Parma Food Experience

What is Emilia Delizia Parma food experience?

The Emilia Delizia food experience is a holiday package that includes  3 nights of apartment stay in Parma with cooking lessons and the famous gourmet food tour.
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Why Consider Parma for your next vacation.

baptistery of Parma

Anyone who loves Italian food and enjoys learning all about its preparation should definitely consider a holiday in Parma, home of Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese.
Parma is an elegant city with many artistic and architectural treasures to visit and aside from all the brilliant food you will enjoy in Parma, the city has many other attractions you should not miss.  To absorb some of the atmosphere, walk around the lovely old town, mingle with the locals and enjoy an espresso at one of the many pavement cafes while you plan your walking tour.  Be sure to visit the Cathedral, or Duomo which dates from the 12th century and contains a superb dome fresco by Correggio.  You can see more frescoes by this famous artist in the Chamber of St. Paul and in the church of San Giovanni Evangelista.  Art lovers should also visit the Church of St Mary of Steccata and the National Gallery to see works by Parmigianino, another famous artist who hails from Parma.
Opera lovers should try to visit Parma in September for the Verdi festival – imagine attending one of his operas in the fabulous Regio Theatre!  There are even more things to see and do just a short distance outside the city, which makes Parma an ideal base for exploring the whole of the Emilio Romagna region;  visit some castles, enjoy the Ferrari and Ducati museums or go on a wine tour of the Lambrusco wineries.


Apartment Accommodation in Parma.

You could choose to stay in a hotel in Parma, but renting an apartment is a far better bet, especially for families or groups of friend travelling together.  Not only will you have more room to spread out in, but you have the advantage of having your own kitchen where you can prepare some of your meals.  Not only will you save a great deal if you can self-cater some of your meals (at least breakfast!) but it is such fun to be able to visit the local food stores and markets and buy products that are seldom or ever seen outside Italy!  The food stores in Parma are just bursting with some of the best products of the region and you can indulge all your senses without breaking the bank if you have a kitchen to experiment in.


Cookery Lessons in Parma

Holidays go by in the blink of an eye, but your holiday experiences can live on forever!  If you want to be reminded of the great flavours of Italy you should consider taking a cookery class or two so that you can dazzle your friends back home with genuine home-made pasta and other regional specialities.  You will also learn many new ways of using Parma ham in your cooking and the many uses of Parmesan cheese.  Be sure to book your lessons in advance to avoid being disappointed.
tagliatelle bolognese


Culinary Tours of the Parma region

You can enrich your Parma experience and gain a better understanding of some of the products that are produced in and around Parma by going on a Gourmet Food Tour…you will be taken to see how Parmesan in made and how the tell the real thing from insipid copies, visit a Parma Ham factory to see why this particular type of prosciutto is so special and you will also visit Modena and get to try some fantastic aged Balsamic vinegar, and learn how to use it correctly.  This is an experience you should definitely not miss.

tasting of balsamic vinegar
trying the balsamic vinegar

Prosciutto di Parma

breaking the curds of Parmesan cheese






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Emilia Delizia
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 by Giorgina
Parma is fantastic

The Parma food experience was just fantastic, Thank you for organising the team building activity for my company.

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  1. We are a group of 4 who are planning to stay in Parma for three nights from10th Sept next. Could you please let us have information on your 3 night Parma food experience? One of our group, Frances Matas, actually did your 1 day tour in Jan last year so we probably don’t want to do this tour again but would like to do the parmesan cheese part of it and maybe wineries or anything else you can suggest. Also could you please let me know whether there will be an opera playing during this time? Thank you.

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