Private Milan tour and make the most out your time in Italy

Milan is often an underestimated destination of the average traveller. When visiting Italy people too often plan only for Venice, Florence and Rome. Surely Milan is an important transport hub with its 2 airports like Malpensa and Linate but there is more even if the city has an unappealing industrial look.  Milan is the fashion horsepower of Italy,  the milanese night life is hectic and the city is an innovative gastronomic centre. With no doubt it is Italy’s trendiest city and will not fail to impress you. Here below we will discover how to make the most of out of your time in the northern capital of Italy. A private Milan tour will help to discover all the beauty and hidden gems of the city.

Duomo di Milano
The Duomo di Milano is certainly the most famous landmark in the City – Image source.

Private Milan tour, food wine tasting.

If you are looking for some day trips idea from Milan read on. If you are interested in sparkling wines and stunning scenery you should consider taking a tour of a boutique winery in the picturesque wine region of Franciacorta. With an incredible lake panorama the day will not fail to impress if you are organising a romantic outing. Many of the Franciacorta winery are in the southern part of lake Iseo, the guided visits will introduce you to the pleasures of Italian “champenoise method” wines. The wine markers here exploit the moraine soil composition and they produce wines that have been set to compete with important champagne houses in France.

Festival del Franciacorta 2009, Milano
Be ready for some serious bubbles with the Franciacorta wines – image source

But if do not have time for a day tour from Milan do not despair, Italian says “Milano da Bere” literally you can drink the city of Milano. With a Milan wine tasting you could discover the tradition of aperitivo. The Milanese people before going to dinner meet in trendy bars and have a mini meal composed often by generous buffets and a cocktail or a glass of wine, this might ideal as a light dinner before heading to the la scala opera house. For an innovative gastronomic lunch you could try Cracco Pek. The Chef has won 2 Michelin stars  for its outstanding cooking style. For a fabulously fashionable dinner you should visit the Navigli quarter. An area that makes Milan with no doubt Italy’s trendiest city. Navigli with its bohemian feeling has many small and interesting restaurants where you can sample local specialities. Along the canals you can also find many second hand clothes and furniture shops, which are ideal for your last minute shopping.

Milan sightseeing tours

An other interesting idea for a private Milan tour is to visit the famous la Scala opera house, the management organises daily tour of the beautiful building with guided visits in English or other languages. La Scala opera house is one of the world’ most famous theatres and it should not missed for any reason during your visit in Italy. The building is  adjacent to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is a shopping gallery where many famous milanese brands can be found. La scala opera house also offers an extensive operatic season featuring all Italian and many foreign composers, in the list we find Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner.  La scala Opera house has a museum that it is open most days and for only 6 euros you can explore the history of the theatre, of course the management also organises guided tours on demand that need to be booked in before hand.

If you take a private Milan tour you might also consider to take an intriguing walking tour around the Sforzesco castle which is known as one of the most historical construction in the city. Also known as the Sforza castle, it was the home of the duke of Milan and one of the largest citadels in Europe. At presents hosts many art collections and exhibitions, making it an interesting destination for the art lover.

Your stay will not be completed without a visit to the arty Brera quarter. In the area you will find the Milano Brera museum also known as the Pinacoteca di Brera is one of the most complete and astonishing art collections in Europe with classic and modern paintings from several periods and styles. If you set up a private Milan tour we also recommend to save some time and reserve your Leonardo last supper tickets which must be booked well in advance. The fresco painting needs no introduction and it represent  the renaissance period at its pinnacle.

Private Milan tour of shopping outlets.

Did you know that Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was the first shopping mall in Italy? Milan is the Italian power house for brands and it makes a superb shopping experience for the discerning traveller. Milan tradition of labels is outstanding. Trussardi fashion Empire was born in this city. But the list can be rather long with names like Prada, Valentino, Versace, Krizia, Moschino, Docle and Gabbana, Luxottica. Taking a private fashion tour of Milan Italy can be a unique experience where you could learn the history of Italian labels and go home with many bargains.

Milan Italy is an outstanding place.

If you are heading for  Milan sightseeing tours, a wine tasting, or a shopping tour, the city is the perfect destination for all of this. Let us organise an intriguing walking tour of the city centre, a guided visit to the Duomo di Milano, plus a dinner at the Navigli di Milano, you will not be disappointed.

The world renowned La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy.

The world renowned La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Emilia Delizia
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 0 reviews
by Radovan on Emilia Delizia
Very Nice Morning.

I visited the Food Tours with my wife, we were looking forward to this some time ago and I can state that this tour bring to us very interesting time and experience in spite of the fact that we departed from Milano by morning train at 5,50 am. Our guide was young man and we enjoyed all morning together talking not only about the parmazan, balsamic and parma ham. I really appreciate it. He was very communicate, his driving was safety, very polite. Parmazan farm - amazing, balsamic farm -

by Alyssa on Emilia Delizia
Wonderful Foodies Tour!

My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed the Foodies Tour, which included stops at producers of cheese, balsamic vinegar and cured meat. Paolo was an amazing tour guide – he's extremely knowledgeable, kind and a great communicator. We learned so much! It was really nice to be in a smaller group and most of the producers we visited were small so we were able to get a close up view of the processes. We'd highly recommend Emilia Delizia as this tour was truly authentic and a highlight of our trip!

thank you for the kind review

by Peter jacob on Emilia Delizia

The tour of the Parmesan Reggiano cheese dairy, Balsamic Vinegar farm, the Parma ham and lunch at the organic vineyard was thoroughly enjoyed by our family of 4. Paolo was a gracious and knowledgeable host for the day and provided us with insights to the production of the cheese and balsamic vinegar which was enhanced due to his chemistry background. We would thoroughly recommend this tour to those interested in the specialities produced in the Modena region.

by Janice on Emilia Delizia

We had a wonderful tour, best part about visiting the Modena region!

by Bing Liem on Emilia Delizia
Emilia Delizia

The tour was perfect. I think Paolo would be a splendid ambassador for Italy in the EU. He knows how excellent Italian food and eating together can solve many major problems, and can stop aggressive behavior. Not the hunt for more money, but the well being of family and friends counts. Paolo shows us the products of ages of civilization and he did this like an artist. So after the tour we really love Italia more and we'll come back. We will call you Paolo, Thanks!

by Avihai on Emilia Delizia

Following two tours with your guides this week I would like to express my thanks for some wonderful experiences.
Monday we did the tour of cheese making, balsamic and Salami which was very good and the guide Paolo was very knowledgeable.
The truffle hunt tour today was absolutely amazing, the guide Stefano is pure gold and the tour was built with much thought. Our best experience so far, by far.

Looking forward to more tours and fun next time we are in Italy.

by Johnathan on Emilia Delizia
Super food and super cars

The group (and me) was VERY satisfied. We really enjoyed the Parmegiano Regiano which was interesting and we got to buy some delicate and cheap cheese, the same with the balsamico. The Ferrari driving was off course an experience for life. The Winery lunch felt very genuine and the people there was really welcoming and nice people. The genuine feeling there was however the big plus for us.
Paolo was excellent as our guide. He also felt very genuine. He did not talk just for the sake of talking, but when he had something to say he did it in a respectful and nice way. Everyone in the group really liked him.

Thank you!

by Susan on Emilia Delizia
Lovely food tour and cooking class

Hi Gabriele:

I wanted to let you know what a great day we had this past Friday on our tour with Jacamo. (Probably not spelling it right) He was very nice and explained everything to us. It sure gives you a new appreciation when you are slicing cheese. 🙂 Our tour ended with him taking us to the vineyard for a tour and lunch and there, Paolo, the owner could not have been more nicer. It was a perfect ending.

Please let Jacamo know what a great job he did and how much we really appreciated it and his knowledge

by Simone&Vasco on Emilia Delizia
Food tour in Modena

The website is well structured and we received a prompt answer to all questions. Gabriele supported us with all information we needed and the organization before the trip was excellent.

We had an air conditioned van, which was very relaxing through the whole tour. The first stop was the parmigiano production, which was very impressive and interesting. We could learn and especially see all the different steps and even taste the various aged parmigiano. The second step was the balsamic vinegar tasting. Finally the meat part was interesting in the museum but we hoped that we also could see more about the production and their work, but the tasting was delicious. In overall we had a very informative and well accommodated half day with our guide

by Kimie on Emilia Delizia
Fantastic Tour!!

It was great experience! We visited Parmesan cheese production, Balsamic vinegar farm, Ham museum and Farmer's lunch. Our guide gave us a detailed explanation, we were very satisfied. An excellent tour for a reasonable price, highly recommended.

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