Predappio: a Small Village that Changed Italy Forever.

Predappio is an Italian village in the province of Forlì-Cesena, built up on the hills of the Apennines of Forlì all around a medieval castle and overlooking some smalls residential areas, such as for example, Dovia, where was born in 1883.
Predappio is, as a consequence, very well-known because the fascist dictator transformed and improved the village and today his tomb, which is exactly in the cemetery of San Cassiano, is a real touristic destination.
In parallel, Predappio recalls even the name of Adone Zoli, a very influent catholic anti-fascist, buried in San Cassiano as well, not so far from Mussolini.

In addition to Predappio and Dovia, we know Predappio Nuova and Predappio Alta.
When we talk about Predappio Nuova (New Predappio) we turn back to the 20s, period in which the Duce took the lead on his village and decided for the construction of a new residential area that in practice absorbed his native village, Dovia.
On the contrary, with Predappio Alta (High Predappio) we refer to the medieval hill town that in the meanwhile grew up in population.
It’s 2 kilometers above Predappio and its peculiarities are the fortified castle and the central square. Here you find even the wine museum, where of course you can find the local red wine, San Giovese.

Benito Mussolini’s birthplace in Emilia Romagna.


San Cassiano cemetery – Mussolini Tomb – source.


Needless to say that the historical heritage as well as the main centers of interest of Predappio revolves around the imposing figure of Benito Mussolini: as already said, his tomb is usually the first step when we decide to visit the town. In any case, don’t forget to stop even at the Romanic Church of San Cassiano, that is beside the cemetery and shouldn’t be missed. It’s exactly here that Mussolini has been christened. 

Beautiful as well is Piazza Garibaldi, a semi-circular amphitheatre that can be considered the centre of Predappio. Is above the square that you will find the birthplace and the home where Mussolini spent his childhood.
There you will see a very nice and gorgeous green area where you can stop for a lunch break, a picnic or just a fast nap, that leads to the house, which has been turned into a Documentary Centre.

From Piazza Garibaldi you can find the main streets of the town where you’ll see many buildings such as Palazzo Caproni, Palazzo delle Assicurazioni, the Scuola Elementare and many others that shows you the features of the architecture of well-known architects and townplanners of the time: Di Fausto, Bazzani, Giovannoni, etc…
Furthermore, Piazza Sant’Antonio, still in the centre of Predappio and Scalea Esperanto give you a clear idea of what was the fascist architecture.

It is probably the most majestic and solid building of the village, the renown Casa del Fascio e dell’ospitalità, which represents the political centre as well as the importance that Mussolini reached in the Italian political life: many pilgrims used to visit his birthplace as well as the tomb of his family, so he gave birth to this building to host the wanderers and of course, to represent the nascent fascist regime.
Together with Casa del Fascio, don’t miss the chance to visit Casa dei Sanitari, the Caserma dei Carabinieri and the Basilica of Sant’Antonio.

Connected as well to the life of Mussolini is Rocca delle Camminate, one of the most famous fortresses of Romagna. It rises above Predappio and overlooks the Forlì plain: you can see the tower of the castle from all over the village. Today it’s a property of Forlì-Cesena and we can say that the castle is in state of neglect because of the imminent possibility of collapse, but the park of the fortress is open to public and is not to be missed.
Of course it’s well-know because in 1927 it has been renovated and used as Mussolini summer residence.

Well it is Emilia Romagna, let’s eat!

Last but not least, don’t forget to consecrate some time to your pleasure and entertainment. For what concern the cookery, Predappio is a typical town of Romagna, so you can’t miss the chance to taste a Piadina! It’s some kind of unleavened bread usually filled with Parma ham and mozzarella, but you can put in whatever you like! The same is for the Crescione, similar to Piadina but heavier, full of tomato, mozzarella and potatoes!
You must taste even the typical filled pasta called Cappelletti or Tortelli, as well as the home made Tagliatelle and Strozzapreti with porcini mushrooms or truffle. What’s important is not to forget a glass of SanGiovese!

If you want to know the products and the artistic and natural peculiarities of this beautiful town, you should experience the so called “Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori”, that is to say the itinerary of wines and flavors.

What’s more, if you organize your trip during the summer, and you have the time to go some kilometers far from the centre of the village, in the direction of Premilcuore, you can enjoy the Tontola Beach Centre, with many swimming pools and beaches with parasols and chairs, little tennis fields, beach volley, bar and restaurants.

Como, What to do in a Weekend (According to the Locals)

Been to Lake Garda? Now try Lake Como (Lago di Como in Italian), one of the deepest lakes in Europe, is well-know all over the world, but not only because George Clooney has chosen to live there; on the contrary it’s a gorgeous destination where you can spend a couple of days, but even more that a simple weekend because it offers many things to do and places to visit.


Of course, a visit of Como can’t be missed. First of all you must go to the Duomo bianco; then you can have a walk in the city centre or even along the lake. The Tempio Voltiano is also very nice to see and, cherry on top, have an ice cream in the nice little square over the lake.
Furthermore, why don’t you do a tour in the funicular railway? It will be very exciting to overlook the lake!
Of course, you must think about where to lodge, and you can choose between a nice B&B along the lake, or a hotel in the city centre. The second one can be the better choice, because you can enjoy the city of Como and at the same time, with a ferry, you can visit the near destinations.



Visit Bellagio on lake Como – source

Bellagio is a small village in the province of Como. This is one of the destinations that you can reach by ferry from Como, and you won’t have to stress finding a parking for your car!
Bellagio is a very romantic village, where the main characteristic are the stairs made of rocks, the narrow roads and the bars along the lake.
During summer you can visit Villa Serbelloni with its wonderful gardens, but always be careful to check the timetables of the visits as well as the ones of the ferries: a good idea can be to leave Como in the afternoon, and to come back at night, after a nice dinner in Bellagio.
You absolutely must spend a day there or at least a romantic walk!


Not very well-known, but beautiful and romantic as well as Como and Bellagio, is the village of Varenna, situated on the other branch of Lake Como.
You can reach Varenna by boat, even if it takes more than two hours to arrive, or by car, in an hour. In this case you can visit the near city of Lecco.
In any case, if you decide to spend a day in Varenna, Villa Monastero is not to be missed. It’s an old monastery with beautiful inners and stunning gardens where you’ll experience a two-hour-walk!
You should visit even the Castello di Vezio, a castle that you can reach walking for 40 minutes, but if you’re a bit lazy, you can go even by car and enjoy an amazing show of birds of prey.

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful locations in Italy, visited by a lot of tourists all over the year, in summer as well as in winter. If you have in hand more than just a weekend, don’t miss the chance to visit all the destinations all around the lake!

How to Eat Like a Local in Venice try Al Bacareto and Al Prosecco

Venice is a unique and picturesque city, with many things to see and experience. If you’re going to visit Venice, you might have looked around online for suggestions on how to truly live the city, and what better way to do as much if not by eating like a local? In Italy, food plays a relevant part in everybody’s everyday life, and this is true for Venice as well. In this article, we’re going to talk about a little something that is typical of Venice, and one of the best ways to experience food and drinks like a local: the bacaro.
The bacaro is a typical venetian pub, which offers aperitifs, drinks, snacks and wines for a very reasonable price. They’re scattered all around Venice and both locals and tourists hang out in the multitude of bacari that dot the city. The term “bacaro” comes from the Latin name of “Bacchus”, the god of wine and harvest. Originally little warehouses the wine makers used to store the barrels of wine, now the bacari are establishments halfway between a tavern and a pub, perfect for a break between sightseeing and to enjoy a quick lunch, snack or evening cocktail.
But the choice when it comes to bacaro is wide, and while you can go wherever you prefer, literally entering the first one you come across, here is a list of the best known ones.


Eat like a local in venice

Where to eat in Venice like a Local – source


Al Bacareto

An historical place, located between Campo Santo Stefano and Palazzo Grassi. Here you can also enjoy first courses typical of Venetian cuisine (for a slightly higher price than normal bacaro snacks and drinks), or you can simply drink a ombra (literally “shadow” – white wine on tap) along with some cicchetti. The cicchetti are a tradition in Venice and the term refers to the quick snacks and dishes that can be eaten along with alcoholic drinks. Cicchetti include bruschetta or crouton with toppings but also meatballs, fried fish and more.

Al Prosecco Bacaro

Located in Campo San Giacomo dall’Orio, which is not your typical tourist destination inside the city, this bacaro managed to maintain a local atmosphere, perfect if you want to know what a bacaro frequented by locals feels like. With a wide selection of wines, tasty cicchetti and cheeses, the Bacaro Al Prosecco offers a great experience for anyone. If you’re around on Saturdays, oysters and fresh, raw fish is available as well.

Bacaro ‘do Mori’

Ever since the 1462, this bacaro has become a legend in Venice, counting Casanova among its clients through the years. Perfect to experience a light lunch surrounded by its historical atmosphere.

The bacari you can visit are many more than just these three, and each one is unique in its own way. Experiment different snacks and wines and live and eat your way into the city’s earth like a local. We offer a food tour in Venice where you can try all these specialites and cookery lessons to learn how to make them.

Truffle Hunts around Florence and Siena

Cristiano Savini will be the guide of this special report. 

Truffle hunter and his dog

Truffle hunts in Tuscany

Today’s mission is the research of truffles in Tuscany. To be more precise, we are in the province of Pisa, in a green area that stretches from the inland of Tuscany to the hills of Chianti. It’s called Boscone di Forcoli, it’s an enchanting and silent wood where you won’t find many tourists.
Get on your boots and a pair of comfortable trousers, and you will be ready to enter this magic place with Cristiano, Luca, an expert truffle seller and Giotto, the uncontested four-legged star of the company.

The Job of the Truffle Hunter.

To better know Cristiano Savini and his job, first of all he tells us that he knows this wood by heart, and that in 2007 he found exactly here, a white truffle that incredibly weighted 1.450 Kg.
When he doesn’t travel by reason of work, he wakes up at 3 at night, as well as the 650 truffle sellers who have joined his family-run business, well known all over the world.

He goes on saying that the first one who understood the value of this special but underestimated tuber was his grandfather Zelindo, in the 60s. He used to wander on a Vespa, which their grandchildren still treasure, looking for the truffles-diggers of his town but soon he started to travel in the direction of Milan and the Piemonte region with his beloved tubers and the commerce of truffles finally becomes his own job.
Savini tells us that the White truffle, Bianco is typical of winter; then in March we find the so called Bianchetto (or marzuolo) and finally we have the Black one, called Nero Liscio and the Scorzone. It clearly means that we can find fresh truffles all the year and that, by reservation, we can try an amazing truffle experience like this one.
In fact, while we move forward, many treasures of the wood, if we can call the truffles like that, comes out with their inebriating fragrances that changes according to the type of ground where they’re hidden.
The fragrances are very strong and intense and they have the power of transporting you through space and time.

As we said before, Giotto is the protagonist of this research of truffles and it’s a crossbred, but Cristiano explains us that the perfect breed for this job is the Lagotto Romagnolo. However, what’s really important is to personally train and educate the dog, so every dog with short paws, great musculature and a pronounced nose will be perfect.
Furthermore, it’s essential to remember that for them it’s not a job but just a game!

Once we’re back we discover that seven companies are there to spend a day of sharing; and they’re not there by chance; they are seven producers, precisely Forcoli, Ursini, Biscottificio MatteiDeseo, Pasta Mancini, Il Borgo del Balsamico, La Via del Tè, La Nicchia di Pantelleria who, together with Salvini Tartufi, have created a group of Unique friends producers who have two main targets in common: the high quality of the products and the novelty of the image.

Truffle hunting Experiences in Italy For you too.

Experiences like this makes you understand that we’re blessed to be in Italy. If you are looking for a truffle hunting experience in Italy you can also have a look at this page. Contact us if you would like to arrange a truffle hunting experience during your stay in Florence or Sienna.

2 Parmesan Producers in Italy Go Kosher

Parmesan cheese is one of many signature foods Italy has to offer. Whether sprinkled over pizza or eaten as a snack, this popular cheese continues to soar in global popularity. Sadly, many within the Jewish faith are not allowed to consume this cheese due to religious and dietary restrictions. This is especially true for the Jewish community in Italy, which consists of several food connoisseurs and aficionados. While kosher parmesan cheese is available, most are simply processed and not authentic across the board. While parmesan usually refers to generic grated cheese in the West, the real cheese is produced in Northern Italy and dates back centuries. As a result, there really is no kosher Parmigiano-Reggiano available for those of the Jewish faith. This, however, is changing very soon.

fire stamp on cheese

Cheese ageing since 2006

Authentic Kosher Parmesan Parmigiano Reggiano.

For the first time ever, two local producers in Emilia Romagna have launched authentic kosher parmesan lines. This includes the famous Bertinelli cheese factory, which recently announced its plans for kosher Parmigiano-Reggiano by the end of 2015. Caseificio Colla will also have its official kosher line launch this October. The news has dazzled the culinary community, and especially Jewish food enthusiasts that have been waiting for products like these for years. Due to the small Jewish population in Italy, however, the producers will mainly be targeting Israeli and American markets. Still, the ability to have real kosher parmesan cheese has put smiles on many faces across Italy.

Kosher Parmigiano-Reggiano

In order for parmesan cheese to be deemed kosher, it must pass a number of strict protocols. This includes its milk, which must emanate from cows consuming grass or hay. Secondly the cheese must be aged for at least a year, and restricted to certain factories and provinces. This includes Modena, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, and of course, Parma. While the Azienda Agricola Fantacini firm used to produce kosher parmesan cheese, this ceased in 2010. The result was a void felt by many observant Jews that relied on kosher products for dietary reasons. With the launch of 2 new kosher lines, however, Jews within Italy can enjoy mouthwatering parmesan again without the worry of breaking religious traditions.

The Producers

The Bertinelli cheese factory dates back to the mid-1800s. As a family owned entity, they specialize in a myriad of cheeses and delicacies. Nicola Bertinelli, Owner, stated that the new kosher line is a big step for the company. The factory will ensure their kosher line meets strict guidelines, and the process of turning milk into hard cheese utilizes the right rennet. This is the main substance used for hardening, which must come from slaughtered animals based on Jewish law.

Bologna Foodie’s Vacation With Accommodation, Tour and Cooking Classes

Are you an Italian food connoisseur? Do you love parmesan cheese specialties and mouth watering ham? If you do then Bologna is simply the perfect place for you. Known for its scrumptious entrees and tantalizing dishes, Bologna promises a culinary experience of a lifetime. If you consider yourself a foodie, this unique tour features a self catering apartment stay in the central part of town. As part of your package, you will receive 1 pasta cookery lesson and an elegant 3 food gourmet tour. The lavish apartment has spacious rooms, and is perfect for those interested in expanding their culinary horizons and delights. There are also concierge services and convenient airport pick-up and drop off.

bologna food tour

Bologna food experiences – source

The Bologna Holiday Food Package.

The tour features a modern and contemporary apartment surrounded by a myriad of amenities. Explore the wonders of Bologna by visiting local eateries, restaurants, and cafes. Bologna is synonymous with world class cuisine, including mortadella, tagliatelle, fresh pastas, and delicious ham and salami platters. There are several delicatessens adjacent to your luxurious apartment as well. The second day of the food tour takes you on a trip to the local culinary arts school. You will have a chance to meet our professional chef who continues to receive stellar reviews from customers and critics alike. The chef will accompany you to the local markets to purchase fresh ingredients and everything you need for the cooking lessons.

The Cooking Class plus the Market  Tour

Once all the particulars are taken care of, you will head to the chef’s kitchen for the lesson and meal preparation. This includes traditional Bolognese classics, such as fresh egg pastas and tantalizing sauces. The third day of tour includes the famous gourmet tour, which includes the local parmesan far and cheese production venue. You will love sampling local favorites, including Parma ham and Balsamic vinegar. The guided tour features an English speaker for your convenience. The 3 night tour and stay costs is indicated below and it is per person. This is inclusive of guide services, transportation, and cookery lessons. If you love Italian cuisine, the Bolognese tour will truly achieve your desired results. Since these tours are based on availability, it is advised to book your reservations now.


A home away from home in Bologna.

Forget the hotels and discover a new way to travel with our apartment stay in Bologna, we offer a 3 night stay in this comfortable apartment in Bologna. The stay includes, pick up from the airport, super comfort self catering accommodation, one cooking lessons with market visit and finally our 3 gourmet food tour.

Price €550 per person. All inclusive of guides, transport, pick up, cookery lessons and tour.



Price: €550.00

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Foodies’ Stay in Parma at Cheese Producing Farm

Cheese is certainly an acquired taste. If you, however, love cheese and especially parmesan, there’s nothing like a visit to Parma’s regionally renowned cheese producing farm. This popular venue is a haven for cheese lovers and enthusiasts alike. Whether for family vacations or foodies’ gatherings, this fully functional farm in Parma is simply unique at every turn. With lavish and elegant B&B accommodations to a fully course breakfast, the agriturismo truly captures the allure and essence of agrarian Italy. As part of your package, you and your loved ones will see the magic behind Parmesan production. There is also a Balsamic vinegar tasting tour, along with a gourmet lunch and cured meat tasting courtesy of Parma’s top ham producer.

One of our most popular b&b stay in Parma.

Price is intended for 2 nights of farm accommodation, and it is per person in a double sharing. It includes a generous farmer style breakfast + Full guided tour of the parmesan production at the dairy, traditional balsamic vinegar producer visit and tasting, plus final visit with 3 courses gourmet lunch at the Parma ham producer.

 Price does not include transport.

Price: €210.00

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Parmesan tasting In Italy

Parmesan tour


The Tour

With the help of the owner who will do a  guided tour, foodies will simply love visiting the local dairy and cheese producing farm. Upon arrival, guests will meet the farm producer for itinerary and map details. As a fully operational farm, the location in Parma continues to soar in regional popularity. In fact, the farms are a great alternative to pricey and over priced hotels. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, your 2 night tour is guaranteed to be entertaining and educational. From tantalizing tasting tours to mouth watering farmer style breakfasts, what better way to enjoy Mother Nature than at Parma’s top dairy farm? If you love cheese and parmesan, this trip will truly meet your needs within time and budget.

The Parma Farm

The Parma Farm stays and visits are organised by Emiliza Delizia.  As one of the most visited countries in the world, Italy has so many foodie’s things to see, do and eat. Whether you love fine wines, or culture and history, Parma simply has it all. With simplicity at its finest, now is the perfect time to visit this great venue and spend countless hours of fun. You can also contact the farm for any questions or inquiries in regards to tasting tours and accomodations.

Cooking classes in Parma.

For those interested in learn how to cook dishes from the parma cuisine it is also possible to organise cookery classes in the region.

bnb in Parma

Parmesan producing farm with accommodation

where to stay in Parma

Farm Stay in Parma


Robert De Niro to Play Enzo Ferrari.

According to the Il Messaggero, an Italian Newspaper, Robert De Niro, 71, will play Enzo Ferrari in a biographical movie of the famous sports car impresario’s life.



Robert de Niro – source


Ferrari died in 1988 aged 90 and is the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari team and Ferrari (an Italian luxury sports car manufacturing company). De Niro told the newspaper that it was a great honor to tell the life of an astonishing man who revolutionized the motor sport industry and that the film will be produced soon—most likely in Italy. He added that the biopic is one of his most important projects that he would prioritize it over all his other projects.

The biopic will be conjointly produced by TriBeCa Film (De Niro’s Production Company) and Triworld’s Gianni Bozzacchi, and is expected to cover Ferrari’s life from 1945 to the 1980s. The script will be written by Nixon’s genius screenwriters, Christopher Wilkinson and Rivele J Stephen. One of the good directors who have shown interest in directing the biopic is Clint Eastwood. Clint is reported to have agreed to direct the movie if he likes the Nixon’s script.

Bozzacchi stated that the “epic” film’s title will simply be “Ferrari” and would have a considerably big budget. This is not the first time that De Niro will be featuring in Ferrari story film: he is reported to have been attached to play the marquee founder in a 1990s Michael Mann’s production (the original version of the Ferrari story) that unfortunately never made it to the cinemas.

The language that the biopic will be shot in is, however, still not clear as the involved stakeholders have not stated whether the film will be based on Ferrari’s native language (Italian), in English, or a mixture of both. Nonetheless, De Niro seems to be comfortable with both languages. He is reported to have spent around four months mastering the Sicilian dialect for the Godfather: Part II and fluently spoke Italian in the 2011 romantic comedy film, The Ages of Love.

Travelling to Le Marche: Caves of Frasassi and Verdicchio Wine.

Let’s visit Frasassi Caves and admire the vineyards and the medieval villages. 

Let’s go among the legends, the magic, the flavors and the natural wonders of the typical Le Marche landscape, and look at the gentle hills and to the sea sloping.

After crossing the border of Emilia Romagna, we continue the trip along the Adriatic coast and go southward following Ancona. In our journey we’ll be with a travel&tourism website where you can discover unusual and different itineraries in Italy.

The Grotte di Frasassi, in Le Marche region.

We begin our journey in Le Marche starting from Frasassi, one of the most famous villages of the region, located in the province of Ancona. Here since the 70’s, after a laborious and delicate work of digging, visitors could access to these spectacular caves.

The visit of the famous Frasassi Caves can be an experience full of surprises: the caves stretch for thirty kilometers and they are located on eight different levels, with millenary concentrations of limestone that formed stalactites and stalagmites of spectacular proportions that make up an incredible and unique natural sight.
A walk of about 1 hour and 15 minutes is accessible to everybody at a temperature of 14 degrees that is constant all the year round. That’s why they recommend to use comfortable shoes and a sweatshirt even during the summer months.

The “Abyss Ancona” is the first part of the cave and the researchers gave it the name of their city. It is a big cave, perhaps one of the deepest caves in Europe and in the world: 180 m. long, 120 m. large and 200 m. high. At the end of the “Abyss” it is possible to see a caotic hoard of blocks, results of movements and fallings down from time immemorial that gave origin to the abyss.

Enjoy Le Marche Wines.

After visiting the caves, it is also worth to make a stop at one of the many wine cellars that in this area produce a typical Le Marche white wine: the verdicchio wine. The best way to learn everything about any aspect of this wine is to understand the secrets of the traditional production: in order to learn more and more you might stop at the Cantina Colonnara, in Cupramontana: here the wines are obtained thanks to a perfect combination of different elements, such as the earth, the microclimate, the human labor.
The Colonnara wine farm consists of 100+ members and 100+ hectares of vineyards. You will appreciate a modern method of wine production and also the production of sparkling wines first with the Martinotti method (fermentation in barrel) in the 70s, then with the Classic Method Brut (bottle fermentation) since 1980.

 Source of the Image of Frasassi caves

Where to Eat in Venice: Alle Testiere, Quadri, Alla Palanca

Venice is the epicenter for Italian culture, arts, history, and entertainment. Known as “The City of Romance”, Venice features a myriad of historic monuments and ancient art museums. The city is also blanketed by a number of 5-star restaurants, eateries, and outdoor cafes. From mouth watering appetizers and entrees to fine wines, the area is home to some of the finest dining establishments in the country. Whether you love authentic Italian cuisine or local samples, your taste buds are guaranteed to sizzle courtesy of world-renowned chefs that have received stellar reviews from critics and tourists alike.


Eat like a Local in Venice – source


Alle Testiere

When visiting Venice, Alle Testiere is simply a must. This lavish and elegant ristorante truly captures the allure and essence of fine dining. They feature exquisite and exotic seafood that is perfect for family and corporate luncheons. Located near Santa Maria Formosa, the restaurant also has a full bar and wine menu, along with comfortable seating for 22 patrons in a lovely dining room. Led by Chef Bruno, you are guaranteed the freshest catches of the day and a world class culinary experience. With bountiful flavors that accentuate all dishes, the John Dory fillet is a signature item featuring aromatic herbs and citrus sauces. Prices are around €50 per head.


Quadri is another enchanted venue that features true opulence and elegance at every turn. Led by the Alakmo brothers, this dazzling eatery features stunning views of the piazza. Whether for romantic candlelight dinners or brunches, Chef Massimiliano (Max) will truly take you on a culinary journey of a lifetime. From his signature “Uovo Sospeso” dessert to classic Italian and continental dishes, your taste buds are sure to be in for a treat. Enjoy mouthwatering pastas, fish entrees, and succulent beef and chicken dishes set to elegant décor and picturesque surroundings. There is also a great menu for wine lovers, enthusiasts, and aficionados.

Alla Palanca

Next on the menu is the regionally renowned Alla Palanca restaurant. Located in Giudecca, this impressive bar-trattoria features the best bacari and seafood in Venice. The venue is perfect for lavish and elegant dinners, and features an extensive wine and dessert bar. The area is blanketed by contemporary architecture that captures the essence of exquisite dining at its finest. Their signature cuttlefish risotto is a local favorite, and part of a dazzling menu that features grilled tuna specialties and tantalizing appetizers. Whether you are in the mood for classic Italian salads, buffalo mozzarella or grilled aubergines, this unique and classy venue will truly achieve your desired results.

We offer food walking tours in Venice and cookery classes with Rialto Market visits.