Venice Food Experience

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Our food experience are packages that include everything from a top class apartment accommodation, a cooking class based on the local cuisine and a gourmet food tour such as the cichetti food crawl in the hearth of Venice.

Why choose the Venice food experience.


Venice just has to be one of the most unique and romantic cities to visit in the world, and it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations. People come to Venice for many different things; for some it is the atmosphere, for others, the amazing art and architecture, and others just want the opportunity to glide beneath the Bridge of Sighs on a gondola and see this beautiful city before it sinks any lower into the sea! For those in the know, however, the main attraction is the food! Venetian food is certainly Italian, but it has developed its’ own nuances that set it apart from the food you find in other parts of Italy. More about the food a little later…
Some of the most important places you have to include in your itinerary are the magnificent St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Doge’s Palace and the Torre dell’Orologio (bell tower) on the Piazza Dan Marco. Art lovers must visit the Gallerie dell’Accademia to see Venice’s best collection of art, while for an excellent elevated view of the city and beyond you must climb the ancient Campanile, the tallest building in Venice. If you have more time, take a boat trip to Murano to see how the famous glass products are made and jump aboard a vaporetto (basically this is a water bus) and do the Grand Canal Tour from the railway station to San Marco, which will give you a good overview of the city at a very reasonable price.

Cicchetti Tour of Venice

A highlight of any visit to Venice, whether or not you are a dedicated “Foodie”, would be a Cicchetti Tour of the city. What tapas are to the Spanish, cicchetti are to the Venetians – small mouthfuls of intensely favoured foods, generally eaten as snacks with an accompanying glass of wine or Prosecco (sparkling wine). Your Cicchetti could be spicy little meatballs, fried olives, garlicy squid or prawns, or other enticing nibbles. Cicchetti are generally served at wine bars (Bacari), and visitors really need a guide to show them the way, as these little Bacari are not in the touristy parts of the city. There are a couple of companies that offer Cicchetti tours, and you generally meet your guide at a central meeting place and then visit 4-5 Bacari, at each of which you have a glass of wine (or something else of your choice) and 1 or 2 Cicchetti. While you sip and nibble, your guide will give you a host of information about life, history and culture in Venice. It is a great way to feel a little like a local! You might also include a gondola ride. It would be wise to do your Cicchetti tour early in your Venice stay, so that you have the chance to re-visit some of your favourite Bacari.

Venice Cookery Lessons

Another Venice highlight would be to learn how to make cicchetti and other Venetian specialities yourself, so that you can impress everyone back home with your new-found skills! There are many individuals and cookery schools who offer cooking lessons in Venice, and some will actually come to your own apartment for a private, hands-on lesson. We can arrange everything from a one-day class to an entire cooking holiday, depending on your interest and the time you have available.

Where to Stay in Venice

Finally, to fully enjoy the incredible food in Venice, you should consider renting an apartment in the city, as opposed to a hotel. Firstly, an apartment is just more spacious and private, and secondly, you will have the opportunity to visit the wonderful fresh-produce markets to buy ingredients you will never see at home. Venice has a food store on just about every corner, and you will never need to hunt for a supermarket! Beautiful Prosciutto on a fresh biovetta (Venetian bread roll) is a great breakfast! And if you do a little self-catering, you will have more money to spend on Cicchetti! Buon Appetito!




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Emilia Delizia
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 by Jada
Venice food is the best

My partner and I booked this package with Emilia Delizia and it was just great, the apartment, the food and the cooking class were perfect. The cicchetti tour was very good and we literally pigged out on everything available. The downside of this kind of holiday is that I cannot fit in my jeans anymore!