Whole Wheel Parmesan Cheese Dinner Party in London

Parmesan cheese event for your corporate party, wedding or birthday party event in London.

If you love cheese you are going to love this idea. Emilia Delizia has a long experience in organising cheesy events. We will bring a whole parmesan cheese wheel at your party to feed your guests. Each wheel weighs approximately 40 kgs, therefore we reckon that it will be enough for 120/140 people. For more info check out our Italian supper club in London.

The Parmesan Cheese Experience.

Our expert cheesemongers will open the wheel in front of guests. They will demonstrate how this is done by using only the traditional knives and we can also let your guests to have a go and make some wedges.  Shortly after the opening of the wheel the cheese will be portioned and served to the crowd.

Why choose Parmesan Cheese for you event.

Parmigiano Reggiano as we call it in Italy is spectacular in size and in flavour, and it will not fail to add a wow factor to your party. The milk used for making the cheese only comes from a specific area in Italy, and the cows are mostly grass fed, along with the  long maturation the cheese gains a complex flavour that it makes it an ideal party starter especially when paired with our great Lambrusco wines. It is also an healthy option as Parmesan cheese is highly digestible and rich in calcium and important minerals.

Wine and Parmesan cheese.

Parmesan cheese can be served an appetiser before your event, and it can be paired with traditional wines from Emilia. The best bets are Lambrusco and Trebbiano wines that are both fizzy and aromatic and in essence the best match with Parmigiano Reggiano.  2013-06-16 16.59.00

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