Emilia Delizia supper club in London.

Emilia Delizia supper club in London – Secret dining experience only for discerning connoisseurs of Emilia Romagna’s food.

A supper club is more than just eating out. It is a possibility to try new foods that you would not normally find in restaurant as they have to cater for main stream customers. Emilia Delizia wanted to re-propose its culinary experience in London. Those who have came all the way to Parma and Bologna know what the food there is like, and Emilia Delizia wants also to introduce these delicacies to those who cannot came to Italy to sample our special foods.

Emilia Delizia supper club
Emilia Delizia guerilla dining

The secret dinner Party.

At a secret location Emilia Delizia propose a menu composed by the main dishes that make Emilia famous. In our list you will find fresh egg pasta like tagliatelle al ragu’, tortelli, tortellini, and of course a second course composed of our fragrant bread like tigelle and gnocco fritto. There will be an ample selection of our cured meats from Parma such as Parma ham, culatello, salame di Felino, mortadella from Bologna and so on.

Emilia Delizia experience – whole Parma ham and whole wheel of Parmesan for your party.

Who wants to impress their guest with this sumptuous dining experience can hire us, we can provide a whole Parma ham freshly sent from Italy from one of our carefully selected prosciutto makers in Italy. And if this was not enough we can supply with a whole parmesan cheese wheel. The experience is accompanied with our famous breads and focaccia. As for the wine we only serve the finest organic lambrusco carefully chosen from our best producers in Modena.

fire stamp on cheese
Whole Parmesan wheel for your Party

Whole or half wheel of Parmesan cheese for your party.

If you are planning something special Emilia Delizia can supply your party with a whole or half parmesan cheese wheel that will be opened in front of your guests. We will provide our best selection of organic artisan Parmigiano Reggiano ages a minimum of 28 months.

Whole Parma ham, machine or hand sliced.


One of our highlights is to have a whole Parma ham opened and sliced for your guests. There is nothing like freshly cut prosciutto di Parma served directly to your party. The hams are best machine sliced to obtain wafer thin slices which will melt in your mouth. The hams can be also cut by hand, for this purpose we will select a vintage of over 24 months from our carefully selected producer for a better performance.

 Gnocco Fritto and Tigelle

gnocco fritto in London
Gnocco Fritto with Parma ham for your party

At the Emilia Delizia experience party we serve gnocco fritto which is a fried dough that it is especially good when eaten together with salumi.

Emilia Delizia supper club in London
Supper club in London


Secret dining experience in London
Emilia Delizia supper club in London
Secret supper club in London
Emilia Romagna food experience in London