La Spezia Food Walking Tour Cinque Terre

Emilia Delizia is proud to offer a food walking tour to explore the food of La Spezia and Cinque Terre on foot. In 2 hours you will be taken around the historical centre of La Spezia and taste all its world's famous food. You will try Sgabei (fried dough), Testaroli and Panigacci, frittura mista (mix fried fish), farinata (chickpea pies) and ice cream.

In this food centered experience we will walk through the allies of La Spezia. This sea front town just next to the Cinque Terre has a lot of amazing food to offer. Try the world famous mix fried fish, anchovies and mussels along with some of the most amazing chickpea pies called farinata.

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How long does it last: approx 2 hours
Where is the meeting point: La Spezia main train station
What time: we meet at 10.00 am.
How many people: We take very small groups around, you need to book for at least 2 people.
What will I eat: We will try to include as much local specialties as possible: such as on.
How do we get around: The tour is almost entirely on food. Just some light walking so wear your best shoes.
Who is taking me around: To give you the best experience these tours are only lead by locals with deep knowledge of the local area.