Going to Agrigento? Here Are the Best Tours to Do!

So you’re in stunning Sicily, having the time of your life enjoying the landscape, culture and foods the region has to offer. But why not expand on your Italian holiday by exploring the area surrounding Agrigento, in the southern coast of Sicily, with some immersive tours? You’ll learn more about the history, lore, religion and customs of ancient civilizations, and you’ll get in touch with local culture and breathtaking panoramas and sights as you explore the coastline, the rocky inner hillside and archaeological sites. Don’t forget to try the local cuisine on your way, and stock up on unique handcrafted keepsakes from Agrigento.
Here are three ideas of tours you can do during your stay in Sicily and Agrigento, but there are many other options to fit every globetrotter’s needs.

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Italy-2463 - Temple of Hercules

Raffadali and Sant’Angelo Muxaro.

This tour will bring you to the innermost part of the province of Agrigento, to the rocky hillside towns of Raffadali and Sant’Angelo Muxaro. The two towns differ from other surrounding villages for their deep agricultural roots and history. In Sant’Angelo Muxaro, you’ll find ancient remains and ruins of archeological relevance, such as a necropolis, churches and tombs nestles in caves and caverns. The town of Raffadali has a rich history, with items and artefacts from Prehistory stored in local archaeological and natural history museums, all the way to the area’s Greek, Roman and Byzantine roots, visible in the temples and archaeological sites there. Arab influence is also visible in the town of Raffadali in the crops grown and farming techniques employed here, and overall it makes for an incredible melting pot of cultures and customs ready to be discovered. Many churches dot the town and its surroundings and several palaces and monuments decorate the thick network of narrow streets of the city center, lined with traditional stone and plaster houses that make for a remarkable sight. Enjoy the hillside panoramas of the area, known for its agricultural specialties as well as for the production of olive oil and wine. Don’t forget to sample locale produce and dishes as you explore the rich history and tradition centuries upon centuries of ancient civilizations have gifted to this extraordinary piece of land.

Valle dei Templi

temple Giunone
An archaeological site near Agrigento, the Valley of the Temples is the most outstanding and stunning example of Greater Greece art and architecture. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s the park and landscape of the Valley are the largest archaeological site in the world. It’s truly a sight to behold and as you discover the ruins and temples and their history, you’ll be brought back to ancient times. In the Valley, which is actually located on a mountainous ridge near Agrigento, there are seven temples in the Doric style dedicated to Greek deities. Dating back to the 5th century BC, the best preserved example is the Temple of Concordia, but don’t forget about the Temples of Hera, of Olympian Zeus, of Heracles and Juno, as well as other temples and shrines erected to other Greek mythology figures. They all stand in different conditions of preservation, due to the highly seismic nature of the region damaging the ruins, and because most temples still bear the signs of a fire set by the Carthaginians in 406 BC. Other archaeological features and remains can be discovered in the Valley and it will make for a memorable tour, where you’ll learn about history, art and architecture.

Coastline and Mediterranean Sea

Discover the coastal landscapes of Sicily by travelling North-West from Agrigento. This tour will guide you through various immersive experiences: you’ll find archaeological sites, beaches, rocky treks, castles, quaint villages that bear old traditions and customs and much more. Historically, the most relevant stop of this tour for its archaeological relevance will be Eraclea Minoa – with cliffs overlooking the sea and ancient walls, here you’ll see the ruins of theaters, homes and roads; nearby there’s a beach with fine sand and a thick pine grove. Next you’ll visit Sciacca, a town with medieval and Baroque monuments, churches and castles, as well as ancient hot springs; from Sciacca you can take off for hikes and treks towards the inside of the region to the towns of Caltabellotta, with its Norman castle and breathtaking sights, and Sambuca di Sicilia, of Arabian origins with its castles, fortresses and other ancient ruins. Near the town of Realmonte you’ll find more remains of archaeological relevance for an immersive experience that will bring you back many centuries, to the 1st century BC. The whole area is dotted with thermal baths and hot springs, so you can relax in one of the facilities that were established here at the end of a day spent touring the Agrigento region.