Walking Tour of Pistoia

Michela Gori authorizedvguide of Pistoia and Florence since 1992

Michela: authorised guide of Pistoia and Florence since 1992

Guided tour with a licensed guide in Pistoia – source


Proposed itinerary:

Walking tour through the medieval paved street of Pistoia a little fascinating city in the heart of Tuscany.
We start from the church of San Andrea with the fabulous pulpit by Giovanni Pisano, after that we walk to see the Robbiane, marvellous decorations of the Old Hospital of Il Ceppo, and we continue up to the main Duomo Square, civic and religious centre of the city. Inside the Cathedral we will admire the silver altar dedicated to Saint James, famous patron of Pistoia .
The tour will finish in the lively Piazza Sala with typocal restaurant and wine bars , meeting place of local young people where you can taste good local good and wine.