A Tourist’s Guide to Parma in August 2023


Nestled in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, Parma is a captivating city with its blend of historical architecture, scrumptious culinary offerings, and vivacious events. August 2023 offers a plethora of activities that every tourist should endeavor to partake in. Here’s your guide to experiencing the essence of Parma this summer.

1. Ferragosto in Parma:
Ferragosto, or Assumption Day on 15th August, is a national holiday in Italy, and Parma celebrates it with pomp and flair. Make sure to mark the date for a special sighting of aquile (eagles) and gufi (owls) soaring above the scenic Castello di Tabiano.

2. Enchanting Events:

  • Monte delle Vigne reignites its celebrated ‘aperistreet in vigna’ from June 8th to September 7th. Relish the best of Italian wine paired with local delicacies as you soak in the panoramic vineyard views.
  • Step into the world of whimsical performances with “Tutti Matti in Emilia” and “Tour Bidon”. This circus extravaganza spans multiple locations from July 29th to September 7th. Particularly, don’t miss the Cirque Bidon at Parco Cittadella from August 15th to 22nd.

3. Immersive Experiences:

  • Wander in Il Giardino dei Cedri, open until August 31st, for a serene respite amid nature.
  • Delve deep into the history of Rocca Sanvitale di Fontanellato with events scheduled from June 17th to September 24th.
  • Stimulate your intellectual senses at the Festival della Parola. Spanning multiple locations from June 8th to September 4th, engage in enriching dialogues with figures like Nicola Gratteri and Mariangela Gualtieri.

4. Mysteries and Cinema:

  • Be captivated by tales of mysteries and legends of the region’s castles in “Giallo in Castello”, a new podcast series by Carlo Lucarelli, focusing on four of Ducato’s iconic castles.
  • If a fan of cinematic arts, don’t miss “I Giardini della Paura”, a film festival that takes off on July 12th at the lush Giardini di San Paolo.

5. Artistic Endeavors:

  • Pay homage to the legendary Galileo Chini at the Salone Terme Berzieri. The exhibit titled “Oro e Oriente” celebrates the centenary of the Terme Berzieri from May 27th to September 17th.
  • Dive into the visual feast that is “Diaframmi” at the regal Reggia di Colorno from June 24th to September 10th.

6. Local News and Musings:
While in Parma, dive deep into its cultural fabric by acquainting yourself with local news and entertainment. Series like “The Bear 2” are captivating audiences and discussions on topics like the escalating costs of beach days can make for engaging conversations with locals.

In Conclusion:
August in Parma in 2023 is not just a trip; it’s an experience. From historical castles to modern cinema, from the hustle of the city to the serene gardens, Parma offers a little bit of everything for everyone. So, pack your bags, get your event tickets, and immerse yourself in the magic of Parma this summer. For more info check this site.

Bologna in August 2023: The Ultimate Tourist Guide


If Modena captured your heart, Bologna is set to enthrall you with its rich cultural tapestry and vibrant celebrations, especially during the sultry month of August. Whether you’re seeking artistic encounters, culinary delights, or musical festivities, Bologna promises a perfect mix for every traveler. Here’s a breakdown of the best activities and events for tourists in Bologna in August 2023.

1. Ferragosto at FICO: (10th – 15th August)

  • Location: FICO
  • Celebrate the mid-August festivities with delightful dinners, exciting astrological explorations, and a dose of ‘fachirismo’, which promises to be as intriguing as it sounds!

2. Aperitivo DiVino amidst the Vines:

  • Location: La Cantina (10th July – 30th September)
  • Nothing beats the combination of delicious food, a panoramic view of Bologna’s countryside, and the light-hearted joy of an Italian summer evening.

3. Art Enthusiasts Alert! Lucio Saffaro Exhibition:

  • Location: Palazzo Fava. Palazzo delle Esposizioni (26th May – 24th September)
  • Dive deep into the unknown with a dedicated exhibition celebrating the genius of Lucio Saffaro.

4. Ferragosto Day Outings:

  • Location: Various
  • Whether you choose a picnic at the Parco dei Pini, a photography exhibition by Andreas Gursky at MAST, or a musical escape at Castel di Casio, Bologna ensures your Ferragosto is filled with wonder.

5. Bologna’s Theatre Scene:

  • Location: Teatro Celebrazioni (17th November – 5th May)
  • Enjoy stellar performances from the likes of Silvio Orlando, Elio Germano, and the comedic genius Giacobazzi.

6. Ferragosto Nightlife:

  • Location: Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita
  • Party the night away on Ferragosto at Le Serre, which is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

7. Dive into Bologna’s Summer Festivities:

  • Location: Various locations around the city (27th May – 30th September)
  • From new attractions to long-standing festivals, Bologna in summer is a cultural feast.

8. A Glimpse of Ancient Egypt:

  • Location: Museo Civico Archeologico (7th July 2021 – 31st December 2023)
  • Be mesmerized by “Sekhmet, la Potente”, a majestic deity with a lion’s head and a woman’s body, straight from the Museo Egizio of Turin.

9. Explore Bologna’s Trails:

  • Location: Various locations
  • For those with an adventurous spirit, the Trekking col Treno 2023 offers 43 guided excursions through Bologna’s picturesque trails from April to December.

With a city as historically rich and culturally diverse as Bologna, every alleyway and square has a story waiting to be discovered. This August, immerse yourself in the quintessential Bolognese experience, and take home memories that will last a lifetime. For more info about events in Bologna check here.