3 culinary experiences that you should not miss in Bologna

What would be visiting Bologna and not to take any culinary experiences while you are staying in the capital of Emilia Romagna, and to be precise the capital of Italian modern cuisine. Bologna is the Fat, the Learned and the Red. The Fat is referring to the rich cuisine that it a typical signature of the area. So in short it is the best place on earth to visit for food a unique mecca for the foodies.

Pasta making classes, learn how to create Tortelllini, Tagliatelle and Tortelloni with our cooking classes in Bologna.

Paolo Atti famous pasta maker in Bologna

In Bologna pasta is made with soft semolina flour bound together with the freshest eggs. Here a unique chance to learn from a master chef how to produce the most amazing dishes starting from these simple ingredients. Fresh egg pasta here is not only Tagliatelle al Ragu’ but it comes in literally hundreds of shapes, variates,  different fillings and sauces. Just to name a few of the most popular Tortellini, tiny dumpling shaped according the navel of Venus (or Lucrezia Borgia) stuffed with the tastiest produces of the land: Parmesan, Prosciutto, and Mortadella  Or Tortelloni which are a bigger version but stuffed with Ricotta (a by-product of Parmesan production) and herbs. Cookery classes in Bologna include a tour of the local medieval market to buy the ingredients. The expert and professional chef will introduce you to the best Bolognese ingredients to make the perfect sauce for your pasta dish.

Cooking at home with the Cesarine in Bologna.


Cesarine is a group of ladies (and gentlemen)  who are the holders of the real Bolognese cooking tradition. This organisation takes small groups of discerning cooking amateurs to private homes. Here you will be introduced to Bolognese cooking style in the most intimate way: directly at local’s home to taste the real home cooking recipes. For those not interested in hand-on experiences the Cesarine also organise lunch and dinners for family and friends travelling to Bologna. The Cesarine is a charity organisation and you will be asked to purchase an annual membership to have access to their services.

Taking a culinary walking tour in Bologna to learn about history, tradition and cuisine.

Bologna needs to be discovered step by step and the old lady will open herself to those who know where to look. Having said that Bologna needs time to be discovered, there are many hidden treasures that need to be savoured slowly. Taking an organised food tour in Bologna or just doing it by yourself is a fun thing to do while visiting the town in a day. You can visit old pasta shops such as Paolo Atti, the home land of  hand made tagliatelle and tortellini in  Via Drapperie 6. The premises can visited with prior booking for small and large groups. Not too far from the city centre is also possible to pay a visit to an artisanal Mortadella SALUMIFICIO PASQUINI & BRUSIANI via delle Tofane, 38 Bologna.  Continuing and getting toward lunch you can also stop at the Salumeria Tamburini for a platter of cured meats, cheese served with a warm piadina and a nice glass of wine. Finally you can tickle your taste buds and tame the sweet craving at Venchi or Majani who represent the chocolate tradition of Bologna.

Even to strictly related to food you should also pay a visit to the oldest university in world that is just stone throw away from Piazza Maggiore. The wooden anatomy room is opened regularly to visitors for appreciation.

Do not forget that Emilia Delizia organises the 3 gourmet food tour from Bologna and the tour will take you to visit real parmesan cheese producers, Balsamic vinegar and Parma ham with a lunch that it will not easily forgotten, for more information please click here.