3 Unique Truffle Experiences In Tuscany

Tuscany is a region filled with art, history and tradition, but outside the boundaries of the main cities, you’ll find picturesque Tuscan landscapes, with rolling hills and green woods. Surrounded by nature are some of Tuscan’s cuisine most used ingredients, like boars and mushrooms. But perhaps the most important thing that can be found around here – and one of the most expensive and rare – is truffles. Used in many recipes and dishes, it counts different varieties and you can find out more just by embarking on an immersive truffle hunt and tour around Tuscany. You’ll have a chance to pick truffles for yourself and enjoy food tastings with truffle-based dishes and local wines and meats; here are some options if you want to discover this side of Tuscany.

Fattoria Lavacchio’s Truffle Hunt and More


You can enjoy a truffle hunting experience at the Fattoria Lavacchio every day starting at 9am. Truffle hunting is a seasonal activity so make sure the period’s right to enjoy this experience, but the immersive activities offered by this establishment don’t stop there. The Fattoria Lavacchio is also a farmstay, with cozy rooms, guesthouses and villas for your stay in the Tuscan countryside. The grounds of the Fattoria also feature a restaurant, a windmill and a shop, where all the products the farm produces are showcased and sold: wines, olive oil, cured meats and cold cuts, and other natural products and foods made with local ingredients. The farm offers cooking classes and tasting experiences of the local products, and they’re the perfect activity to pair with your truffle hunt! After scouring the area for the precious truffles, all the while learning the features and uses of this delicacy, you can follow the hunt up with a cooking lesson, a lunch at the Fattoria Lavacchio restaurant, or a tour of the farm’s winery. Fattoria Lavacchio really has it all, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy Tuscan tradition and agricultural history, as you get in touch with the hands-on activities that farmers across Tuscany have been involved in for centuries. Established at the beginning of the 18th century, the Fattoria Lavacchio features vineyards and olive groves and you’ll enjoy a fantastic vista over the surrounding Tuscan hills and it’s located in Montefiesole, 30 minutes away from Florence.

Truffle Experiences Near San Gimignano

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TuscanyEX is a team of native Tuscan women who organize all sorts of extraordinary experiences around Tuscany to make your holiday really special and unique. The website showcases many different tours and options for various day trips and visits to wineries, olive mills, dairies and farms around the Tuscan countryside. During the truffle hunting season, you too can take part to this immersive activity by enjoying a truffle hunt and meal near San Gimignano, a picturesque town with a rich historical and cultural background. With this tour you’ll reach San Miniato and the experience lasts from 4, up to 5 hours, depending on the type of activities you wish to take part to. The truffle hunt will be followed by a brunch, a lunch or even by a cooking class and lunch; this way you’ll find truffles and enjoy them as well in a variety of different local dishes! You’ll learn all about the region, the hunting grounds, the soil and the truffles themselves, communing with nature in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. The tour will take place halfway between Pisa and Florence, and with its duration that will take up half a day, there’s plenty of time to visit the surrounding towns and cities.

Experiences at the Casolare Il Condottiero

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The Casolare Il Condottiero offers many immersive activities for tourists and visitors, and those visiting the establishments will have a chance to learn more about the history and culture surrounding the building, the area and this part of Tuscany, along with a tour of the wines and products that can be found here. One of the experiences you can take part to is the truffle hunt. The activity is seasonal, and can be done from January to March and from June to August – time periods may vary based on weather and growth conditions, so make sure the hunting tour is available. You’ll discover the world of truffle hunting and be aided in your search by Lagotto Romagnolo purebred dogs, the only breed recognized internationally as a truffle hunt dog. After the activity, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner with local Tuscan dishes that feature truffles and that are a perfect representation of Tuscan cuisine. You can spend the night by staying at the nearby Residence Le Santucce, a picturesque residential hotel established in a 19th century monastery. Both the Residence and the Casolare are in the beautiful town of Castiglion Fiorentino, near Arezzo, and the area has a long, interesting history and stunning vistas over the Tuscan countryside.