Bologna/Parma Food Tour

Classic 3 Gourmet Food Tour with Gourmet Lunch.


This tour has been replaced by locality based tours, please check here for prices from Parma. Or the foodie delight form Bologna/Modena. (Prices and inclusion might be different from the Original gourmet tour)

Emilia Delizia organises cheese, vinegar and ham tours in the provinces in Bologna, Parma and Modena. We are probably one of the few companies who will take you to see full cheese production in the world. So if you are after a culinary and educational experience in Italy we are the right people to contact. We organise foodie explorations with English speaking guides and if you do not have a vehicle we can also organise transport for you. We do private exclusive gourmet tours for small parties of 2 people or families travelling together but we can also organise incentive travel experiences for lager groups.

Our best selling tour: three gourmet foods in one day.

If you decide to stay in Emilia Romagna there is nothing better than spending a day with us touring a day with us the specialities of this incredible land: Parmesan cheese, Traditional balsamic vinegar, Parma ham and other local salamis.

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese tours.

This cheese otherwise known as Parmesan cheese around the world, is produced in Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia and in some areas around Bologna and Mantua. The cheese is a DOP product (designation of protected origin) and it is protected and controlled by the consortium. This mean that the cheese can only be made in this particular area using traditional method and no preservatives or other ingredients. The cheese is produced in the morning once a day 365 days a year. For more information and a detailed description of the tour please see this page.

Traditional Balsamic vinegar tour

Emilia delizia visits small producers who make the vinegar with this age old tradition of fractional ageing. The vinegar is also a DOP product and it is carefully controlled by the balsamic vinegar consortium which check that the standard are met. The black gold of Modena is aged for a minimum of 12 years up to 24 years for the extra old, in the province of Reggio Emilia we find the vinegar can be also aged 28 years and over to develop its intense and incredible aromas. As part of our tour we will be glad to organise a guided visit to one of these small producers.

Parma ham tour

Parma ham is only produced in a tiny area south of Parma in the town of Langhirano. Emilia delizia visits small producers and family run businesses. On our tour we will be able to see the facilities and understand how this ham it is cured and aged on this beautiful rolling hills. On our 3 gourmet food tours our day ends here with a generous tasting of the ham and other salami and our clients will have lunch with their English speaking guide.

The 3 gourmet food tour lunch – 3 courses lunch to die for!

The lunch includes a starter of  thinly sliced Parma ham straight from the producer  and other local cured meats including Salame di Felino, Coppa, Culatello and Fiocco as well as Parmesan cheese. The starter is the followed by the main course which is TORTELLI ALLA PARMIGIANA (ricotta and herbs stuffed fresh egg pasta topped with butter and parmesan cheese). The meal will continue with home made desserts, such as local jam tarts, coffee, home made digestive liquor (Barniolino). For those who do not eat meat we can arrange a vegetarian starter, as well a menu for those with food intolerances.

Our lunch in Pictures.


3 gourmet food tour and Lambrusco wine at an organic winery.

For a shorter tour from Modena and Bologna it is possible to combine 2 gourmet food such as Parmesan and balsamic vinegar plus a visit to an organic winery. In this area the king of wines is the Lambrusco a wine that it is discovering itself and it is popularity is going from strength to strength. In fact many producers received prizes for their quality Lambrusco wines. If you are in Italy this is a unique chance to discover this red, and frothy wine, probably unique in its kind.

Touring the 3 gourment foods from Bologna.
If your base in Bologna we will send you a chauffeur to pick you up from your location, normally we start earlier in Bologna and we leave at 7.15. In this case the tour is slightly longer due to the distance that we have to travel and we will return to Bologna between 4 and 5 pm. If you have your own car we can organise the tour as a self drive tour and provide your with a guide and book the visits. While staying in Bologna it is possible to visit the hill top church of San Luca, the longest porticoes in the world, the oldest university. Piazza Maggiore with its beautiful fountain, and last but not least the 2 towers representing the most powerful families of ancient Bologna. An example map of the itinerary.

The tour from Modena.
Modena is often overlooked by the gourmet visitor but it is actually better to stay here the night before as you will need to leave later and have more sleep. In fact we leave to tour the Parmesan production at 8 or 8.15. Modena is smaller than Bologna and it is quieter with less traffic but with a large number of great restaurant including the world wide famous OSTERIA FRANCESCANA of Massimo Bottura. Modena is home of some of the most famous super car maques such as Ferrari and Maserari. The new museum CASA NATALE ENZO FERRARI is bonus for the visitor who want to see the history of these cars in this new and stylish exposition. Not to forget the DUOMO OF MODENA which is part of the world heritage due to its unique ROMANESQUE architecture.

The tour from Parma.
Parma is surely becoming a world wide recognised destination for its great cuisine and its incredible food heritage. With Emilila Delizia it is possible to visit Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vienagar and Parma ham all in one day. The departure from Parma is at around 8.15/ 8.30 am and the tour ends at about 4 pm. If you stay in Bologna we recommend also to see the Duomo with its incredible Romanesque architecture and its frescoes. Parma also produces a large variety of cold cuts, apart from the notorious prosciutto di Parma we can find the incredible tastes of Culatello only produced in small batches in ancient brick cellars, we also find many kind of salamis between others there is the Salame di Felino.

The tour from Reggio Emilia.
This town often totally ignored by the tourists, offers great food and very high standard accommodation right in the centre, from here you can easily tour the Parmesan production as Reggio Emilia it is right in the cradle of the production of this cheese. Also in this province traditional balsamic vinegar is also produced, maybe less knows of the its Modena counterpart however still produced in small batches under the loft. From here it is also possible to visit the Parma ham producers as it will not be too far or it is possible to visit some producer of Culatello di montagna, a kind of ham cured without the bone.


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