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Where to Buy Balsamic Vinegar in Modena.

Emilia Romagna are most famous for its food and with a particular attention to balsamic vinegar. if you want to buy genuine and high-quality balsamic vinegar, these regions of Italy are famous for it. You can easily buy balsamic vinegar in Modena, Bologna, and Reggio. Today specifically, we will share with you 5 different stores where you can buy balsamic vinegar in Modena. The stores which we have highlighted are all within walking distance of the city center enabling you to buy balsamic quite easily.

1)Enoteca Ducale:


Address: Enoteca Ducale, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 41121 Modena MO, Italy

Enoteca Ducale is located on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. It is within 250 meters of the city center. As a result, it is easily reachable on foot. It sells the balsamic vinegar from the brand Acetaia Leonardi. If you’re looking for authentic balsamic, this is the store which you should visit. They offer tasting options which help you in choosing the right balsamic. In addition to that, the owner is hands on. The owner likes to interact with the customers and is happy to answer all the questions. As a result, if you know very little about balsamic but will like to explore more; this is the perfect place to visit. They have also balsamics in all variants ranging from the fancy ones all the way up to 100 years old. Thus, you will be able to choose from the entire range as per your requirement. Enoteca Ducale is famous for its amaretti and Lambursco, so don’t forget to try it out. The happy to assist owner makes this balsamic tasting bar a much better option as compared to others.

• What to buy: Amaretti, Lambruco, balsamic vingar, upscale wines from Italy and champagne.

• Working Hours: 9 AM – 7 PM (Monday Closed)

2)Mercato Albinelli:


Address: Via Luigi Albinelli, 41100 Modena MO

Mercato Albinelli is the perfect place to buy not just balsamic but also other local produce. The market is full of vendors selling fresh local produce. Also, there are quite a few vendors selling balsamic as well as Italian wine. It is located right in the city center and therefore is hard to miss. Most of the vendors selling balsamic vinegar will offer free tasting sessions. You can easily try out the different balsamics before finally picking one. Also, you can buy each and every type of balsamic vinegar from the latest ones up to 50-year-old as well. You can also buy certified DOP Traditional balsamic vinegar. We can’t recommend a single vendor here, but many stalls have balsamic vinegar on stock here, so it is worth to ask around and taste it. The best thing about buying balsamic from this place is that you can taste the balsamic variants from different vendors before finally choosing the one which you like.

• What to buy: Certified DOP Traditional balsamic, 12 and 24 years old.

• Weekday Working Hours (Monday to Thursday): 6:30 AM – 2:30 PM

• Weekend Working Hours (Friday & Saturday): 6:30 AM – 2:30 PM, 6 PM – 12 AM (Sunday Closed)

3) Acetaia di Giorgio:

tasting of balsamic vinegar
trying the balsamic vinegar

Address: Via Sandro Cabassi, 41100 Modena MO, Italy

At Acetaia di Giorgio you will not just buy vinegar but head on to a culinary journey. It is a family operated business for decades. If you like traditional balsamic vinegar, this is the place to go, in fact they are producers of certified traditional and you can buy directly at their villa. Right from the time when you enter the gates to the time you head out, it will be a personalized tour which will not just offer you insights into the balsamics which they have on offer but also educate you regarding balsamics in general. The gracious personal tour will leave you wanting for more. The aged balsamics are well worth the price. The family has been in the business for more than 150 years which ensures that you are able to get some of the finest aged balsamic vinegar in Modena. You should definitely try out the 24 year old Ciliegio and the Giorgio Primo, and Carlotta during your tasting session. Moreover, it is just located at a distance of 900 m from the city center which makes it easier to reach. Thus, if you’re looking for traditional balsamic vinegar with rich authenticity, this is the place which you should definitely visit. You will be surprised not just by the quality of balsamic but also the hospitality on offer.

• What to buy: 25 year old Ciliegio

• Working Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM

4) Acetaia Malpighi showroom:

balsamic vinegar
The balsamic vinegar barrels

Address: Piazza Roma, 41121 Modena

Acetaia Malpighi showroom is located within a radius of 200 m from the city center. Thus, it is at a walkable distance from the city center. The hostess not only provides you with insights into the balsamics on offer but also educates you regarding the actual production process. Thus, you will be able to easily understand how to judge the quality of balsamics as well. The Malpighi family has been in this business for more than a century. Some of the barrels which they use are as old as 1730. You will easily be able to find balsamics which are 40 years old as well. The tasting will provide you with a good idea regarding the ones which you should buy. Generally speaking, if you like a well-balanced taste when it comes to your balsamics, the 25-year-old is going to be the perfect option for you. Thus, when you’re in the city center, this place is a must visit.

• What to buy: 25-year-old Balsamic

• Working Hours: Weekdays Working hours (Tuesday to Friday): 10 AM – 1:30 PM, 2 PM – 6:30 PM

• Weekends working hours (Saturday): 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 2 PM – 7 PM (Sunday & Monday Closed)

5) la consorteria 1966:

drops of balsamic vinegar

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 41121 Modena

The la consorteria 1966 is located right at the city center. It is hard to miss when you’re exploring the city. The vinegar tasting is pretty extensive as they have on offer every type of balsamic ranging from 12 years old to 60 years old. Moreover, during the tasting, they will explain to you not just the different types of vinegar but how the aging process affects all of them. They also have on offer specialized vinegars like the balsamics which are aged in Cherrywood. Thus, when it comes to variety, la consorteria 1966 definitely provides you with plenty of choices. The hostess is well versed in English and will suggest you the suitable type of balsamics depending on your reactions to the 1st one which you taste. Thus, instead of experimenting, they will provide you with the tasting options which you are most likely to prefer. La consorteria 1966 is the place where you should definitely try out unique balsamics like balsamic aged in cherrywood. If you would like to explore some of the most unique balsamics on offer, this is the place to be.

• What to buy: Cherry wood only balsamic

• Working Hours: 11 AM – 6 PM (Sunday Closed)

Thu, when you are visiting Modena, there are plenty of stores where you can explore many unique variants of balsamic. These are the 5 places which not only offer you some of the best balsamics but also are within walking distance of the city center which helps you explore all of them within a day without traveling far and wide. Most of them allow you to ship the balsamic directly to your home country rather than carrying it with yourself. Thus, you will not have to worry about the packaging and the bottle. You should definitely visit these few stores when you are in Modena to get your hands on some of the finest balsamic.

My best Gelateria in Modena

My best Gelateria in Modena

Though you might have tasted gelatos from other cities such as Rome, for sure you have not tasted anything close to the ones you will eat in Modena. Bet you, Modena has the best gelaterias in Italy. Therefore, if you do not know what to eat in Modena, the right answer is to eat there gelato. It would be great if you checked some of the best gelaterias in Modena.

1. Gelateria Bloom

gelateria bloom

Gianluca Degani, the founder of gelateria Bloom is committed to delivering additive and chemical free gelatos. He manages to offer creamy, breathtaking ice creams. Clearly, the classics such as almond (mandorla) and pistachio meet customer expectations.

Each season, he comes up with new recipes. That creativity alone is a reason enough why you should never make a mistake of leaving Italy without tasting Bloom’s gelato. Italy is popular for its special ice cream flavors, and gelateria Bloom isn’t an exception.

More than 30 percent of gelato’s menu is either vegan or dairy free. The gelateria also has gluten-free options. Thus, you are likely to get anything that suits you.

Most customers like their ice cream. In fact, they would not mind going for more especially for their rich flavors such as peach. This gelateria will not disappoint you in whatever flavor you like.

The gelateria offers the “Take 5” offer, which includes: Schezwan pepper, Vanilla, fior di latte, grapefruit marmalade and cardamom. Alternatively, you can have their Zabajone (eggnog) with candied Sicilian tangerines and Caluso Passito wine.

You can as well have their 2788, which includes lime zest, Tonka beans and peach jam infused with juniper. The pistachio or lemon in a brioche bun has an incredible taste. You will also clearly notice that they make their gelato out of fresh ingredients.

Bloom gelateria is located via Taglio 16/A, 41121, Modena in Italy. It opens every day from 12.30 to 10 pm. It operates odd hours to ensure you have you after dinner dessert or ice cream.

Gelateria Bloom is worth a visit. Once you taste their gelato, everything else will be secondary. Gelateria Bloom offers a true definition of what ice cream should be.

2. Gelateria Pomposa

gelateria pomposa Modena
gelateria pomposa

Since its inception, gelateria Pomposa has been offering ice cream flavors and frozen yoghurts with extra touches. Their gelatos are vegetarian-friendly, as well, with unbelievable flavors.

Once you taste the pistachio or stracchiella from Gelateria Pomposa, you cannot resist getting another. They are yummy.

One thing you will notice when you get inside is high hygiene standards. Plus their great customer service – really friendly. And did you know that they offer free delivery? Yes, you can make an order of your favorite chocolate or any other flavor, right from the comfort of your home.

Pomposa is located in Modena, Italy, via Del Voltone 6/A 41121. Operating from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to midnight, the gelateria gives you time flexibility. These are great working hours to have your favorite ice cream. They close on Mondays, though.

This gelateria Pomposa offers ice cream flavors such as fiori di buffalo, cream di nocciole. Each has a unique taste. For instance, one half for nocciole has mango gelato and the other limone granite.

This is just of the many reasons that make gelateria the second best. Unlike other gelaterias, Pomposa offers very natural and smooth ice creams and frozen yoghurt. Kids love them and adults likewise.

3. Cremeria Emilia

cremeria emilia
cremeria emilia

Did you know Cremeria Emilia offers “Emilia” flavor? Well, you can have that one and many more such as coconut-milk ice cream flavors. You will love this one – its taste is out of this world. Besides, Cremeria Emilia offers great options for vegans. It is also vegetarian-friendly.

Cremeria Emilia is located along Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini 17, 41121, Modena in Italy. Apart from its strategic location, you will love its working hours. They operate on Sundays to Saturdays, as in each day. The only differ in terms of hours. On Saturdays and Sundays, they open from 11am to 12 am. On Mondays to Fridays, they work from noon to midnight. These are pretty good days and hours to have your ice cream or frozen yogurt.

The best part is that Cremeria Emilia offers something extra that others don’t. For instance, have a taste of their chocolate on the low part of a cone. It is really delicious and nice. You have to try it out. In other words, this place is heaven for refrigerated desserts.

Apart from its delicious and different gelatos, this place has an attractive design. Its interior is appealing: pleasing décor, super clean and bright. This attributes matches with their first-rate ice creams: rich flavors and light texture. How about you try the strawberry cheesecake ice-cream, it is super delicious.

Ordering and receiving your order is fast. You will receive your order in just a few minutes. Thanks to their friendly and fast customer service. Even, though they always have long queues, the delicious deserts/ ice-creams/ frozen yogurt are worth the wait.

4. Gelateria k2

gelateria k2 modena


















Gelateria K2 is located in Corso Canalgrande 67, 41121, Modena in Italy. This is a strategic location that you can easily access to get your favorite ice cream – even if you are not familiar with the city.

This gelateria has excellent, delicious ice cream flavors in the whole of Modena. In addition, the tastes are classical with extreme strawberry, lemon and chocolate flavors. Also, you can have a little more detailed taste like coconut, almond (roasted), pomegranate, pink grapefruit, cherry and pomegranate.

Besides these numerous, yet delicious tastes, people love K2 gelateria because of their zero-fat ice cream and yogurt. They balance the sweetness of their ice creams also. The Ben Coat, for example, is not extremely sweet and not flat. More so, the gelateria fills the cones with pink, which gives the ice cream a classical taste.

And for sure you have never tasted a yummy Earl Grey like the one K2 offers. This flavor has nuts and lime, just the best. You can try also their Tiramisu and Amaretto flavors, both are divine. The texture is full of air and light, it is not stiff or frozen, just perfect. In addition, the gelateria has the best customer service – polite and professional. In fact, the gelateria always has long queues. But their customer service does promise to deliver your order in the shortest time possible. If you have one wish to make in your life, definitely you should wish to visit gelateria K2.

In conclusion

Of course, Modena has the best gelaterias in the whole of Italy, and you have all the supportive evidence. You have a wide selection such as almond and pistachios, among others. All of these delicious and many flavors, combined with their great customer service meet customer’s expectations. Most importantly, the owners of these gelaterias are highly creative. Just to ensure you get the best out of the best.

Best Gelateria in Bologna

When you first set your foot in Bologna, Italy, you might ask people about the best Gelateria in that area. And of course, you will receive different answers to your question. Life is really short to take a bad tasting gelato. That is why you would be doing your research before getting into a gelateria that you know nothing about.

But taking tasty ice cream in Bologna would be a stress-free experience. Gelatos differ in size, either gigante (large) or piccolo (small). You will also have to select between a coppetta (cup) and a cono (cone). And the most challenging part is to select between really tempting flavors and a dozen of them. Some of these flavors include slated caramel, pistachio, and stracciatella, among others. We have compiled 5 best gelaterias in Bologna to simplify your selection.

1. Sorbetteria Castiglione

Sorbetteria Castiglione
Sorbetteria Castiglione

Sorbetteria Castiglione opened in 1994 in a town only known for mortadella and tortellini. Eventually, it became the best Gelateria in Bologna. During summer hours (via Castiglione), they open every day starting from 11.30 to 24.00. As for Saragozza, they open daily from 11.00 to 23.00.

One aspect that makes Sorbetteria Castiglione special is that they make their gelaterias with great attention and passion. Hence, they always deliver good, quality gelatos. Another thing that makes them special is the fact that they care about people suffering from coeliac illnesses.

Quality and safety are paramount for this company. Therefore, the staff members ensure they use gluten-free ingredients and never mix those ingredients with any product with gluten. Hence, customers allergic to gluten can enjoy gluten-free gelaterias without hesitation.

People who have takes ice-cream flavors from Sorbetteria Castiglione love them. Their gelaterias are more like ice cream: creamy, soft and super rich. Moreover, not to forget the added ingredients such as caramelized pine nuts. Customers like their different flavors like chocolate chips, candied fruit, and ricotta ice cream. Their ice cream is not over-sugary and not cold.

2. Cremeria Santo Stefano

Cremeria Santo Stefano

















Opened on April 28 – 2006, Cremeria Santo Stefano has been one of the top gelaterias in the whole of Italy, not only in Bologna. Though small, it offers great ice-cream flavors including creamy vanilla (Crema di Zitella) and salty roasted pistachio, among others.

The Gelateria is located in Bologna, Via Santo Stefano, 72 (Via Remorsella). It opens from Tuesday to Sunday at 11.00 to 23.30.

Cremeria Santo Stefano is special due to its welcoming rural chic ambiance. The gelateria offers special ingredients to its customers such as Venezuelan chocolate and Turkish pistachios (for an excellent salted pistachio).

Many customers do not mind having their ice creams. Not only because the ice creams are amazing, but also come in different tastes. The flavors are delicious and unique too. The gelato is in a walking distance from the center of Bologna. For sure, this is the best place to have chocolate gelato in Italy.

3. Cremeria Funivia

Cremeria Funivia
Cremeria Funivia

In 2001 July, Leonardo Ragazzi came up with the idea of starting the best gelateria in Bologna – Cremeria Funizia. The gelateria is located in the Saragossa area. Leonardo was dedicated to ensuring that he delivers new flavors and genuine ingredients.

Fortunately, due to his commitment and passion, many customers appreciate this artisan ice-cream gelateria for its home-made ice-creams.
This artisan workshop is special because it frequently searches for precious, genuine and most natural products. Just to provide customers with the most refined quality ice-creams. The gelateria offers different flavors such as San Luca, Cable car tent, alice, amarenata, among others. Besides ice cream, Cremeria Funivia also provides deserts such as Raspberry cake and pandoro, among others.

The Gelateria opens from Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00 to 23.30. It operates from 11.00 to 23.30 during Holidays and on Sundays. Unfortunately, this artisan ice-cream parlor in Bologna closes on Mondays.

4. Gelateria Delle Moline

Gelateria Delle Moline
Gelateria Delle Moline

















In 1978, Gelateria Delle Moline was born. It is located at the middle of Bologna, Via Moline 13, near the corner of Via Capo di Lucca. Since its birth, now about 40 years, Delle Moline has offered homemade ice cream flavors of all types.

The staffs are dedicated to using quality ingredients to provide customized ice cream cakes as well. Therefore, if you want professionals to make your cake for an occasion or party, then you should visit Gelateria Delle Moline.
Delle Moline Gelateria opens every day of the year, yes that includes even Sundays and holidays.

The gelateria is special because it makes all ice cream tastes. Most interesting is that they open every day, throughout the year. Hence, you can have your favorite ice cream, any day. For instance, you can get creams with soymilk if you are lactose intolerant, or have seasonal fruit ice-creams. In addition, you can get gluten-free creams for celiac people.

Most customers fall in love with Gelateria Delle Moline because of its Sicilian customizations like cassata and granite. Also, the gelateria makes customer cakes for big celebrations/anniversaries, weddings and birthdays. Besides offering their products to direct customers, the gelateria also offers the same to retailers both in large and small scale.

5. Galliera 49


Galliera 49
Galliera 49
















its inception in 1998, Galliera 49 has been the best artisan workshop. They have the most detailed and interesting proposals, you could ever get in the whole of Bologna. The staffs are passionate and dedicated to cook highly evocative, digestible ice-creams. These creams have the best aromas and flavors a customer would ever want.

The staff comprises of different people with different backgrounds. Some of them have sold records, have operated family businesses and some thought they would work as architects. Nevertheless, each of the staff found happiness in doing something they love – ice cream making. Hence, they are dedicated to giving new tastes and best flavors. That aspect of constant passion and dedication is what sets Galliera 49 apart.

Customers say Galliera is their go-to post work snack, specifically on extremely hot days. They are in love with two things: their coffee granite (combined with whipped cream) and their breathtaking flavors (such as raspberry and mint-chocolate ginger sorbet). You can also try out flavors such as Granita, Sorbetto di Cioccolateo and Caramello Salato (salted caramel).

Galliera 49 offers delicious slushes (with flavors like melon, strawberry, and mulberry blackberry) and ice-creams (as if dark chocolate and salted caramel wot), which make it special. The shop is located via Galliera, 49/B, 40121 Bologna. Besides selling at the shop, they also do home delivery in less than 35 minutes.


Hopefully the list we will help you find the best gelateria in Bologna. Each of them offers various ice cream flavors and cakes. They also have different styles of delivering their services. Therefore, you should pick the one that is near you and the one that offers the best. Just note that the gelaterias offer fruit flavors depending on what is in season.

Our Selections of the Best Beaches in Apulia, Italy

Taking your vacation in Apulia Italy will leave you with an everlasting impression of a perfect beach holiday. Your experience here will definitely get etched in your memory in many years to come.

That said, we shall let you have a virtual feeling of the best beaches in Apulia. Therefore, what will be left of you is to pack your swimsuit and embark on a journey to explore the beauty and marvels of nature that Italian Beaches offer.

However, after traversing up and down numerous beaches in Italy, we settled on a few beaches that we felt are ideal holiday destinations for you.

These holiday spots will help you to escape from the wrath of chilly winters as you spend a few days basking and diving in crystal clear waters in the Ionian Sea. Here is our complete guide on beaches in Puglia, Italy.

1. Punta Della Suina


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Apulia is a paradise in the making. Its diversification is a result of its uniqueness attributed to the stunning seafront and the glowing, clean Mediterranean sands.

As such, this southern location is famed for its gorgeous warm weather across the year, making it accessible by footpath or by car.

However, you will have to pay for parking, but whichever way you choose to access the beach; you will never get disappointed with what is in store for you.

In addition to that, there are sandy beaches along the sea bordering one of the finest white sands and crystal clear waters that you won’t expect them anywhere else if not at Punta Della Suina.

Punta Della Suina has become one of the sought after tourist attraction in Apulia due to its magnificent scenery dotted with pinewood that exposes you to a fragrance and colors of this heavenly corner.

The blue sea and the scrubs of the Mediterranean with their mosaic of blossoming flowers make you have an extraordinary affection for these Italian beaches.

Along the beach, you will find a stretch of sand complete with beach umbrellas and low rocks, ideal for enjoying sunbathing on comfortable sunbeds.

Besides, the beach provides parasols at an affordable fee to shield you from the glaring sunlight while enjoying a cool breeze from the sea.

On the other hand, you don’t have to get bored and thirsty while basking on the sands of Punta Della Suina.

There is an outdoor bar that provides you with a panoramic view of the entire bay as you sip your favorite drink. On top of that, you can listen and dance to your favorite music, thanks to the DJ services available at your disposal.

That is not enough; from the north to south, there is Gallipoli, Isola di Sant’Andrea (which is known for its historic lighthouse).

There is also Torre Del Pizzo where you can spend your evening while enjoying the picturesque view of the sunset as you usher in a night full of entertainment. Punta Della Suina is a place to be when taking your vacation.

2. Punta Prosciutto

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This is the place you are likely to come across some of the best beaches in mainland Italy. Located in southern parts of the historic towns such as Avetrana and Manduria, Punta Prosciutto is the most attractive place for tourists.

Better still, these seaside villages are a unique spot with pristine sandy strands and the famous Primitivo wine to quench your adventurous desires.

As a matter of fact, there are white sands which add glamour to the translucent warm sea water that soothes your body as you swim along.

The beach is accessible through a path but you can arrive there by car because parking is free of charge so you won’t worry about spending an extra coin on that.

For this reason, the beach can get overcrowded hence the need to bring your own parasol.

As a popular spot for tourists, Punta Prosciutto has world-class bars and restaurants where you can pop in for a bite or a drink.

Also, there is a meeting point for various families coming to enjoy their time at the beach from the nearby seaside villages of Lecce, Taranto, and Bari.

You too can take your mat and drape it on the beach to have your evening dinner as you watch the crimson rays of the sun disappearing lazily on the horizon. Besides, you can pat with a few coins and rent a sun lounger under the ombrellone.

3. Dune di Campomarino

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Crystal clear and blue sea is the right description that anyone who has been at Dune di Campomarino can recount for you. This is an Italian beach with unconventional natural beach surrounded by the Mediterranean shrub land.

Located at Maruggio, Dune di Campomarino is an exotic location accessible via a footpath or a car due to ample and free parking space available.

The scenic landscape with its unique flora comprising of the thymus, rosemary among other flowers add an aspect of beauty to the entire surrounding.

Clearly, this feature combined with an enrichment of sand dunes and nicely scented wild lilies give a sight to behold at the heart of the Mediterranean region.

Besides, you can immerse yourself into the realms of the past by paying a visit to the nearby museum which boasts of a beautiful but ancient collection of Greek jewels among other antiquities.

On top of that, the mouth-watering Italian cuisine is something you cannot afford to overlook as far as your vacation is concerned.

4. Porto Selvaggio

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On our list is Porto Selvaggio. This is known as the unsung beach holiday destination in Europe and perhaps all over the world.

Situated in southern parts of Puglia in Italy, this secret seaside is a place of ancient traditions that have stood a taste of time.

Apart from rich history, Porto Selvaggio is covered with ancient, gnarled olives that make a secretive seaside location perfect to take your vacation.

In fact, the name, Porto Selvaggio is loosely translated as “Wild Harbor” to suit this description and this coastal enclave has always enjoyed protected-area status ever since 1980.
Just like other beaches, Porto Selvaggio has a wonderful landscape with beautiful sceneries of pine forest opening out to the Ionian Sea.

The blue skies and the dark green pine trees compliment the blue sea in the most amazing but contrasting way to your eyes.

A shoreline is a place you will find appealing and ideal for sunbathing after a vigorous swimming exercise in the overlooking crystal clear sea water.

Additionally, you will have an experience of the sea water meeting sources of fresh water at this beach.

The place is accessible by a footpath or by car due to the availability of the parking space at the beach. Besides, there are picnic benches that you can use as you take your meal with friends or family members while on holiday.

Also, there are food and drinks at affordable rates with facilities such as toilets and free parking space for your convenience.

Therefore, you can take your vacation in Italy and explore those beaches to satisfy your curiosity as you discover that part of the Mediterranean Region. Italian beaches in Puglia should be the first choice of your holiday destination.

The Hidden (Vintage) car museums of Modena

Visit Italy for cathedrals, cuisine and culture, but stay in Modena for vintage cars. Most importantly, visit the vintage museums such as Stanguellini and Museo Umberto Panini. The later displays a variety of racing cars and bikes, while Stanguellini has different vintage vehicles.

Stanguellini Car Museum in Modena

Who are they?


At 72 years of age, in 1981 Dec 4th, Vittorio Stanguellini passed on. He had a great spirit for racing, which he passed to his junior – Francesco. Hence, as a cautious car driver, Francesco’s children have inherited his enthusiasm. The car museum has a name, tradition and flag that need to be secured. Thus Francesca had not option other than adapt great motivation. Therefore, both Francesca and Simone have kept that legacy.

Stanguellini FJ

Where is it?

Stanguellini is a car museum located in Modena, Italy. Currently run by Francesco Stanguellini, it has a collection of different car models. These vintage cars include Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini, among others.

Most visitors do acknowledge the honor to tour in this museum with the Arturo Vicario – a Stanguellini curator. The museum has a vintage machine store downstairs. Arturo is a precious trove in the history of automotive. He shares his experience with a reputable museum such as Stanguellini and others.

When to visit

Stanguellini museum operates from 9 am to noon, and 3 to 6 pm. It is open from Monday to Saturday and closes on Sundays. However, it would be great and convenient to get a reservation before visiting. The Modena museum opens only by appointment.
This is not the kind of museum to miss especially if you love vintage cars or anything related to it. It has a really interesting collection, as we will discuss in the next point.

What to see

Stanguellini 1

The museum displays top cars such as Colibri, 750 Sport Internazionale, and 750 Corsa. It has a well-displayed collection of these cars and more. Inside, you will learn lots of history about Stanguellini origin, yes more than you have learned from this article. Also, you will view a nice variety of vehicles such as Carrera Panamerica and Mile Miglia, just to mention but a few.

Another thing you will love about Stanguellini museum is its great presentation. The personals are willing to spend whatever amount of time with you. Just to ensure you capture everything you want. They will ensure you see the entire car collection.

Definitely, you should make an effort to visit. However, you should book before a visit and teach yourself some Italian language – would you? Nevertheless, this Modena museum is located on a great atmosphere.

Motors tradition

Back then, engineering degrees never existed. So, Francesco’s dad had to teach himself about cars. In fact, Ferrari himself attained his degree in engineering at the age of 62. According to Francesco, they produced these cars from their heart. Also, Enzo Ferrari and Francesco’s dad exchanged advice and opinions.

After work, they used to meet at a trattoria, have few glasses of wine and allow ideas to flow. Eventually, they discovered world-breaking ideas such as Stanguellini Guzzi Colobri. Such a model had a 250 cc engine, which helped it to break 6 world records (at 1963 Monza).

How to book

This is a small workshop and its founders are pioneers of all the racing vehicles. Today, you must visit this museum whenever you visit Italy. You can book by email. Alternatively, you can make a phone call through +39 059 361105.

Museo Umberto Panini


Who are they?

Umberto Panini is one of the members of a successful business family in Italy. He took a step to invest in car collection. Unfortunately, he passed on in 2013. However, his legacy is still ongoing to-date. Initially, Maserati brothers established the Maserati Collection. Later on, Omar Orsi expanded it.

Since its expansion, the collection has kept intact. The Umberto Panini motorcycles and cars collection is still free to anyone. So far, the collection has 60 motorcycles and 40 cars.

Where is it?

Museo Umberto Panini is in Cittanova di Modena, Italy. It belongs to the most elegant Maseratis collections situated in a farmhouse.

What to see

The 1953 Maserati A6 GCS Pininfarina is a highlight from Panini collection. Besides showing cars and motorcycles, people know the farm for the rich Parmigiano Reggiano. This is an Italian cheese. Some people think this museum is just for food. Some people visit the museum just for its cheese, but they find themselves staying for its vehicles. Well, they are wrong because they can find more like cars, tractors, and motorbikes.

Stirling Moss

In addition, the museum displays the Tipo 61 Birdcage. This collection has an extraordinary frame with 200 tubes made of alloy. It has a frame weighing 38 kilograms and a unique Drogo bodywork. More so, you will come across Maserati 420M58, which is an Eldorado. Stirling Moss used this Maserati to participate in Monza 500 Miglia spots.

When to visit

Museo Emberto Panini operates on Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm. It also opens on Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm, Italian time. It closes on Sundays. This time is really flexible to suit all customers.

You can reach Museo Emberto Panini by car. When on the exit of Modena Nord, take the Via Emilia and turn on the direction to Reggio Emilia. Alternatively, you can use Google map. It will take you only 20 minutes from Modena city to reach this museum.

How to book

You can visit the collection individually or as a group. However, you can only do so via a reservation. Most importantly, a guide should accompany you. If you want to visit as a group, then you must not exceed 50 persons. The family groups should be a maximum of five persons. You can visit as a family in absence of a guide, but you need permission. You can get authorization via email at

The bottom line

Italy has great cultural events, which you can visit when done with their vintage museums. You should not worry about where to spend because the city has many nearby restaurants. In addition, you will find many places to dine and wine such as restaurants, canteens or holiday farms. If you love nature, you can go to the parks, botanical gardens or natural reserves. Either way, just make a point to visit either Museo Emberto Panini or Stanguellini museum.

Best Food Experiences in Bologna

If you have a passion for food and wine, then Bologna, Italy is the place you need to have in your travel bucket list. You will live a unique experience and rediscover true Italian flavours. Check out some of the best food experiences that we have compiled for you.

1. Take the 3 food tour.

parmigiano reggiano

The 3 food tour with Foodies Delight is one that will leave you craving for more of Bologna’s delicacies. The 3 food tour is offered at an affordable price for small groups of at least 3 people. The food tour begins with a ride in a luxurious Mercedes van from Bologna at around 7:30 am to about 12:30. If you are at Modena, the tour begins at 8:30. You will have the pleasure of experiencing the full Parmesan cheese production, followed by the legendary Balsamic vinegar production and tasting. The food tour comes to its peak with a visit to Vilani’s Salami which is famous for its delicious Parma ham in Modena. At the end of the food tour, you will have the opportunity to excite your taste buds once again with cured meat tasting. This is a food tour that you can’t afford during your stay in Bologna.

2. Dine at Trattoria Anna Maria.

Tagliatelle al ragú

Your holiday is not complete if you have not experienced the legendary Trattoria Anna Maria in Bologna, it is the sanctuary of Bolognese cookery. The Bolognese cuisines will leave you craving for more. The Trattoria Anna Maria has been making Bolognese traditional meals for over 30 years. The products and ingredients used in making the food are high quality and made in the authentic Bolognese tradition and style. This is what makes it so popular and a personal favourite to both local and international tourists. Trattoria Anna Maria offers you a full 3 course meal of your favourite Bolognese cuisines and your favourite dessert like the Dolce gelato al limone to top it all up. The Italian dishes are made at really pocket-friendly prices and you are guaranteed to receive value for your money because the food is just amazing. The Trattoria Anna Maria is located in Via Belle Arti, 17/A, Bologna. Make your stop and have an unforgettable Italian food experience at Trattoria Anna Maria that will make your vacation even more memorable.

3.Stroll and eat around Mercato delle erbe.

Global market

The Mercato delle erbe is a popular food market in Bologna where you will experience all of the famous Bolognese traditional cuisines. Most tourists prefer the Mercato delle erbe because it is like a hidden gem. It is an indoor market that is hidden to those who are not very familiar with its existence. There are even locals in Bologna who have no idea that the Mercato dele ebbe exists, it is therefore the perfect get-away for a laid back afternoon stroll in the streets of Bologna. The Mercato has been around for over a century, locals used to line out on the streets and offer home made traditional food at affordable prices. Locals used to frequently visit the market to get their daily supply of food as there was a lot of fresh vegetable, meat, cheese, fruits and even fine wine. The market was refurbished and now it is a modern market with great food joints like the Banco 32, which is a seafood joint. Then you can also visit the Altro, a contemporary restaurant that also serves all traditional Bolognese delicacies. Other eateries at Mercato delle ebbe include the Mai Chan, a Japanese take a way restaurant, Pollo e Patate, the place for roast chicken and potatoes and also the Vino e Sapuri for tasty wines.

4. Dine at a private home with Cesarine.

During your stay at Bologna, you can also enjoy dinner at a private home with Cesarine. Le Cesarine include a number of carefully selected hosts that open their homes to visitors and entertain them through offering local food. The main aim of the Cesarine is to share the great local recipes in order to preserve them and pass them on to many generations to come. If you wish to experience firsthand local Bolognese traditions, the Cesarine provides a unique opportunity and a good learning experience of the local Bolognese traditions and delicious recipes that you can go back home and try on your own. All you need to do is to create your Cesarine love list and browse the available Cesarine in the city you are in. Then you are expected to purchase a Cesarine flexi voucher and lastly book your experience with your preferred cesarine and go ahead to experience true Italian recipes. This is an opportunity of a lifetime if you visit Bologna where there are a number of Cesarinas ready to give you the restaurant experience in their homes.

5. Visit Fico in Bologna.

Bologna (BO), 2018, Eataly Bologna: FICO.

Fico is the largest agri food park in Bologna, Italy. Home to over 40 Italian restaurants, Fico,Italy. Offering you some of the best Italian traditional recipes, Fico has all types of eateries from Trattorias, starred restaurants, bistros and food kiosks. The place is fun for all types of ages and no one is sure to go home unsatisfied. The place is a must-visit because it offers all traditional Italian food at one point. It is a favourite to both locals and international tourists who converge for the love of Italian food. There are also relaxing cafes that offer you the best espresso and bars where you can drink from the producers and manufacturers of the finest wines in Italy.

In conclusion, Bologna, Italy has some of the best joints that will let you experience Italian food like never before. The 3 food tour with Foodies delight and the delicious Bolognese recipes at Trattoria Anna Maria, with a stroll at the famous new Mercato delle erbe will give you a wonderful Italian food experience. Not to forget the private dinner with the Cesarine of your choice and a visit to Fico, Bologna to sum it all up. Make a point of visiting the food joints and let your vacation in Bologna be a memorable one.

Best wineries to explore around Montepulciano

Montepulciano is a medieval and Renaissance hill town in Tuscany. The renowned destination that is surrounded by vineyards is known worldwide for its Vino Nobile red wine. Just like many places in Tuscany, Montepulciano is a pretty town that is loved by tourists especially wine lovers thanks to its numerous wineries which produce exquisite and authentic wines. The beautiful Montepulciano landscape in addition to a small population makes it one of the best places for wine exploration. Some of best wineries to explore around Montepulciano include:Montepulciano / Toscana

1. Talosa

Talosa, a winery found in Via Pietrose, is owned by the family of a famous entrepreneur, Angelo Jacorossi. Talosa makes wine with love, passion, and dedication, an awesome trilogy which most Italian families live by. Because of Angelo’s strong bond with nature especially land, he decided to venture into wine production as a way to express his passion.

Talosa has 33 hectares of vineyards and to produce world-class wine, the estate uses strict cultivation and harvesting techniques to obtain high-quality grapes. Wine lovers can have free access to Talosa’s Piazza Grande, a charming square that hosts the winery’s historic cellar. Talosa Winery is synonymous with the production of DOCG and DOC wines such as Nobile di Montepulciano, Rosso di Montepulciano, Chianti dei Colli Senesi, Extra-virgin olive oil and others.

2. Gattavecchi Winery

Cantina Gattavecchi Tuscany Italy

Also known as the Cantina Gattavecchi, Gattavecchi Winery is one of the popular and best wineries in Montepulciano, Tuscany. It is owned by the Gattavecchi family who have dedicated themselves to wine production for more than a hundred years. The Gattavecchi winery has a unique wine production style that is based on innovation, respect for traditions and also the land. As a matter of fact, they describe the land which contains their vineyards as – the land of unique wines of noble origin.

Each generation of the Gattavecchi family has significantly contributed to the production of some of the world’s fine wines as well as spirits. This winery is popular with tourists and wine tasters thanks to its high-quality DOC and DOCG wines which include Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and others.

With three wine tasting options, visitors can taste two wines for ten euros, two Vino Nobile wines which are accompanied by cheese, cold cuts and bread for 15 euros or three riserva wines that are accompanied by cold cuts, cheese, and bread for 18 euros.

Apart from the guided wine tasting tours, visitors can also get the chance to taste the local cuisine that is made with local products like cheese and other specialties. Lilian’s kitchen has tasting menus where visitors get the unique opportunity to taste wines and extra-virgin olive oil paired with local specialties. Gattavecchi Winery is an amazing place to taste Montepulciano’s fine wine. It is located in Via di Collazzi.

3. Contucci

Contucci’s wine production style is based on tradition and innovation which the winery has carried and implemented for more than 1000 years. Located in Via del Teatro, Montepulciano, this winery has been owned for centuries by the Contucci family. Since the 1700s, this family has established itself among the top wine producers in Italy. A 1773 document shows that the Contucci family were among the “putative-fathers” of the Vino di Montepulciano. They have significantly contributed in making this wine famous and as a result, they have won numerous certificates and medals.

Contucci produces wines such as the Sansovino, Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and extra-virgin olive oil. The winery has arched enclaves which are stacked with barrels of wine and wine tasting is free here.

4. Tenuta Valdipiatta

Located in Via Della Ciarliana in Montepulciano, Tenuta Valdipiatta’s hilltop location makes it a picturesque destination for wine tours. The winery which is located on a 75-hectare of land boasts of over 30 hectares of vineyards. The stellar wine farm has one of the most prestigious wineries in Montepulciano.

This farm property which was founded by Giulio Caporali in the 1980s uses a strong and innovative style to produce its wines. They use this style because of their profound respect for land and also the need to produce world-class wines. Tenuta Valdipiatta is renowned for the production of the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wine. Their other DOC and DOCG wine produce include Vin Santo di Montepulciano, Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano-“Vigna Alfiero” and
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano -“Riserva”.

5. Avignonesi


Avignonesi is one of best wineries in Montepulciano’s to explore. Located in Via Colonica, this winery which was first established by the Avignonesi family is currently owned by the Virgine Saverys. Avignonesi uses a technologically advanced style to ensure that they preserve the land and they produce high-quality wine. Virgine Saverys are constantly doing research and development to ensure that the wine they produce expresses the true character of Montepulciano. They use biodynamic and organic farming methods to brew fine, distinct and authentic wines with strong character. Their state-of-the-art wine cellars and unique wines have earned this winery a much-deserved place among the top wine producers in Tuscany.

Avignonesi conducts tours and wine tasting from May through October. The tours including walking through its vast vineyards, visiting the cellars to get the full view of the wine-making process etc. Visitors are allowed to taste more than five different types of wines

Not only does Avignonesi offers wine tasting tours, the winery has a bar and it offers wine and gourmet Ferrari tours, cooking classes with wine-paired lunch, hot-air balloon tours with wine-paired brunch among others. The sophisticated winery has numerous fun activities which are paired with wine-tasting. Apart from Vin Santo di Pernice, their award-winning premium wine, Avignonesi also produces DOC and DOCG wines such as Rosso di Montepulciano, Vin Santo di Montepulciano, extra-virgin oil and others. It is one of the most explored wineries in Montepulciano.

Montepulciano, just like a bottle of fine wine, has aged well. The longer you take to explore its wineries, the more you will fall in love with it. What makes the wineries which are found here to stand out is that each has a unique style of production but they all produce fine and top-rated wines.

Besides the Tower, What Can I See and Do in Pisa?

The world famous tower of Pisa is a massive attraction for tourists with well over a million visitors per year. How many of these tourists fail to look beyond the tower to see what else the city of Pisa has to offer?

A recent €30 million redevelopment of Pisa’s main attractions now means there is no better time to explore what else this beautiful city has been hiding. Below are just some of the best things to see and do in and around the historic city of Pisa.

Campo dei Miracoli

Piazza dei Miracoli

Italy’s grandest medieval construction project has more for you to view than just the leaning tower. Right next door is the grand Pisa Cathedral with its elegant facade of arches. If you look carefully, you will be able to notice that each one of the columns has their own individual design.

Once you get inside the cathedral the first thing to draw your attention is the marvelous and incredibly ornate golden ceiling. You can’t fail to be impressed by the sights within as you are treated to some of the finest Italian art available anywhere.

The circular Baptistry is well worth a visit too, and if you venture up the narrow stairs you will be rewarded with an excellent view of the cathedral.

Close by is the Museo Delle Sinopie housing a small collection of frescoes in the process of restoration and an ideal place to escape the crowds for a little while. A collection of treasures from the cathedral and baptistry can be found in the Cathedral Museum which is also nearby.

Thanks to the investment in redeveloping Pisa’s attractions, you are now able to take a walk along 2km of the city walls. From there you are afforded views of the impressive Camposanto cemetery and even the giant weights which were required to reduce the lean of the tower when fears of its collapse were heightened in 2007. Entrance to the city walls is free.

Further beyond the Campo dei Miracoli, you will discover narrow lanes and alleys opening up to grand piazzas. You can find more museums, palaces, theaters, bars, and concert halls, that you would expect to find in a historic and evolving city.

Palazzo Blu

Pisa, Palazzo Blu

Standing out among the buildings at Pisa’s riverside is the Palazzo Blu. This 14th-century art gallery is noticeable for its azure blue coloring and is considered to be Pisa’s most exciting gallery.

In the past, it has featured exhibitions from Toulouse-Lautrec and Salvador Dali. You can check their website for details of the current exhibition, and entrance is free if you choose to pay a visit.

Places to Eat

Although no longer a coastal city, its history was very much tied up with the sea. La Scaletta restaurant is a fantastic example of a fish eatery. Just a short walk from the popular tourist area, La Scaletta has a 150-year tradition of creating seafood dishes. The current chef has a skill for creating innovative and surprising meals, but if you are looking for a more traditional menu that is still available to choose from.

In the city center you will find La Pergoletta restaurant. It features, tables arranged around a courtyard with an illuminated tree at its center, providing a very pleasant evening dining experience. The menu offers you a more traditional variety of dishes from the Tuscany region and comes highly recommended.

The banks of the Arno river are a good place to find other restaurants and bars, to suit your tastes during an evening exploring the city.

Excursions Outside Pisa

Parco di San Rossore
If you are spending a few days or more in Pisa, you will find trips out of the city to be a rewarding experience.

A trip to the San Rossore National Park offers you the chance to get some fresh air when choosing one of the five trails available through the greenery and sand dunes. It is possible to travel to the beach from here by horse-drawn carriage, through the unspoiled, varied forests and marshland.

South of San Rossore can be found the ancient site of San Piero a Grado. The Basilica of San Piero a Grado began construction in the 10th century but was built over much earlier Roman structures. The basilica is in stark contrast to Pisa Cathedral, with a wooden truss ceiling and modest columns. The columns do, however, support a recently restored intricate but large fresco from the 14th century. It features portraits of the Popes, from Saint Peter, the first Pope, up until Pope John XVIII in 1303.

On the opposite side of Pisa, in the village of Calci, you can find the Pisa Charterhouse. Formally a monastery, it is now the home of the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa. Housed in an enormous compound of buildings and set in an area previously referred to as the “Pretty Valley”, it seems a world away from the busy city center.

Reputed to be one of the oldest museums in the world, it specializes in dinosaurs and aquatic mammals. Aside from the museum, the huge monastery and church offer you plenty of Baroque architecture and history to explore.

If you are in need of a more relaxing time, take a trip north of Pisa to San Giuliano Terme for a spa. The Bagni di Pisa resort offers basic treatments as well as a wide variety of beauty or medical spa treatments to maximize your relaxation. Luxuriate in the thermal waters within a grotto carved out of rock or in freshly renovated pools.

Slightly further afield still, you can visit the hilltop medieval village of Vicopisano. Boasting a castle which was constructed over 1000 years ago to dominate the surrounding valley and a military stronghold known as the Rocca. There is also an archaeological exhibition housed in the Palazzo Pretorio, a medieval public building featuring a prison and priest accommodation.

Pisa is also not too far from the cities of Florence and Lucca, allowing you to use it as a base to visit the historic sights in those beautiful cities. Also allowing for exploration of the scenic countryside villages off the traditional tourist route.

As you can tell there is much to do and see besides just the tower, in Pisa. It clearly warrants more time than most tourists normally allow, to enable you to fully experience what Pisa and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Pisa Day Itineraries: Discover Volterra

If you’re planning a trip to Italy soon don’t forget to include Volterra on your itinerary. If you’re working with a travel agent, ask them about adding it to your travel plans. You don’t want to miss this historic town with Tuscan roots that date back to before the 7th Century! There are over 3,000 years of history and do they have a story to tell you!


The city of Volterra is a town that sits on top of a hill not far from San Gimignano. It’s recommended that you take at least two days to explore but if you’re pressed for time, there are certain things you need to see before moving on to your next destination.

You’ll see sights such as the Roman Theatre that dates back to the 1st Century, BC. It was excavated in the 1950’s. There’s also the Volterra Cathedral that got an expansion in the 13the Century after an earthquake. These are just a few of the sites you’ll see when you travel through the Pisa region of Italy. If you only have one day to explore Volterra, here is what we recommend you do!

Volterra was once a powerful member of the Etruscan League of Twelve Cities which means you don’t want to miss what remains from this ancient time in history. To give you a little bit of a background, the Etruscan League was founded by two noblemen of Lydian Descent who were brothers named Tarchum and Tyrrhenus. The league was both economic and religious and it was similar to other Greek States. As you visit Volterra, be sure to enter from the Porta all’Arco because it’s the only gate that managed to survive from the original Etruscan Wall. The gate dates back to the 4th Century, BC. Be sure to look up as you pass through the gate–God’s weathered head is watching you on your journey.

Once you enter through the gates, find Priori Palace. Priori Palace is the current and oldest town hall in the region, dating back to 1208. It was completed in the middle of the 13the Century but it suffered from a blow in 1472 when Volterra was stripped of its administration. It has breathtaking views from the top but you’ll need to make quite a climb in order to see them. The windows on both the second and third floors are intact and to this day they maintain their Romanesque structure.
If you choose to remain on the ground you can always go shopping. There are plenty of artisans who have set up shop and if you get hungry you can always grab a bite to eat at one of several restaurants on site as well. Dining choices include Osteria dei Poeti Volterra, La Vecchia Lira, and Del Duca. Take note, however, that these restaurants are only open in the evening for supper.


Then there’s the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, a Roman Cathedral that dates back to the 12th Century. It’s dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and it’s ceiling is covered in gilt. It was built in 1117 after an earthquake destroyed most of the town. Go inside and you’ll notice the unique architecture as the nave and the interior space come together to form a cross. The nave is covered in with stucco that looks like it might be rose colored granite. The stucco was completed in the 16th Century and completely restored in 1842 and 1843.

Be sure to see the pulpit that has three reliefs. These reliefs represent the The Last Supper, the Annunciation and the Sacrifice of Issac. Once you finish at the Cathedral, visit another nearby church, San Francesco’s Capella della Croce di Giorno. San Francesco’s is covered in beautiful frescos you won’t soon forget.

After you’ve had your fill of churches take a walk to the nearby Roman Theatre. You can’t miss it because it’s visible from outside the walls of the city and it’s located near Porta Fiorentina. There is an admission fee to get instead because you’ll need a ticket but don’t hesitate to go inside. It’s half-circle seating that was built into a hill. You can reach it by climbing stairs to the roofed corridor which to this day still stands for all to see.
It’s architecture had an influence on the Romans but the architecture itself was a product of Greece. At the height of its’ existence it seated between 1800 and 2000 spectators. The theatre fell in the 13th Century but it was excavated in the 1950’s.

Once you exit the theatre be sure to learn about the people who built Volterra. Learn all about the Etruscan World by visiting the Museum Guarnacci. At the museum you’ll see a vast collection of funeral urns as well as Italy’s best collection of Etruscan artifacts. It is also one of the oldest public museums in Europe. You’ll also get to view the statue “Ombra della Sera” which in Italian means Evening Shadow.


“Ombra della Sera” made its debut in 1737 as a work of art displayed with other pieces of Etruscan antiques. It was commissioned by an artist by the name of Alberto Giacometti. The statue itself is a representation of a nude man, about 22 inches long. In its’ own unique way the statue is rather odd. The body of the man depicted is rather elongate but the head is in proportion to that of a man who might be alive when the statue was carved. Archaeologists claim that “Ombra della Sera” dates back to the 3rd Century BC.

If you’ve never tried truffles, you’re missing out! Truffles are a type of fungus found near tree roots. Yes, they are a fungus but don’t let them scare you off. They are rather delicious and Italy is famous for them. Some species of truffles are actually rather rare which can make them somewhat expensive but try not to pass them up. They are quite the delicacy and depending on the region of Italy, they come in several different varieties. In the northern regions of Italy, they are white. Be sure to find a restaurant that serves them before you leave!

From Tuscany to Rome and everywhere in between Italy has plenty of opportunities to both see and do things. Take advantage of all that Volterra has to offer while you’re there!

Forte dei Marmi Tuscany Between the Sea and the Mountains (There is Lard)

Do you love fashion, hiking or beaches? If you answered yes to this question, then Fort dei Marmi is a must visit destination for you. The town is among the most up-to-date and chicest in Versilia. Thanks to its beautiful villas immersed in pine groups, an impressive view of Apuan Alps, as well as the beautiful beaches, which makes the town a haven for tourists from all walks of life.

Pontile di Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi, located in the Tuscany region is one of the top summer destinations in Italy because of the standard services, vibrant nightlife, and its beaches. The site is ideal for those who love to walk and ride since it’s located in a natural plain beside the fascinating scenery.

Life in Forte dei Marmi originates from the Piazza Garibaldi, the central square, marked by famous spots including restaurants, bars, and various shops. From there, you can easily find the historic symbol in the region, the fortification – popularly known as the Fortino – constructed for security purposes by Leopold I.
The iconic pier (built in 1876) is a symbol of cosmopolitan Forte dei Marmi. Together with Fortino, the two sites gave the town the name “home of the Museum of Satire and Caricature. Pier was historically a place where marble extracted from quarries were loaded onto boats.

Forte dei Marmi was founded in Roman’s era and expanded significantly in the 16th century after the quarries were opened near the town. For the rest of century, the Fortress grew and developed through sheer renovation efforts. Towards 1788, the Fortress was completed, and around the 1800s, the Versilia town became a tourist destination and held similar status up-to-date.
It is the perfect destination for a luxury tour on a global scale with a wide beach area and an assortment of elegant villas based at the heart of the town. More so, Forte dei Marmi is also famous for its markets (in Vittoria Apuana, Piazza Marconi, and the antique) as well as festivals in honor of Saint Francis and Saint Hermes).
Additionally, the ancient traditions and hidden parts of the Apuan Alps are worth a visit as well. The sites will invite you to explore surprising and evocative paths in the upcountry.
A usual gathering is represented by an open market every Wednesdays in Pizza Marconi with various accessories, and frivolousness on display. The lively surrounding stretches along the seaside, which consist of a 10 km beach. The beach is made up of sections (called “bagni”) that provide visitors with unique environment and offers. This is composed of areas suitable for kids and families, for lovers and so on. The seaside is also ideal for shopping: there you will access an array of ateliers and boutiques.

Lastly, your tour will not end before taking some pictures, and the experience you get will always be fresh in your mind several years later.

Carrara marble tour

Carrara Marble

Carrara is based in a strategic location with proximity to popular destinations including Pisa, Lucca, Florence, and Cinque Terre. It is also located along major communication routes, such that if you are visiting Tuscany from the East (Riviera, Spain, France) or from the North, you will never miss the sight of the fantastic white mountains that stand stretches towards the horizon.

The marble mines located in the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany offers an incredible tour experience. Although you can tour the marble mines above the Carrara through a self-guided car tour, you’ll need to take a guided tour to reach the highest level of the Apuan Alps.

The marble quarries are the world’s most massive bedding that stretches along three major valleys (Colonnata, Torano, Fantiscritti) which branch out near Carrara town. The marbles caves are so unique that words can not describe the feeling you get once you get surrounded by the white, incredible marble mountains.

The unique art and archaeological feature is dated back to 2000 years ago. During this period, the Romans used the marble to built Rome and marked emperors celebration with it. Iconic museums in Italy such as the Rome Archaeological Museum, Vatican Museums, and Uffizi among others featured Carrara marble works.

Lardo di Colonnata

Lardo di Colonnata

Many thanks to its unique compatibility of taste and seasonality – the Lardo di Colonnata, strips of cured fat is an exceptional food of Tuscany and probably the perfect natural accompaniment to the bruschetta.

The curing and storage of the Lardo di Colonnata is exceptional in every aspect. First, the marble mold consists of a particular type of marble from marble-cutter referred to as Calanoni. It is considered as the ideal cure of the Lardo. The marble is washed with hot and called water respectively.


Lardo di Colonnata is the product of two great Tuscan products: pork and the white marble from the Apuan Alps. Pork is the main livestock product in the region while the marble used to make beautiful columns are of excellent quality.

On the one hand, the Romans focused on increasing the amount of marbles they could extract, while on the other, the Barbarians that controlled the region after the Romans focused on the rearing of pigs for pork and lard. The best lardo is produced in Colonnata.

The consistent mountain wind in Colonnata brings about a suitable environment for aging lard. The fat is stored in basins or marble tubs with ideal porousness. Lardo di Colonnata standards include aging the meat in marble and are regulated by IGP. As soon as you move away from the regulated region, you will notice a decline in the quality of lards.

Final thoughts

Now you have a basic understanding of Forte dei Marmi, Carrara marble tour, and Lardo di Collonata. As a tourist visiting Italy for the first time, and more so Tuscany, Forte dei Marmi is a must-visit location due to its the top-notch services, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful beaches, not to mention the impressive view of Apuan Alps. The Carrara marble tour will guarantee you a one-on-one view of the famous marble quarries. And finally, the delicious taste of Lardo di Collonata will ensure your tour experience is one of its kind.