Ville Venete. Best Palladian Villas of the Veneto: To Tour, Visit and Explore.

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Nothing can quite prepare you for the centuries-old glamor in palladian villas. They get their name from the architect who designed them, Andre Palladio. They have something else in common; they are in the same region too. UNESCO marked veneto villas among other World Heritage Sites in the Veneto region, Italy, in 1996. The area is also popular as the City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto.

Most of these 1500s veneto villas catered to the need for a unique countryside residence. His work got the best of respectable members of the society as bankers to patricians. The houses would reflect one’s wealth and social status. But the design ruled out the necessity for great palaces in the countryside.

Palladio, however, got much of his inspiration from significantly large complexes. These included properties with outbuildings or residential layouts. Some of the designs are actually visible in several palladian villas. Another notable thing about these villas is that Palladio brought together several architectural elements of the time. The barns, for instance, were to face south. This would reduce the possibility for the hay to ferment and burn as it stayed dry.

Well, the Veneto region has a good number of villas that you can try. But here are four of the most fantastic ones that you can visit and enjoy a leap back in time.

1. Ca’ Marcello

Built in the 16th century, this villa makes it to the top of this list with its ancient splendor. It comes in as one of the age-old veneto villas that you don’t have to spend a fortune to visit. The good thing is you will have a whole lot to see and do here. And the 4 bedrooms bath villa has sufficient room for a good number of guests. It has to be a worthwhile visit, especially with the parking close enough to your room apartment. Above all, you will enjoy the special lovely treatment from the hosts.

Where is it located?

The Ca Marcello villa is in Levada, only 30 km and about from Venice. You will only need 35 minutes to get to the countryside house by train. The surrounding historical park adds to the antique touch of the villa. From the villa, you can travel around the Veneto province with all the convenience you need.

What you can see and do there

There will always be a lot to do in Ca Marcello. You can enjoy its rich historical heritage. And have a chance to try great meals and a serene time away from the busy daily life.

The treasures that the family members have added to this villa over the centuries are worth a hard look. The wide range includes paintings, frescos, unique furniture and much more.

The artistic heritage of this villa offers a warm welcoming feeling. Most of the rooms have stucco works decorations. These include some outstanding drawings with exotic animals and mythical characters. The tasteful, decorative furnishings also boast a wide diversity.

Apart from this splendid display, you can always do a lot in this villa. Have a relaxing brush with the peaceful harmony of its outdoor nature at the gardens and parks. But the best you can always count on is a peaceful stay, especially in a private visit arrangement. And of course, you will have many dining options. Get everything from snacks to light refreshment, a seated lunch or dinner. There will always be a window into Venetian dishes at the Ca’ Marcello.

2. Villa Sagramoso

Welcome to yet another amazing destination among the top Palladian villas. This 16th-century Venetian villa will give you every reason to knock on its doors. The Italian countryside experience goes beyond any high expectations you might already have. And the restored state always brings out something excellent and unique about it. Several updates like a private bath, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi also
adds to its comfort.

The location

The Villa Sagramoso is in a somewhat strategic location. It is very close to the bus and train stations and the main squares alike. Located on the mountains of Lessinia, it overlooks the Valpolicella valley. This offers not only an ideal view but also an up-close connection with the natural countryside environment. Not forgetting, the ideal location offers you easy access to Venice and Verona. And that’s the beginning, the real treat is in the many things you can see and do there.

What you can see and do there

Right from the moment you arrive, you will treat your eyes to a wide array of the classical display. From eighteenth-century frescos to its ideal Italian-style gardens, there’s a lot to behold.

It also has excellent wallpapers and counterpanes as well as chestnut beams. You cannot afford to miss the lofty hallway and the stone stair leading to its luxurious suites. That might not meet everyone’s yearning for a great display. But the family antiques, the huge
flowers, and its sweeping terracotta definitely will.

The best is in the range of things you can do there. The array of activities here can include a relaxing swim in a large pool. And when it comes to the real treats, this villa has a fair share of them up its sleeve too. From its food to the wine, fruits from the orchard and

butter, you will have a whole range to choose from its bounty.

What’s more, you can rent bicycles to visit Verona and the Lake Garda on an ideal bike path. But if the bike is not for you, then a cooking class might be, or a gymnastic course might be all you need. You might also enjoy flight tours over the lake, or going on a guided half or a whole day tour of the city of Verona. Well, all you need to do is request and have this organized by your hosts.

3. Villa Pisani

You will have a million reasons to visit this prominent villa. Not only does it feature palladian villas traits, it was actually designed by Palladio himself. The 15-room luxury villa has earned itself a position among the top tourist attractions in the Veneto region. There
will always be a whole lot of things to see and do. But above all, the warm reception will get the best of your expectations.

Where is it located

The villa lies along the Riviera del Brenta. This also happens to be an extension of the Venetian Gran Canal. The ideal location is only 20 minutes from Venice, and 10 from Padua.

What to see and do there

Like a kid in a candy shop, this villa will spoil you for choice. Its magnificent 144 rooms have seen its fair share of visits from kings and emperors. You can get a glimpse at the works of art and furniture from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Its gardens boast an age-old maze and an original architecture.

Not forgetting, a collection of citrus fruit is also outstanding. You can amaze yourself with a wide array of plants and flowers around there too. Better yet, the free parking, gym, library and lounge offer all the convenience you would look for.

Another thing you will come to love about this villa is the treats that you can enjoy. From pizzas to sandwiches, ham & cheese tastings, all are on the list. You can also make the most of the ice creams, cakes and pastries tea, and coffee, and a good range of bears as well
as wines.

4. Villa Contarini Camerini

Last on this list of veneto villas, this one is every bit as great. Since its foundation in 1546, this villa has seen its share of good and bad days. But it remains a magnificent destination for anyone seeking to step back in time. It has seen several changes in ownership, and abandonment over the centuries. But this only added to the diversity of its rich history.

Where is it located

Villa Contarini Camerini offers a rather urban environmental context. It lies near the Padua and Vicenza cities. But the most impressive thing about it is the near location to the airport of Venice Tessera.

What you can see and do there

One of the most incredible things about this villa is far from the ideal location and its great history. The villa sees occasional activities. Such events as cultural events, concerts, and hosts conventions are common here. And of course, you can enjoy the countryside flora and fauna here. Not forgetting, you may stay for some days and make the most of the hospitality that the hosts have to offer.

Besides, it offers many services to visitors. They range from shopping, guided tours, lift, congress and event halls and much more. You will also get a chance to enjoy its excellent gardens and caters to people with disabilities as well. The inside of the villa is open to visitors , with the library being the only exception. You can always visit any time in winter or summer. From groups to families, students, seniors and children, all can come here and have a good time.

Any of these palladian villas will always have something to offer. From the long history to the pristine gardens, these veneto villas always impress. Visit any of these ancient mansions, and please your desire for adventure. You will have an ideal getaway from the busy urban life. Which one of these are you visiting next?

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