The Wine Routes of Orvieto

When visiting the region of Umbria, and specifically the city of Orvieto, rich in art and history, you might want to pay a visit to some of the city’s most prominent restaurants for local and truffle-based dishes. But a good meal should never go unaccompanied by the perfect wine to pair the dishes with, and Orvieto is a city well-stocked in this department.

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Strada dei Vini.

Indeed, the Association “Strada dei vini Etrusco Romana” in the province of Terni was born to showcase the typical products of the local tradition, especially the wines and wineries that grace the territory. During your stay in Orvieto, you might choose to follow this wine route in order to experience the world of wine production, through the visit to many different associated wineries and wine cooperatives. The wine route takes its name from the Etruscan and Roman heritage of the territory, and if you were to choose to visit some of the wineries along the road you will see experience first-hand how the production of local wines has been refined and perfected through the years, and some of the cooperatives might offer wine tasting experiences and tours.

Orvieto Wines.

The most prominent local productions include some D.O.C quality wines, such as the Orvieto D.O.C, a sweet, amber-colored wine best drunk along with pecorino cheese and honey, or paired with fish-based dishes. Or again the Rosso Orvietano D.O.C, an excellent red wine to pair with game, roast and savory meat-based dishes. Others local wines include the Lago di Corbara D.O.C, a ruby red wine great with red meat or poultry, and the Colli Amerini D.O.C wine.

More prestigious and certified productions of red and white wines follow along the route, in the many associated wineries that have endorsed the project, but the experience doesn’t stop here, because a number of restaurants serving traditional and regional dishes have also taken part in the wine route. Along it you can also find hotels for a comfortable stay or oil mills to complete your exploration of Italian tastes and customs.
To name a few of the wineries you can find on the route, the “Argillae” wine house offers tours and a taste itinerary during which you can also purchase their products, and visits must be booked before-hand on the winery’s website. Or the “Castello delle Regine”, a family-run business that includes a winery, oil-mill, restaurant with local Umbrian cuisine and that offers wonderful week-ends for wine lovers: for € 90 per person you will get an overnight stay in an apartment, dinner and breakfast and a complimentary bottle of Castello delle Regine wine.

The wineries that take part in the Orvieto “Strada dei vini Etrusco Romana” wine route are many and variegated, each with its own products and traditions, but if you follow your nose and taste buds, you’re sure to find excellent wines!

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