Pasta Making Lessons in London – Corporate Team Building, Private One to One.

 Are you looking for the ultimate experience for your company team building in London?

Emilia Delizia offers pasta making class group session in London. These classes are great for team building through the art of Italian pasta making. The class consists in hands on activity where everyone participate actively in preparing lunch under the supervision of our pasta chef.  After a short briefing and a demonstration the chef will lead the group in making a delicious lunch. Everyone collaborate in the preparation so it is an ideal activity for team building and office colleague bonding.

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Pasta making classes in London.

The student will learn how to prepare the flour and eggs and they learn how to knead the dough by hand. Subsequently they will learn how to use the pasta machine that they are very common in every household these days, so they will be able to replicate the experience at home. Virtually we can use any space for these experiences, even your office. All we need is a large table and access to electricity and water.

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Pasta making.

The simplest pasta that the students can learn is tagliatelle, it is quick and tasty. Along with the tagliatelle we can cook a simple sauce for the topping. If you require something more we can also prepare stuffed pasta such as Tortelli alla Parmigiana, Tortelloni, Lasagne or for the ultimate party we can also make Tortellini. However please consider the time that you have as these dishes are time consuming. For more information about our Italian Pasta cooking courses in London please check our United Kingdom site