Corfu: An Easy Mediterranean Escape From Italy


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The island of Corfu and the main city that goes by the same name, are one of the top tourist destinations of the Mediterranean, and are sure to astonish you if you’re looking for a beautiful getaway location, full of history, culture and with plenty of great spots and activities to entertain you during your stay.
The city’s old quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the past Italian occupation of the island can easily be seen in the architecture of some historical buildings. If you’re interested in the history of the Greek island, its art and traditions, there are a number of museums you can visit such as the Archeological Museum and the Kapodistrias Museum. Saint Spyridon Church is the most famous church in Corfu and an important landmark that you cannot miss. In the city of Corfu you can visit the stunning Old Fortress built in the 1500s.
However, the many beauties of the island – both natural and man-made – might seem like too much work to reach if you’re spending your holiday in Italy. After all, the island is Greek and some tourists might believe the process to reach Corfu to be complex. That cannot be more false. In fact, there are a number of ways to easily reach the island and enjoy it to the fullest, and here they are.


How To Get To Corfu

The advent of low-cost flying has made the island available to a whole new set of tourists from all over the world. Reaching Corfu by taking low-cost flights from some of the major Italian cities is very easy, and there are many options on this front. You can choose different companies to fly to Corfu, Ryanair flights to the island can be boarded in the airports of Bergamo and Venice. If you’re visiting Naples, Easyjet serves the city’s airport, and you can catch a flight to Corfu from there.
If you’d prefer a panoramic travel experience, and would like to enjoy the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, you can also reach Corfu by ferry. Ferry services and routes to the island can be found in the cities of Ancona, Bari and Brindisi. If you’re set on visiting Corfu, and enjoying Italy is just a plus, staying in any of these cities before you reach the island is sure to be a fantastic experience of Italian culture.


What To Do In Corfu

There are many interesting places to visit and the shops will satisfy your need for traditional crafts to bring home as souvenirs. But the immersive activities to do while in Corfu don’t stop inside the picturesque streets of the city, and the most stunning and relaxing thing you can do when on the island is definitely to visit some of the famous beaches that line the coast.
Any spot will be perfect for your needs and you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and the sea without limits, but here are some beaches you can look into, and stop by to have a fantastic day by the shore.
The beach of Agios Gordios is on the West coast of Corfu, opposite the city and airport, so it can easily be reached with a 45-minute bus ride. Buses serve the route from the city of Corfu to the beach, but you can also rely on a taxi service if needed. The area of Agios Gordios is full of apartments and restaurants so it can also be a great accommodation option for tourists. Within 3 km of the beach are a few traditional Greek villages to sample local culture.
Glyfada, also on the West coast of Corfu and not far from the city, is a stunning beach with golden sand and clear water. It’s a welcome experience after many rocky and gravelly beaches you might encounter in Corfu. The beach is very long, and you can find many snack bars and restaurants.
Located to the South of Corfu and quite a distance from the city, is Halikounas Beach. Another long beach with sandy dunes and the clear water typical of the Ionian Sea in Corfu, Halikounas stretches along the shore of Lake Korission and is a great spot for water sports as well.


What To Eat

There are many types of food to try in Corfu but you cannot miss Greek cuisine.
A typical dish is gyros, the Greek version of shawarma that is made with pita bread, meat, vegetables and sauces, like the tzatziki sauce. They resemble the Turkish döner kebab, and are hand-held wraps that you can enjoy in a variety of ways.
One of the most famous fast food restaurants that serves gyros in the city of Corfu is Mpouzis O Meraklis. Try out other local Greek snacks, like souvlaki, and enjoy Corfu!


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