Where to Find the Cheapest Properties in Tuscany

Lunigiana in the northern part of Tuscany is where you can find the cheapest properties to buy probably in the whole of Italy. It is a hidden gem tucked away in the mountain ranges of the Apuan Alps. One of the best things about this region is its location which is only 35 minutes away from Cinque Terre. It is also in close proximity to Pisa and Parma airports which are only less than an hour’s travel.

The stunning landscape, serene atmosphere, sumptuous food, flavorful wine, and immaculate air are just among the few reasons why tourists are mesmerized by the beauty of Tuscany. Once you visit this beguiling place, you will always find a way to return time and time again. This is the reason why many tourists prefer to purchase a property in Tuscany so that they can enjoy the convenience of their own vacation home every time they visit. It is a viable solution even for foreigners who don’t necessarily need to reside in Italy in order to acquire a property. On top of that, there are a lot of amazing homes in Lunigiana particularly in Pontremoli that are being sold at a very cheap price. Here are three (3) of the best homes for sale in Pontremoli, Tuscany.

Own a Stone 3-Story House for Only 100k Euros in Pontremoli

Coming home to this charming 3-story stone house will fulfill your yearning for the good old days when life was simpler and slow-going. As you approach the 210 square meter property, you will be welcomed by the thick stone exterior walls of the home’s facade that beautifully blends into its natural surroundings. Then you will know, you have returned to your own beautiful farmhouse in the enchanting Tuscan countryside. With its six (6) bedrooms, there is definitely enough space for your whole family and even some guests. The farmhouse has seen better days and is a standing witness to the colorful history of Pontremoli. It has stood the test of time and is the reason why it is so full of character that you can’t help but be proud of this property. The farmhouse features five (5) cellar spaces that are located on the ground floor with a wood-burning oven in one of its spaces. Three (3) of the bedrooms are located on the first floor with one communal bathroom and the rest of the rooms are on the second floor. The main entrance will also lead you to the second floor where you can find the living room, dining area, kitchen, and a large bathroom. It also features a porch where you can relax and see the serene view outside the farmhouse while enjoying the fresh Tuscan air. Aside from the rolling hills, you can also enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach while in this property since the coast is only 40 kilometers away.

Majestic Period House with Frescoes in Pontremoli for Under 120k Euros

If you’re willing to pay a little extra for the view, then this majestic period house with frescoes in Pontremoli is a great option for you. It is composed of two (2) houses that are joined together to form a delightful double-fronted stone house in a 346 square meter property. The ground floor of this house features an entrance hall, kitchen, and a dining area that stretches out to a piazza with a gorgeous view. Throwing memorable parties is an absolute guarantee with the intimate ambiance of the piazza. Its five (5) spacious bedrooms with three (3) bathrooms are situated on the second floor and it all opens out to a large hall with a balcony to enjoy that beautiful backdrop of the rolling hills. On the top floor is a large attic for extra storage but it also holds a lot of possibilities such as an extra room or another living area where your family can enjoy. There is also a large space outside the house where you can build a pool, plant a garden, or install any recreational facility for your family and guests. With just a few updates, you can have a spacious vacation home with beautifully frescoed ceilings and amazing views of the mountains. As you slowly create a home out of this majestic house, you will gradually restore it to its former glory and you will fall in love with it even more. The house is a work of art in itself and adding your personal touch will make it, “your very own masterpiece.”

Fairy Tale Stone House in Pontremoli for Only 50K Euros

Who would have thought that for only 50,000 euros, you can own a home that seems to have been magically taken out of a storybook and installed in Pontremoli to bask under the Tuscan sun? The whimsy style of this fairy tale stone house is comparable to a movie set or a magical theme park that will not fail to invoke your imagination. Fortunately, this is not a fictional home but a real house that you can dwell or live in. This fairy tale home stands on a 95 square meter property surrounded by the beauty of nature. With its three (3) floors, it is spacious enough for your whole family, and considering its low price tag, this home just sounds too good to be true. It features two (2) bedrooms, two (2) bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a rustic style living area that boasts a traditional wood-burning fireplace. The living area will definitely give you that rustic vibe with its exposed wood beams, thick stone walls, and a multi-functional fireplace that can also be used for cooking. The existing interior style in this storybook home will make it extremely easy for you to furnish and decorate the place. With the abundance of natural materials outdoors, you can always opt to repurpose and recycle raw materials such as wood to create functional pieces to add to your new home. Living in this home will allow you to celebrate life in its simplest yet satisfying form.