Panoramic Cagliari Tour With Winery Visit And Tasting

Cagliari, Sardinia is rich in history and natural attractions. It is a fascinating place with multiple picturesque beaches, ancient ruins, local traditions, unending vineyard farms among others. This charming city offers visitors enticing sites for exploration. If you are wondering how you can take a trip to this renowned travel destination, outlined below is how you can perfectly explore Cagliari, on both land and sea tours.


The tour starts along the coastal route found in the southwestern side of Cagliari towards the trade routes used by Ancient Phoenicians from Karalis. It will then proceed to Nora and Bithia where you will come across the old ruins of Bithia. From here, the tour will head to Sant’ Antioco Island, a fishing port which easily transforms into a picturesque summer hang-out. Just like Bithia, this island was also founded by the Phoenicians during the eighth century BC. Sant’ Antioco was an industrial center and an important port before it collapsed during the Roman Empire. There is still evidence of this town’s history, from the Phoenician tombs and the archaeological pieces found on the northern side and the historic hilltop center.

Explore Cagliari’s Beautiful Bays and Beaches

Moving along the cultic Sant’ Efisio’s traditional path, you will be able to discover history, legends and also current events. You will learn how the coastal road found here was protected by multiple Spanish towers during raids which were conducted by pirates from Saracen. The scents of cysts, helichrysum and juniper will make your trip enjoyable as you view the breathtaking panoramas. This coastline path is lined with beautiful bays and beaches like Chia and the Tuerredda. Chia is found along the southern side of the coastline and it’s known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful scenery and an amazing weather. It is dotted with beautiful juniper trees and its beach is popular with wildlife such as the pink flamingo.

Tuerredda beach today

Tuerredda is a beautiful bay that is sandwiched between the capes of Spartivento and Malfatano. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Cagliari thanks it’s fine and clear sands as well as the transparent color of water. The Islet found here provides a cool and isolated place where you can lay down and enjoy the sunshine plus the cool sea breeze while relaxing on the warm-well polished rocks or the white sands. Moving along this coastline means you will get a chance to have amazing views of the deep-coastal inlets that have always been used as fish farms and natural harbors.

Taste the Elegant Carignano Wine While Visiting Sulcis Vineyards

Pan di Zucchero
Sulcis is an area that is popular with wine tourism and from Teulada, the Cagliari tour will head to the north side and then tilt a little bit towards the east up to the deep inland of Sulcis. Here, you discover vast wheat fields, the Cellar of Santadi, the Carignano Vineyards and get a chance to taste the famous carignano wine from Italy. The black-skinned grape variety in these vineyards is used to make different wines with luxurious tastes such as the red or rosy wine. Carignano wine is a fine and elegant wine with good intensity and you just can’t afford to miss a sip! The immense fields of vineyards in Sulcis are what led to the creation of the famous Wine Roads. While you are here, you will also come across different cellars like the Cantina Mesa Cellar, the original winery of Buio Red-Wine and the Cantina Santadi that is known to produce the Red-Terre Brune Wine.

Discover the Time Frozen Rocks of Is Zuddas Caves

Before you take a lunch break, you will visit the Is Zuddas caves. Time seems to have stopped in Is Zuddas because you will find natural and well-preserved stalagmites and Stalactites. This underground network of caves which stretches for over one mile has dolomites that are over 500 million years old. The caves are still under the formation process and they are made of rooms which can be distinguished using rock concretions such as lava, aragonite, cannulae etc.

Learn About the Pinnettas

After taking lunch, the tour will continue along the 19th-century railway system which was used to carry minerals. You will venture into the forest and inhale various natural scents from the multiple varieties of plants before visiting the Pinnettas – traditional huts which belong to the Sardinian Shepherds. Built with stones and branches, the Pinnettas are housing units in which the shepherds use to shelter from heavy rains or hot sun. You will also learn more about their traditional tools.

Visit The Gorgeous Santa Gilla

The visit to the Pinnettas marks the climax of Cagliari Land and Sea tour because from here you will be going back to the starting point. You will come across the medieval ruins of the Count Ugolino Castle which stands on top of a small volcanic hill. This historic castle was also included in the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Approaching the Cagliari, you will move cross the Santa Gilla Lagoon, located on the south-west coast of the island. It’s a natural extraordinary site which covers an area of about fifteen thousand hectares. This historic area was the main stronghold of Santa Gilla’s ancient judicial system.

The ecosystem together with other natural resources found here form one of the loveliest wetlands in the world. The Santa Gilla Lagoon is an area of great interest thanks to the wide range of unique animal species found here i.e. the rare pink flamingos, herons, cormorants, etc. all which have made this lagoon their natural habitat. This site also has contrasting views, the white heaps of salt and the red color of water will quickly attract your attention. It’s a beautiful place where you can watch hundreds of beautiful bird species.

Overall, Cagliari is an amazing destination that is full of various attractions that are fun and entertaining. There are also multiple tour agencies to cater for the different needs of people including different packages. Once the tour comes to an end, you will leave feeling delighted and refreshed.