Gelato Museum and Masterclasses in Bologna

Tourism in Italy revolves around two main aspects of our culture: food and art. For people visiting this amazing country there are plenty of chances to experience them in a multitude of ways, but few of them allow tourists to savour both at the same time.
The production of homemade gelato is one of such art forms and thanks to the Carpigiani brand, one of the best known artisan gelato foundations in the field, tourists and visitors will have the chance to learn and experience the world, history and culture of Italian gelato.

Carpigiani Gelato University graduation

The museum is located inside a 1000 square meter industrial structure converted into a creative space in Anzola dell’Emilia (near Bologna), offers workshops, classes and interactive tours that will showcase a collection of 20 original gelato makers, interactive presentations, and over 10,000 historical images, tools and documents that will take you through the history and the improvements of the technologies employed in gelato making through the centuries. In the museum, three main themes will be covered: the evolution of gelato, the history of production technology, and the places and ways gelato is consumed

The main workshops available are those of the Gelato Emotions 2015-2016:

“Taste the History of Gelato” is a tour and gelato tasting experience.

“Discovering Gelato” is a visit of the museum and a tasting experience of the duration of 1h45 with a lesson in gelato making.

“Gelatology” a tasting experience through the history of gelato and a guided tour of the museum.

Other experiences offered inside the Museum include a “Gelato Masterclass”, that will have participants prepare their own gelato with instructors from the Carpigiani Gelato University, and a “Gelato Team Building” activity where participants will create their team and challenge opponents to create the most creative gelato flavour (that will be judged and awarded by a panel of experts).

The Carpigiani Gelato Museum also partners with the Carpigiani Gelato University, a way for those interested in learning and improving their work in the field of artisan ice-cream production through courses and lessons with professionals.

Prices and an extended overlook of the workshops and professional courses offered by the Carpigiani brand can be seen on the Museum and University’s websites. Prepare yourselves for a whirlwind of taste, tradition and creativity!
The Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9AM to 6PM and reservation is required for both visits and workshops and can be done by mailing the Carpigiani