The Heritage and Excellence of Drogheria Gilberto – Bologna’s Crown Jewel Since 1905

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Bologna, the vibrant heart of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, carries a profound sense of history in every corner of its medieval streets. Among its numerous historical establishments stands Drogheria Gilberto, an age-old Enoteca that has been serving Bolognese locals and global wine enthusiasts since 1905. This historic wine shop, now accessible through its online store,, merges tradition with modernity, offering a unique glimpse into Bologna’s rich culinary culture and wine heritage.

Stepping into Drogheria Gilberto is like embarking on a journey through time, where every bottle of wine narrates a tale of legacy and exquisite taste. Located at Via Drapperie 5 / Via Pescherie Vecchie 18, 40124 – Bologna, the Enoteca is an embodiment of Bologna’s vibrant history and a testament to the city’s undying love for fine wines.

The story of Drogheria Gilberto began with Pietro Montosi, the grandfather of the current owners, who arrived in Bologna from San Giovanni in Persiceto in 1891. Over the years, his passion for wines and relentless efforts to share this passion with others paved the way for the establishment of Drogheria Gilberto in 1905.

Today, Drogheria Gilberto is much more than just a wine shop. It is a living museum of Bologna’s winemaking heritage, offering an extensive selection of local and international wines. Whether it’s the locally renowned Pignoletto Frizzante Gilberto or the robust Sangiovese Gilberto, each bottle carries a signature flavor profile, reflecting the rich terroir of the region and the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its creation.

Not only does the Enoteca maintain an exceptional range of wines, but it also offers a user-friendly online shopping platform. The website’s intuitive interface and detailed product descriptions make it easy for both seasoned connoisseurs and novice wine enthusiasts to select wines that perfectly suit their palates. Committed to exceptional customer service, Drogheria Gilberto also provides free shipping within the city, ensuring that their top-notch wines are accessible to everyone in Bologna.

However, Drogheria Gilberto’s allure extends beyond its extensive wine collection. It stands as a monument to family tradition, dedication, and an enduring love for the art of winemaking. The authenticity of its heritage and the quality of its products make it a true emblem of Bologna’s culinary culture.

Here Some Good Reasons to Visit Gilberto

Whether you are exploring the charming streets of Bologna or browsing through the Enoteca’s online collection from the comfort of your home, Drogheria Gilberto offers an unparalleled wine experience that embodies the rich flavors and enduring spirit of Bologna. It is not just a wine shop; it’s a destination, a tradition, and a heartfelt tribute to the city’s century-old love for exquisite wines.

Wide Selection of Wines: The Enoteca is renowned for its vast array of wines, including regional specialities housed in its basement cellar. Reviewers frequently praised the comprehensive selection and quality of the wines on offer.

Variety of Local Delicacies: Alongside its wine collection, Drogheria Gilberto offers a plethora of typical products from Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region. This includes sweets, chocolates, teas, coffee mixtures, and cakes. The Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and balsamic vinegar have been particularly praised by customers.

Charming Atmosphere: The ambiance and decor of Drogheria Gilberto seem to transport visitors back in time. The interiors, especially the cellar, have been described as enchanting, giving the place a unique charm.

Exceptional Sweets and Chocolates: A considerable number of reviewers identified Drogheria Gilberto as a sweets shop due to its extensive collection of chocolates and candies. The chocolate-shaped tortelloni and the pistachio biscotti were among the standout treats.

Friendly and Helpful Staff: Several reviewers commented on the friendly and accommodating nature of the staff, who offer advice and are more than happy to let customers sample different products, such as balsamic vinegar.

Accessibility: The shop is located in the heart of Bologna’s oldest marketplace, making it a convenient stop for tourists exploring the city.

Price Point: While some customers mentioned that the items might be a bit expensive, the general consensus is that the quality of products and overall experience at Drogheria Gilberto is worth the cost.

Local and Tourist Favorite: Drogheria Gilberto is a preferred spot for both locals and tourists. It has a high average rating of 4.6 from 159 reviews, demonstrating its enduring popularity and reputation for excellence.

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