How to Visit a Balsamic Vinegar Producer in Maranello

Guided visits at Acetaia Clara in Maranello, Emilia Romagna Italy.

If it happens to be in Maranello visiting the Ferrari Museums remember that we also conduct balsamic vinegar tour there. Specifically we visit acetaia clara an artisan producer with a passion for quality vinegar. The acetaia has more than 300 casks holding the precious liquid. The owners have been running the place for over 30 years. Beside being certified producers of balsamic vinegar of Modena DOP they offer very competitive prices for their excellent products, so it is indeed a place for shopping for some bargain souvenirs.  The visit is in the language of tour choice and it lats about 1 hours, it also include tasting of Saba (cookeed grape must) a vinegar aged for 15 years, a second one aged for 25, and a reserve vinegar aged in juniper casks only. The tasting include ricotta topped with saba, Parmesan cheese topped with 25 years old balsamic, Balsamic and chocolate. And to finish some Nocino liquour  that is a speciality of Modena.20140614-174029-63629326.jpg   20140614-174026-63626280.jpg 20140614-174024-63624748.jpg