Our Selections of the Best Beaches in Apulia, Italy

Taking your vacation in Apulia Italy will leave you with an everlasting impression of a perfect beach holiday. Your experience here will definitely get etched in your memory in many years to come.

That said, we shall let you have a virtual feeling of the best beaches in Apulia. Therefore, what will be left of you is to pack your swimsuit and embark on a journey to explore the beauty and marvels of nature that Italian Beaches offer.

However, after traversing up and down numerous beaches in Italy, we settled on a few beaches that we felt are ideal holiday destinations for you.

These holiday spots will help you to escape from the wrath of chilly winters as you spend a few days basking and diving in crystal clear waters in the Ionian Sea. Here is our complete guide on beaches in Puglia, Italy.

1. Punta Della Suina


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Apulia is a paradise in the making. Its diversification is a result of its uniqueness attributed to the stunning seafront and the glowing, clean Mediterranean sands.

As such, this southern location is famed for its gorgeous warm weather across the year, making it accessible by footpath or by car.

However, you will have to pay for parking, but whichever way you choose to access the beach; you will never get disappointed with what is in store for you.

In addition to that, there are sandy beaches along the sea bordering one of the finest white sands and crystal clear waters that you won’t expect them anywhere else if not at Punta Della Suina.

Punta Della Suina has become one of the sought after tourist attraction in Apulia due to its magnificent scenery dotted with pinewood that exposes you to a fragrance and colors of this heavenly corner.

The blue sea and the scrubs of the Mediterranean with their mosaic of blossoming flowers make you have an extraordinary affection for these Italian beaches.

Along the beach, you will find a stretch of sand complete with beach umbrellas and low rocks, ideal for enjoying sunbathing on comfortable sunbeds.

Besides, the beach provides parasols at an affordable fee to shield you from the glaring sunlight while enjoying a cool breeze from the sea.

On the other hand, you don’t have to get bored and thirsty while basking on the sands of Punta Della Suina.

There is an outdoor bar that provides you with a panoramic view of the entire bay as you sip your favorite drink. On top of that, you can listen and dance to your favorite music, thanks to the DJ services available at your disposal.

That is not enough; from the north to south, there is Gallipoli, Isola di Sant’Andrea (which is known for its historic lighthouse).

There is also Torre Del Pizzo where you can spend your evening while enjoying the picturesque view of the sunset as you usher in a night full of entertainment. Punta Della Suina is a place to be when taking your vacation.

2. Punta Prosciutto

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This is the place you are likely to come across some of the best beaches in mainland Italy. Located in southern parts of the historic towns such as Avetrana and Manduria, Punta Prosciutto is the most attractive place for tourists.

Better still, these seaside villages are a unique spot with pristine sandy strands and the famous Primitivo wine to quench your adventurous desires.

As a matter of fact, there are white sands which add glamour to the translucent warm sea water that soothes your body as you swim along.

The beach is accessible through a path but you can arrive there by car because parking is free of charge so you won’t worry about spending an extra coin on that.

For this reason, the beach can get overcrowded hence the need to bring your own parasol.

As a popular spot for tourists, Punta Prosciutto has world-class bars and restaurants where you can pop in for a bite or a drink.

Also, there is a meeting point for various families coming to enjoy their time at the beach from the nearby seaside villages of Lecce, Taranto, and Bari.

You too can take your mat and drape it on the beach to have your evening dinner as you watch the crimson rays of the sun disappearing lazily on the horizon. Besides, you can pat with a few coins and rent a sun lounger under the ombrellone.

3. Dune di Campomarino

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Crystal clear and blue sea is the right description that anyone who has been at Dune di Campomarino can recount for you. This is an Italian beach with unconventional natural beach surrounded by the Mediterranean shrub land.

Located at Maruggio, Dune di Campomarino is an exotic location accessible via a footpath or a car due to ample and free parking space available.

The scenic landscape with its unique flora comprising of the thymus, rosemary among other flowers add an aspect of beauty to the entire surrounding.

Clearly, this feature combined with an enrichment of sand dunes and nicely scented wild lilies give a sight to behold at the heart of the Mediterranean region.

Besides, you can immerse yourself into the realms of the past by paying a visit to the nearby museum which boasts of a beautiful but ancient collection of Greek jewels among other antiquities.

On top of that, the mouth-watering Italian cuisine is something you cannot afford to overlook as far as your vacation is concerned.

4. Porto Selvaggio

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On our list is Porto Selvaggio. This is known as the unsung beach holiday destination in Europe and perhaps all over the world.

Situated in southern parts of Puglia in Italy, this secret seaside is a place of ancient traditions that have stood a taste of time.

Apart from rich history, Porto Selvaggio is covered with ancient, gnarled olives that make a secretive seaside location perfect to take your vacation.

In fact, the name, Porto Selvaggio is loosely translated as “Wild Harbor” to suit this description and this coastal enclave has always enjoyed protected-area status ever since 1980.
Just like other beaches, Porto Selvaggio has a wonderful landscape with beautiful sceneries of pine forest opening out to the Ionian Sea.

The blue skies and the dark green pine trees compliment the blue sea in the most amazing but contrasting way to your eyes.

A shoreline is a place you will find appealing and ideal for sunbathing after a vigorous swimming exercise in the overlooking crystal clear sea water.

Additionally, you will have an experience of the sea water meeting sources of fresh water at this beach.

The place is accessible by a footpath or by car due to the availability of the parking space at the beach. Besides, there are picnic benches that you can use as you take your meal with friends or family members while on holiday.

Also, there are food and drinks at affordable rates with facilities such as toilets and free parking space for your convenience.

Therefore, you can take your vacation in Italy and explore those beaches to satisfy your curiosity as you discover that part of the Mediterranean Region. Italian beaches in Puglia should be the first choice of your holiday destination.