La Spezia Food Walking Tour Cinque Terre

Discover the Flavors of La Spezia on Emilia Delizia's Food Walking Tour

If you're looking for an authentic Italian food experience, look no further than Emilia Delizia's La Spezia Food Walking Tour. This 2-hour tour will take you through the historical center of La Spezia, a beautiful seafront town situated next to the stunning Cinque Terre. Along the way, you'll sample some of the area's most famous dishes, including Sgabei, Testaroli and Panigacci, frittura mista, farinata, and even some delicious ice cream.

Not only will you get to indulge in some of the most delicious food the region has to offer, but you'll also have the opportunity to learn about the area's history and culture from knowledgeable local guides. Emilia Delizia takes pride in offering small group tours led by locals who have a deep understanding of the area and its traditions.

As you stroll through the alleys of La Spezia, your senses will be delighted by the aromas and flavors of the local cuisine. You'll have the chance to taste the famous mix fried fish, which includes anchovies and mussels, along with some of the most amazing chickpea pies called farinata. Sgabei, a fried dough, and Testaroli and Panigacci, a type of savory flatbread, are also on the menu. And of course, no Italian food tour would be complete without some delicious gelato.

But this tour is more than just a chance to indulge in some delicious food. As you walk, your guide will share fascinating stories about the history and culture of La Spezia and Cinque Terre. You'll learn about the area's maritime traditions, its role in the spice trade, and its unique culinary heritage.

In addition to its stunning coastline and delicious food, La Spezia and Cinque Terre are also known for their picturesque villages and stunning natural scenery. As you walk, you'll have the opportunity to take in the stunning views and snap some photos of this beautiful region.


If you're a foodie or simply want to experience the authentic flavors of Italy, Emilia Delizia's La Spezia Food Walking Tour is not to be missed. With its small group size and knowledgeable local guides, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this beautiful region. Book your tour today and get ready to taste your way through La Spezia and Cinque Terre!

How long does it last: approx 2 hours
Where is the meeting point: La Spezia main train station
What time: we meet at 10.00 am.
How many people: We take very small groups around, you need to book for at least 2 people.
What will I eat: We will try to include as much local specialties as possible: such as on.
How do we get around: The tour is almost entirely on food. Just some light walking so wear your best shoes.
Who is taking me around: To give you the best experience these tours are only lead by locals with deep knowledge of the local area.

A Bit about La Spezia.

La Spezia is a charming Italian city located on the Gulf of La Spezia, also known as the Gulf of Poets, in the Liguria region of northern Italy. The city is renowned for its picturesque seafront, beautiful historic center, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. La Spezia is also an important naval and commercial port, and home to the Italian Navy's base. Visitors to La Spezia can explore its rich history and culture, sample its delicious cuisine, and use it as a gateway to explore the nearby Cinque Terre National Park and other beautiful destinations along the Italian Riviera.

Who is the food walking tour of La Spezia for?

Emilia Delizia's La Spezia Food Walking Tour is perfect for foodies and travelers who want to experience the authentic flavors of Italy. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends, this tour is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with light walking and plenty of breaks to sample the delicious food along the way. If you're interested in learning about the history and culture of the region, and discovering the hidden gems of La Spezia and Cinque Terre, then this tour is for you.