Market Tour and Cooking Class in Milan

You will meet the guide early in the morning for a market visit in the center of Milan followed by hands-on cooking class at Atelier dei Sapori School. Here you will be welcome by Cristina, Paola e Patrizia chefs and food lovers who will lead you step by step in preparing recipes of the Milanese and Italian tradition.

What will you cook?

You will prepare a complete menu Appetizer, First dish, Main dish, Dessert.
THE BEST PART? At the end you get will sit down and eat all you made.
To remember your experience you will be given a cooking diploma.

cooking school in Milan cooking school in Milan2


Food Market Tour in Milan.

Street Market
Food in Milan – source

Milan continues to be a haven for tourists and visitors that love world class cuisine and fine wines. From local eateries to posh and elegant cafes, the city is blanketed by a myriad of restaurants and food markets. The latter are perfect for those than want to sample local favorites, while shopping for fresh Italian produce and delicacies.

Mercato V Alpini

Mercato V Alpini is one of the tiniest yet top food markets in the city. Situated in a lavish and wealthy area, the market is known for its choice selection of fresh fruits and veggie stalles. Tourists can also stroll at a leisurely place, while shopping for genuine leather bags, wool, cashmere, and lovely floral arrangements. As a central hub for locals and visitors, the market features a classy outdoor café with steaming coffee, tasty snacks, and tantalizing beverages. Largo V Alpini is also adjacent to the market, and showcases a range of shops within a newly renovated area. With convenient underground parking and two residential towers that date back to 1955, you will simply love the immaculate weather and the history that surrounds this popular 19th century locale.

Mercato Garigliano

Located in the heart of Quartiere Isola, this lively street market features continental cuisine and the latest in Milan fashions. Tourists can also purchase house-ware tools at unbelievably low prices. With live music and street vendors at every turn, the market showcases the perfect blend of historic and contemporary architecture. No truer is this than when it comes to the recently revamped Porta Nuova skyline.

Mercato Papiniano

This is the largest food market in town, which is set in a trendy and upbeat neighborhood. Visitors will enjoy the wide selection of high quality wood products and clothes. With fresh fish, fruits, dairy products, meats, and veggies daily, the market is a simply a must for all tourists and locals. There is also an Italian delicatessen and a variety of Indian and South American stalls for your convenience.

Tour at Venice Rialto Market and Cooking Class With a Chef

The art of Cooking with a professional chef in Venice.



Half a day or Full day programme

The Chef will escort the guest at the Rialto market where he will explain how to recognize the best local products , from fruit to seasonal vegetables , fresh fish of the day and shellfish , etc. Then return to the location (to be defined ), the Chef will teach the art of Italian cuisine with an emphasis on Venetian cuisine , explaining a starter and two main course one with pasta and one with fish or meat.

Please enquiry for pricing.

The half-day package includes :

Lesson with a chef cooking for 3 hours
Visit at the Rialto market and back to the location by walking, if the guest wants a different location we will have to talk about conditions, a supplement will be charged ) Guests will Taste what they prepare and will be servd a Flute of prosecco or wine glass.
Attendee certificate
The lesson recipes
Chef Assistance in Italian and in English

Rialto Market – source

 If you are a real foodie and want to know where to eat in Venice should you check this article out. Or check our bacari food tour in Venice.

Pasta Making classes in London –

Emilia Delizia comes to London to offer pasta making classes for for the discerning culinary amateur and professional who want to learn the art of pasta making.

Starting from just flour and eggs you will be learning how to make one of the most iconic Italian food ever invented. Fresh egg pasta is only the tip of the iceberg of a large variety of dishes that will never stop to surprise you and tickle your fantasy. Pasta can be turned in tagliatelle, tortelli, tortellini, tortelloni, tagliolini, ravioli, aniolotti and the list goes on.

Emilia Delizia culinary experience in London.

learn how to make pasta in London
Egg pasta making classes in London

The class will begin with the most simple ingredients: flour and eggs. From here the participants will learn about the quality of the ingredients, how to recognise and buy them. The gourmet food instructor will teach about amalgamating the ingredients in order to obtain a perfectly springy dough that it is elastic and not sticky.

Hands-on gourmet classes at our culinary school.

Learn how to make fresh egg pasta
pasta making lessons in London

Pasta making is an art and you will learn how to transform raw material into dishes that will amaze your guests. Emilia Delizia culinary experiences in London are full hands-on, that means that each gourmet food student will participate actively to the pasta making. Each one will make his or her own pasta dough and learn how to get it to the right consistency. So be ready to put your hands into the flour and do not forget to bring your own apron.

Make pasta by rolling pin or by hand cranked machine.

pasta making in London
learn how to make pasta

The grandma’ style dictates that the sheet of pasta is only made by using a wooden rolling pin. Emilia Delizia offers both options to the culinary apprentice  in fact you can choose to follow the tradition (recommended for more expert students) or we can be more modern and learn how to use the Imperia style hand cranked machine. Pasta made by machine is more convenient as insure more consistency.

Tagliatelle is just the beginning.

London pasta making classes
learn how to make tagliatelle by hand

Emilia Delizia pasta making classes in London are one-off culinary experiences that will also include a light lunch. The students will first learn how to make tagliatelle, tortelli and tortellini then the group will sit around the table and enjoy the what they produced along with other traditional dishes from Emilia Romagna such as Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, Balsamic vinegar.

How to book the pasta making classes.

The session must be booked and agreed in advance.

What to bring at the session.

Just your favorite apron.

Where the lessons are held.

Lessons can be held at your kitchen, at one of our locations in central London.

Three charming stays in Bologna that travellers are missing.

Bologna is a town that needs time to be discovered, maybe at the beginning it might seem unappealing to the untrained eye but if you let the Old Lady to open up you are heading for surprises. In this article we put together 3 romantic and charming stays in Bologna as we think these places will make a difference in your travel to Italy.

Antica Residenza D’Azeglio.

This romantic b&b is situated on the corner of Via D’Azeglio and Via Solferino in the southern part of the town. The lodging is just stone throw from Piazza Maggiore, the 2 towers of Bologna and the archiginnasio which part of the oldest university in western Europe . The b&b is situated on the second floor of a truly historical palace with Rococo furniture to come with. Of course it does not lack of any modern comforts and the prices always include a fantastic breakfast. One of our favourite features are the balconies facing the internal garden  The owners are also famous for their hospitality, welcoming guests as they were part of the family.

The lovely internal gardens of Antica residenza d'azelio
The lovely internal gardens of Antica residenza d’azelio

 Il convento dei fiori di seta.

The name of this charming and lovely b&b in English translates as the Silk flowers nunnery.   The place is pretty amazing combining the old with the modern as it is a restoration of a church originally build in 1400 and brought back to its beauty by the current owners who transformed the place into one of the most beautiful places where to stay in Italy. The nunnery has in total 10 rooms which are all different and furnished in a modern and minimal style. They are situated in the area of Santo Stefano towards the end of Via Castiglione. As an added bonus it is very close to the Giardini Margherita, the Bologna public botanical garden.

The Entrance of the nunnery with the vaulted fresco cieling.
The Entrance of the nunnery with the vaulted fresco ceiling.

Il Castello di Galeazza.

It is situated in the town of Galeazza about 40 minutes from central Bologna, it can easily reached by car and public transport, for info about getting there please check this page.

Castello di Galezza is a reading retreat so it is a bit different from your usual stay. Tucked away in the country-side offers travellers a unique stay in a original Italian castle. The library is stocked with over 4000 titles for those willing to spend time reading and relaxing. Of course you can just come here to enjoy the castle and the atmosphere without necessary being a fond reader, the place is for everyone. At the castle events are organised throughout the year including Italian culture classes and cookery lessons for those wanting to know more about Bologna style cuisine

The library at castello di Galeazza
The library at castello di Galeazza




3 culinary experiences that you should not miss in Bologna

What would be visiting Bologna and not to take any culinary experiences while you are staying in the capital of Emilia Romagna, and to be precise the capital of Italian modern cuisine. Bologna is the Fat, the Learned and the Red. The Fat is referring to the rich cuisine that it a typical signature of the area. So in short it is the best place on earth to visit for food a unique mecca for the foodies.

Pasta making classes, learn how to create Tortelllini, Tagliatelle and Tortelloni with our cooking classes in Bologna.

Paolo Atti famous pasta maker in Bologna

In Bologna pasta is made with soft semolina flour bound together with the freshest eggs. Here a unique chance to learn from a master chef how to produce the most amazing dishes starting from these simple ingredients. Fresh egg pasta here is not only Tagliatelle al Ragu’ but it comes in literally hundreds of shapes, variates,  different fillings and sauces. Just to name a few of the most popular Tortellini, tiny dumpling shaped according the navel of Venus (or Lucrezia Borgia) stuffed with the tastiest produces of the land: Parmesan, Prosciutto, and Mortadella  Or Tortelloni which are a bigger version but stuffed with Ricotta (a by-product of Parmesan production) and herbs. Cookery classes in Bologna include a tour of the local medieval market to buy the ingredients. The expert and professional chef will introduce you to the best Bolognese ingredients to make the perfect sauce for your pasta dish.

Cooking at home with the Cesarine in Bologna.


Cesarine is a group of ladies (and gentlemen)  who are the holders of the real Bolognese cooking tradition. This organisation takes small groups of discerning cooking amateurs to private homes. Here you will be introduced to Bolognese cooking style in the most intimate way: directly at local’s home to taste the real home cooking recipes. For those not interested in hand-on experiences the Cesarine also organise lunch and dinners for family and friends travelling to Bologna. The Cesarine is a charity organisation and you will be asked to purchase an annual membership to have access to their services.

Taking a culinary walking tour in Bologna to learn about history, tradition and cuisine.

Bologna needs to be discovered step by step and the old lady will open herself to those who know where to look. Having said that Bologna needs time to be discovered, there are many hidden treasures that need to be savoured slowly. Taking an organised food tour in Bologna or just doing it by yourself is a fun thing to do while visiting the town in a day. You can visit old pasta shops such as Paolo Atti, the home land of  hand made tagliatelle and tortellini in  Via Drapperie 6. The premises can visited with prior booking for small and large groups. Not too far from the city centre is also possible to pay a visit to an artisanal Mortadella SALUMIFICIO PASQUINI & BRUSIANI via delle Tofane, 38 Bologna.  Continuing and getting toward lunch you can also stop at the Salumeria Tamburini for a platter of cured meats, cheese served with a warm piadina and a nice glass of wine. Finally you can tickle your taste buds and tame the sweet craving at Venchi or Majani who represent the chocolate tradition of Bologna.

Even to strictly related to food you should also pay a visit to the oldest university in world that is just stone throw away from Piazza Maggiore. The wooden anatomy room is opened regularly to visitors for appreciation.

Do not forget that Emilia Delizia organises the 3 gourmet food tour from Bologna and the tour will take you to visit real parmesan cheese producers, Balsamic vinegar and Parma ham with a lunch that it will not easily forgotten, for more information please click here.