Emilia Delizia accepts Bitcoins for your travel in Italy.

How To Travel In Italy With Bitcoins

Emilia Delizia now accept bitcoins for your travel booking in Italy. Most of our activities can now be booked with bitcoins rather than using  traditional credit cards. Emilia Delizia is happy to grant a discount to all clients paying with the digital currency.

Bitcoin is virtual cash  (cryptocurrency) that has been adopted by thousands of people around the world for trade and online purchases. Like any other currency it can serve many purposes, but one of the best ways to use this e-money is to cover travel expenses. Without having to carry a credit card or paper money, you can now make direct payments from your own web-based bitcoin wallet. Quick and secure transactions allow booking hotel rooms, singing into sightseeing and gourmet tours and even taking part in Ferrari test drives. Besides, our guests who choose to pay with bitcoins get a 5% discount.

So, how exactly do you benefit from using bitcoin while travelling in Italy?

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Book Accommodation: Hotel or Apartment Stay

Paying with a credit card or wire transfer mostly requires participation of a third party – a credit card company, the bank or an online payment service organization. The transactional fees in this case can get way too high especially with large amounts such as a hotel room reservation. Using bitcoins may significantly reduce the extra charges: since all communication is done directly between the client and the merchant the operational costs are comparatively low. Once you have chosen the dates and the accommodation type it is a matter or 10-20 minutes until the transaction is approved. You should only remember that bitcoin payments are irreversible and once it has been made there is no way to claim your money back.

Sign Up For a Ferrari Test Drive with bitcoins

Driving a real Ferrari is a dream of many and now that you are visiting the legendary car’s homeland you can make this dream come true. Emilia Delizia offers a lifetime opportunity: taking a Ferrari test drive with more than five different car models available. After having picked up the desired car type and race duration you can pay with bitcoins and reserve a place right away. The transactions are extremely prompt and can be completed within 20 minutes or even less. One of the best parts about using bitcoins is that an order can be processed from your laptop, smartphone or tablet – all you need is access to the digital wallet and an internet connection.

Join Culinary Tours and food experience – with Bitcoin

During vacation in Italy you might want to get exposed to some of the country’s authentic culinary experiences and participate in the locally guided food tours. Also here, paying with bitcoins is a straightforward and inexpensive way to get quickly enrolled into the next cheese production tour, visit one of the food factories or take a cooking class by the local specialist.

Keeping your money safe while on a trip is an issue that concerns every traveler. Over the last few years since its inception Bitcoin has proven to be an efficient and trusted way to pay and accept payments. This internet cyber currency is an elegant solution for maintaining secure bookings and purchases from any location and any electronic device. Whether it is a night in a hotel or a two-hour city tour –it all can be paid on the spot within minutes using the digital cash.