5, 2012, 12:33


    • Ferrari Test Drives 

      September 20, 2012, 16:44

      In this page you can reserve your super car test drives, these are held in Maranello just in front of the Ferrari museum. The test drives can last as little as…

  • Contact 

    September 21, 2014, 08:36

    Got Questions? We can answer your questions on the phone during our office opening time (GMT London) between 9 am and 6 pm.UK +44 20 8123 4301US +1 347 632…

  • Checkout 

    May 10, 2012, 20:43

     This website e-commerce is secured by Comodo positive SSL, all credit card details are encrypted and never stored on any computer.We are happy to take VISA…

  • Bologna/Parma Food Tour 

    May 5, 2012, 11:07

    Classic 3 Gourmet Food Tour with Gourmet Lunch.This tour has been replaced by locality based tours, please check here for prices from Parma. Or the foodie…

  • 2 Gourmet Food & Farmer's Lunch 

    December 8, 2012, 13:05

    Parmesan cheese and Balsamic vinegar tour with our delicious farmer's brunch at a organic Lambrusco producer.This is one of our most popular tours that enables…

    • Gourmet tour + pasta making class 

      July 7, 2012, 12:02

      Small group 2 gourmet food tour with pasta making class and gourmet lunch. The best of your culinary vacation in Italy. Parmesan tour in Modena learn how…

  • Cooking Lessons in Bologna 

    May 5, 2012, 13:36

    Cookery School in Italy - Fresh Pasta Making Classes in Bologna With Local Market Tour.If you decide to stay in Bologna for your holidays, it is a good idea to…

  • Truffle Hunts 

    March 12, 2013, 11:43

    truffle hunts in ItalyDo you love good food and the great outdoors? Emilia Delizia organises truffle hunts in Italy from the simple excursion to the fully…

  • Foodantastic Holidays. 

    May 5, 2012, 19:29

    Also available:Parma Food ToursFlorence Cooking Classes & Market ToursFlorence Fashion Outlet TourFlorence food lover's walking ToursVenice Rialto Market…

  • Wine Tours In Italy 

    May 5, 2012, 12:32

    Emilia Delizia Wine Tours from Bologna, Modena and Parma.Our company is not just about gourmet food, we will be very happy to take you to visit our local…

    • Chianti Wine Tours From Florence 

      March 7, 2013, 11:02

      A Tour From Florence Around the Wine Producing Area of Chianti inTuscany. Vin santo grapesEmilia Delizia organises wine tours departing from Florence and…

    • Langhe wine tours 

      March 12, 2013, 12:45

      Emilia Delizia and wine tours around Asti, Alba and the Langhe region in Italy. We organise escorted or self drive holidays in Piedmont. We will be happy to…

    • Prosecco wine tour 

      March 9, 2013, 10:27

      Emilia Delizia Wine tour in the Prosecco Area. Vineyards in  the prosecco area Emilia Delizia organises food and wine tours around Prosecco and Trieste.…

    • Lake Garda Wine Tours From Verona 

      September 23, 2012, 16:06

      Amarone, Valpolicella, Bardolino Wine Tours Around Lake Garda From Verona.Our wine and food tour around Lake Garda starts at 10 am in Verona to the town on the…

  • Gourmet B&B accommodation 

    May 5, 2012, 12:35

    2 nights Bologna, Parma or Modena with Parmesan production b&b stay with 3 gourmet food all in one day. PARMA FARM STAY - Emilia Delizia organises…

    • Venice Food Experience 

      October 19, 2013, 10:03

        Our food experience are packages that include everything from a top class apartment accommodation, a cooking class based on the local cuisine and…

    • Bologna Foodie's Trail 

      October 22, 2014, 13:32

      From the coming 2015 season Emilia Delizia is launching a new food food tour that it is all done within Bologna on foot without the need to use a car. After…

    • Parma Food Experience 

      October 14, 2013, 15:26

      What is Emilia Delizia Parma food experience? The Emilia Delizia food experience is a holiday package that includes  3 nights of apartment stay in Parma with…

    • XIII century tower b&b in Bologna 

      April 1, 2013, 13:38

      Do you want to live your very own  fairytale: Charming and Historical Stay in Bologna.Torre Prendiparte offers visitors a totally unique experience in the…

    • Modena accommodation 

      July 7, 2012, 12:40

      Modena b&b stay with parmesan, balsamic vinegar and Parma ham tour,  pasta making classes, very close to the Ferrari Museum.   making Parmesan…

    • Skiing gourmet holidays 

      July 11, 2012, 19:55

      Not just for Christmas Bologna and Modena gourmet holidays in  winter wonderland. by Gabriele Monti November 6th, 2012 Monte Cimone: A Place to Be…

  • Faqs 

    September 8, 2012, 19:56

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  • About Emilia Delizia 

    May 5, 2012, 10:59

    About Emilia Delizia food and wine tours in Italy Our company based in Emilia Romagna organises gourmet food tours in Italy. We only use licensed English…

  • Buy our tours & packages 

    May 10, 2012, 20:43

    Emilia Delizia Culinary experiences in Italy, hand picked by our experienced staff only for the discerning food traveller. Prices are only an indication…

    • Self Drive tour 

      March 24, 2014, 12:56

      These are the direction for the self drive tour with meeting in Parma. Please drive to Parma, from Modena/Bologna take the Motorway A1 direction Milan, then…

      • gourmet b&b info 

        March 24, 2014, 13:14

        Agriturismo accommodation directions and info Please note that this package is not escorted, customers are required to have their own car and a GPS system! …

    • Transaction Results 

      May 10, 2012, 20:43

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    • Your Account 

      May 10, 2012, 20:43

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    • Reserve Your Tours Here. 

      May 18, 2012, 21:14

      On this Page you can book and reserve your food tours with Emilia Delizia in Italy.  

    • T&C 

      May 22, 2012, 19:25

      Terms and conditions.Our services will be subject to the following conditions of this contract, by booking any of our services on this site you also accept…

  • Travel Tips 

    May 5, 2012, 19:31

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  • Site Map 

    May 21, 2012, 22:58

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